Luke Evans Epitomizes Perfection At Valentino Show


I have a confession to make: I didn’t know who Luke Evans is before I saw this photo of him front-rowing Valentino menswear show. But now that I have done my research, a post about his style is in order.

Anyway, you guys. I’m truly, deeply, madly IN LOVE with this suit. The color, the fabric, the fit and the proportion are literally PERFECT. It definitely is the most spectacular suit since the beginning of 2015; in fact, it’s so spectacular that I can’t think of one celebrity who can outdo Luke at any point this year.

(Eddie might, but I wish he would gain more muscle for the award season. His slender frame doesn’t always bode well for suits. As for David, he can pull off any suit, but since he rarely wears colored ones, I’m not placing my bet.)

Whoever made this flawless suit (most likely Valentino since Luke attended its show?), just dress as many celebs as possible in the coming months. You have just created what will be one of the best menswear looks of 2015.



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Eyesore Alert: Nick Jonas Keeps Grabbing His Balls In Public

Nick-Jonas-GQ-February-2015-Shoot-001-800x1068I might have appreciated this photo. The chambray double-breasted suit looks really nice, and I hold no grudge against Nick.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the crotch grabbing ruins it all for me. And it’s not even the first time he does it.

The last time I understand he was trying to re-evoke the whole Mark Wahlberg’s Calvin Klein ad vibe. And so I kind of found it endearing. Like, alright this is a boy coming of age and he is just paying homage to his idol. (Though let’s be brutally honest, his photos couldn’t hold a candle next to the original ones.)

But this time, I’m just like, “what the actual fuck?”.

It’s so ironical because all he has been trying to do is to make us treat him like a grown-ass man, but his crotch-grabbing tactic gets so old and totally regresses his maturity to the level when he was, like, five. Because at that age, it’s perfectly fine to touch our private part in public when we feel itchy down there. We are just not expected to be able to control ourselves or know socially acceptable behaviors.

I mean, just look at his facial expression. Even he’s like, “I know, guys. I am repelled by my actions, too. But I have to do it anyways because that’s the only way to get people to talk about me. My music career desperately needs the attention. Please understand, guys.”

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What David Has Been Working On Since His Retirement


We will never know how much H&M has to shell out to have David, but what we know for sure is hiring him is one of the best business decisions the brand has ever made. News just broke that David has worked with the brand on a curated menswear line, which consists of essential menswear pieces and will be out at some point in March.

Here is the dilemma for all of us, though: David is selling these so damn well; it’s like a dream. However, I stopped buying H&M stuff a long, long time ago because I can’t get over the fact that its clothes get all crazy after just one or two wear and wash. And I firmly believe I’m not the only one who experiences that.

So, willing as we’re to wear pretty much anything David wears, ARE we heading to H&M to try these on or AREN’T we?

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Throwback Thursday Travel #9: Manila, the Philippines

Manila iphoneBeautiful colors inside Intramuros, Manila.

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60 Spectacular Coats From Milan Fall/Winter Menswear 2015

Prada Coat 1I didn’t like Prada as much as I had hoped, but this camel coat is too breath-taking to pass.

I know, I know. I’m being a total lunatic for putting so many looks into a single post. But I CANNOT resist a sumptuous coat, and I bet my bottom dollar neither can you. It’s alright; don’t beat yourself up. Coats are the backbone of menswear, after all.

Without further ado, here are the 60 most jaw-dropping coats from the last five days in Milan.

1. Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett FW 15 MilanNeil Barrett Coats FW152. Brioni

Brioni Coats FW 15Brioni Coats FW153. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Coat FW154. John Varvatos

John Varvatos Coats FW15John Varvatos Coats FW15 MilanJohn Varvatos Coats FW 155. Jil Sander

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Glorious Color Combinations at Bottega Veneta F/W15

BV Color Combo 6I have been keeping a pretty close watch on Milan Fashion Week. And if nothing changes, Bottega Veneta is my most favorite collection of this entire season.

I didn’t enjoy the last dancer/ballerina-inspired spring/summer collection that much, and this fall/winter collection feels like a continuation of that casually indifferent, aloof attitude. But oh goodness gracious, these vibrant color combinations…my feelings have totally done a one-eighty.

So freaking IN LOVE with all this striking and inspiring styling. 

These looks are already in the printing room and will show up in my room tomorrow.

Color Combo BV 7 BV Color Combo 2 BV Color Combo 1 BV Color Combo 8 BV Color Combo 5 BV Color Combo 3

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Thumbs up or down: Jared Leto At 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards

jared-leto-critics-choice-awards-2015-red-carpet__oPtUp with the pants, down with the jacket’s color and the shoes and the hair and the beard!!!

First off, let’s give credit where credit is due. I LOVE that this entire thing is so correctly proportioned and fitted Jared like a second skin, especially the pants.

(Hey Matthew and Adrian, I searched high and low to see who made this ensemble for Jared, but I can’t find anything. So you guys will have to ring him up and ask for that person’s number. Do it ASAP; you don’t want to make the same mistakes you made at Golden Globes.)

Also, I so appreciate that he chose to skip belt this time. Seriously, guys, is it just me or not wearing a belt with a suit really does make you ten times sexier and more tantalizing? Like, it becomes so easy to rip those fancy pants off, right?

Jared-Leto-Man-Bun-Critics-Choice-AwardsRIGHT!!! THAT WAS THE WHOLE PURPOSE.

HOWEVER, four things I wish Jared had done differently:

- A lighter shade of blue. This one verged on cheesiness.

- A different lapel. I feel like it wasn’t quite RIGHT.

- Less sparkly, less ostentatious shoes even though his are unquestionably sick. (Again, I searched high and low for designer credit to no avail, but there’s a good chance that they are Sloane Glitter Slip-On Loafers from Jimmy Choo.) New Year Eve was long over, Jared.

- Different socks. Blue socks to match the jacket was so incredibly cheesy.

And the freaky hair and beard, let’s just pretend that they did NOT happen.

Next time, can you please try something more or less like this:


 But keep this face, though:

All kinds of sassy!!!

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28 Swoon-worthy Looks from 2015 London Collections: Men

Alexander Mcqueen FW15As usual, achingly beautiful Alexander McQueen. The cobalt blue military-inspired coat is ELECTRIFYING. 

Fortunately, we have the good of these to negate the bad of those. And by good, I mean beautiful, sophisticated, wearer-friendly and versatile. You know, stuff that we would buy in a heartbeat if we had the cash. Not stuff that makes flagrant People! You-f*&$%ing-need-to-look-at-me statements.

Burberry 1 Burberry 2In theory, I should be very bored of Burberry Prorsum by now. The silhouettes and the styling look pretty much the same season after season. However, in reality (which is more important anyways), I’m still as obsessed, if not more, with everything Christopher sends down the runaway as EVER. And after a hell lot of contemplating, I have come to the conclusion that Christopher is basically a genius at manipulating me into loving what I should hate. (Not that I’m upset in any way by that conclusion, though.) How has he managed to do that for so many years? By making clothes that are luxurious and infinitely wearable. Just look at the coats, the shirts, the scarves, the pants, and the shoes in the photos above; you can pluck anything from the models’ bodies and put it on yours, and it still magically works. I can’t even tell you what I covet most from the collection because I WANT EVERYTHING.

Hardy Amies Fw15Kudos Hardy Amies for these razor-sharp suits and spectacular color combinations. Please forward all of them to Eddie immediately, he’s having 1,002 events to attend. Your suits fit him like a dream.

DunhillJudging by the way they dress, I’m pretty sure these guys used to be friends with Oliver Twist. Or maybe the designer at Dunhill is channelling his long-standing fantasy of being friend with Oliver? 

Lou Dalton Fw15I really LOVE the salmon pants and appreciate Lou Dalton’s concern that we should be more properly shielded from the cold. She suggests that we should wear two coats at the same time. 

CoachCoach, I just want to let you know that these jaw-dropping coats have officially made me stop categorizing you as a tacky mall brand exclusively tailored for midwest soccer moms and suburban dads. 

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Thursday Throwback Travel #8: Hanoi, Vietnam

confused dasher, hanoi vietnam dramatic sunsetLet’s take a one-day break before the madness of Milan and Paris begins. And look at glorious sunset instead. Because at the end of the day if I had to choose between fashion and sunrise/sunset, I think I’d pick the latter.

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21 Most Hideous Looks from 2015 London Collections: Men

Insane? Hell to the fucking yes. But it’s not like we have never, ever seen something similar before. Lady Gaga carried hundreds of stuffed animals on her body ages ago. So Sibling is not only late to the game but, with only FOUR stuffed animals, feels pretty subpar.

Gents, here I present you concrete proofs that creativity and insanity are strongly linked. London Men Fashion Week is and will FOREVER be the wackiest fashion week of all. There might be some worse stuff lurking around, but at some point I decided to give up. This is enough!!!


Moschino FW 2015 LCMStyle mentions that Jeremy and Moschino like to joke around, so I believe with all my heart that these are, again, just his jokes. He put these on the runaway to give us 10-15 minutes of laughing and unwinding, and he already put them back in Moschino’s storage room. We appreciate your well-intentioned purpose, Jeremy. We sure laughed our mouths off.

Shaun SamsonIn the first and third photo, the shirts feel Hollister, the boots feel (or are they really?) Timberland, the shorts feel whatever. In the second photo, the I-don’t-know-what-that-is-called feels like an apron (though beautiful at that), the gloves feel like something Woverine would wear. So I’m not sure why Shaun Samson felt the need to show them on the runaway. Aren’t we SO over Hollister and such?

Nasir MazharNasir Mazhar, you can ship this to Lenny Kravitz. He might wear this at some point. Other than him, I don’t know who will buy and wear this ensemble. Sorry. It looks like it took a lot of efforts to make, though.

C raeburnThis jacket is a brilliant idea of Christopher Raeburn. It can do triple duty for you. First, it keeps you warm. Second, it can serve as an inflatable float in your pool when summer comes. And third, it can even save you life if you fall into the waters but don’t know how to swim. Pure genius!

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