Style Inspiration #10: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell-Marries-Helen-Lasichanh-9My heart skipped a fashion beat when I first saw this photo. Can you outshine someone who chooses to wear red plaid suit to his own wedding? No, you cannot. Neither can I. Nor the rest of the human species!

Lately, instead of doing things that add value, I have been contemplating which celebrity I would pick to play me if one day Hollywood decided to make a movie about my life and my style. I have not made up my mind yet, but I know I would not cast Pharrell. I am leaning toward Eddie Redmanye, since we seem to be similar in frame size and sartorially speaking, we are kindred spirit. Also, I believe it would take an Oscars-winning actor to successfully convey on screen the nuances and internal conflicts of my character.

LOL. I know I am being delusional. But fantasizing is all about coming up with scenarios that will never, ever happen, right?

Here is the truth: Even though my personal style and that of Pharrell are very different and will most likely never converge and his music has not always been my kind of jam, I really like him as a person and his sense of fashion. I have a feeling he is the kind of person with whom I can both shoot the shit and share my deepest, darkest secrets.

His style is legitimately eccentric and eclectic, but he is one of the few, if not the only one, who does not look like a nut-job when he wears nutty stuff. Like, let’s be honest, this brown Vivienne Westwood hat is pretty hideous in and of itself. But on his head it kind of edges toward whimsical, right? Try to put it on David Beckham or Nick Jonas, and you would realize its existence is a mistake.

Also, to me, there is something very personal about the way he dresses. It reminds me of things I have in my closet and reassures me that it is okay to wear them in daylight again.

The best thing about Pharrell’s style, however, is its transcendental quality. It is no longer just about clothes, brand names, or setting fashion trends. The messages his style imparts are style is relative and subjective and there is no universal set of rules to dressing well. If you see something you like and find it authentic to your brand, then wear it and just let people respond the way they want to.

In a broader sense, if the underlying motive of everything you do is external validation, you will not live a life that feels like your own.

A few months ago, Pharrell was honored with the Fashion Icon Award by the CFDA. Which is totally cool and deserving. I just think the award should have been called Fashion Iconoclast for once because Pharrell is exactly that, style-wise. He defies the conventional images and/or standards of what a well-dressed male celebrity should wear.

So, if you are a Pharrell devotee and want to dress like him on some level, this post is for you.

A caveat before you scroll down: Some of these are safer to try at home than the others. Be prudent with what you decide to wear, is all I am saying 😀

1. Denim shorts are basically awesome

This photo sums up perfectly how I feel about these three when we discuss fashion. Pharrell is always the most interesting to look at.

Of all the things that Pharrell has ever worn, his denim shorts are what I most identify with. In fact, I am wearing a pair as I type this. I cannot tell you why denim shorts do not get as much love as khaki shorts, but I can tell you that they are awesome and European chic. Americans, give your Old Navy and GAP shorts a break. H&M and Topman make some decent denim shorts, if you are on budget.

Pharrell Denim shorts 2 Pharrell denim shorts

2. Wear suits with shorts if you are feeling audacious

Like Nick Wooster, Pharrell seems to have developed a penchant for suits with shorts. While I will not jump on this bandwagon anytime soon for a variety of reasons ranging from I-still-haven’t-figured-out-who-I-am-as-a-person-yet, I-don’t-have-a-bottomless-bank-account to I-don’t-have-events-to-go-to, I love this quirky style on Pharrell. He has always pulled it off with aplomb!

Besides his attitude, I believe his lean body frame makes it happen. Which means if you have hairy, beefy legs, do NOT even think about trying. You would just do yourself a huge disservice!

Pharrell Suit shorts 2 Pharrell suit shorts 1

3. Roll up your trousers no matter what

Alright, I initially felt quite dubious regarding this because: #1. I cannot figure out why he did this to his trousers. It could not have been a last minute fix because he did it many times, meaning it was intentional. If showing off his ankles was what he wanted, why did he not wear shorts instead? And #2. I personally think by doing that, he ruined what could have been glorious red carpet moments. I feel kind of bad for the Lanvin turquoise silk & wool blend double-breasted suit in the second collage; it is so breathtaking.

But after looking at these photos over and over again, I have decided to embrace this tactic. I will roll up my jeans that are a tad too long, instead of putting them in the discard pile.

Pharrell, thank YOU for your brilliant idea!!!

Pharrell Rolled up Trousers Pharrell rolled up pants

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Hot Stuff: Michael B Jordan in Sandro at BET Awards 2015

It recently came to my attention that Michael B Jordan is very handsome and well-dressed. I do not know for sure whether he uses a stylist, but he seems to have a genuine interest in fashion. And I always appreciate a genuine interest in anything, not just in fashion!

(Michael, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I am sorry for having never watched any of your movies. I have been very movie-illiterate lately.)

Anyways, I feel mostly satisfied with the dark teal (am I naming the color right?) Sandro suit he wore to the BET Awards in L.A a few days ago. The color is unexpected and subdued yet still eye-catching and manly. The fit of the pants is great; the shoes are absolutely dreamy. The tie’s color coordinates with the rest of the outfit, too.

However, I remain slightly skeptical about the fit and the length of his jacket. Shouldn’t it have been a tad longer and looser around his broad shoulders?

My initial guess is that Michael’s assistant told him at the very last minute about the event, and so Michael did not have enough time to have the jacket tailored. But I soon realized my guess was way off-base because this is a very well-thought-out, sophisticated outfit. There is nothing last minute about it. So now I think it is because he cared more about preparing for his poignant and timely speech about racism. Which only makes me like him more!

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30 Truly Wearable Coats from Spring Summer 2016 Menswear Collections

DVNStunningly gorgeous Dries Van Noten!

There is one thing I want you to know today: You can always rely on me when it comes to winnowing thousands of coats shown during fashion weeks down to the most glorious and wearable ones. This season is tougher than usual, I have to admit. There are just so many ostentatious and impractical ones. But I am here to serve you all, so here go the best gems of this season.

EZ 1EZ 2These Ermenegildo Zegna coats are hands-down my most favorites. I basically want to live in them forever.

AMIFor effortlessly Parisian chic coats, we can always count on AMI. 

Valentino 1 Valentino 2These Valentino coats are whimsical, but in a way we can relate. 

NBThe truth is Neil Barrett has never stopped making me feel EMOTIONS. 

MMMI never thought John Galliano and the word ‘wearable’ would mix, but here we are. These Maison Martin Margiela coats are down-to-earth and classy. However, the coat on the right side of the photo would require a tall person to pull off. Someone Scandinavian good-looking like Alexander Skarsgård.

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Lust-worthy Alert: Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016

21-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-07Milan Vukmirovic, you are one freaking awesome and stylish human being!!!

It is so unfortunate that Milan Vukmirovic and I live so far apart. If we lived in close proximity, I am pretty sure we would be BFF. We have so much in common. We both love health and fitness. We both appreciate the beauty of nature and people and try to capture it with our cameras. We both love fashion, and we truly are on the same page about what menswear should look like.

Before he took creative charge of Ports 1961, I was pretty much indifferent to the brand. Just not my kind of jam. But I am really loving the fresh energy and modernism he is injecting into it. The clothes look super cool yet still timeless. He showed his new spring summer collection last week in Florence, and I am absolutely SOLD!!!

_A2X0062I do not care if you think color block is 2010; I think this coat is perfect. I never say no to beige and black.

_A2X0317This coat touches me, too. But more importantly, what can I do with my face to make it as chiseled as his? 

Oh hi Simon. You are always a delight. I can totally see you pull this off in real life.

I WANT EVERYTHING, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. (Psss, that sounds kind of wrong, but you know what I mean.)

The model’s hair is cracking me up and leaving me confused. Is it intentional styling or it it because of the wind? Crazy hair aside, he has a very effortlessly chic outfit. 

David Gandy will wear this better than any human being on this planet ever will.

I believe that this is called romper in fashion. It is ridiculous, especially from a functional point of view. I hate everything that makes the act of peeing difficult. Also, call me perverse all you want, but that thing on the chest looks like a penis to me. I can see that there is a camera, a star, and something long and slender. But together, from afar, it resembles a penis. 

This military green romper is ridiculous, too. But somehow Nick Wooster wears it extremely well. He just has this innate ability to wear things that no one else can. Bottom line is I do not want to see this on anyone but Nick. 

_A2X0835Hi Eugune Tong, I love your style. I know you are going to buy all of this as soon as it hits the rack in 6 months. Or maybe Milan has already gifted you everything to say thank for walking his show? I just want to say that I am sorry I have not talked about you on this site. I will very soon, I promise!

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7 Best Designer Sneakers On Sale Right Now

1. Paul Smith Navy Embroidered Terrycloth Sneakers (now $275, originally $915). SICK!!!

My addiction to footwear is well-documented on this site. I am able to resist buying clothes, but I always succumb when it comes to eye-catching, good-quality shoes. However, you may have noticed that I have not talked about shoes in a long time.

The reason is I was trying to curb my addiction. I am naturally very non-confrontational and cowardly; I would rather avoid thinking and talking about my problems than confront them heads-on and solve them once and for all. I presumed the only way for me to overcome my shoe addiction was to refrain from talking about shoes with you guys.

It worked for a while, but I am so sad to report that I have relapsed. I bought TWO freaking pairs of shoes yesterday! The recent influx of summer sale emails does not help, either. The 50-70% discount subjects are too tempting not to click.

Here is what I have realized: There are some really nice sneakers on deep discount on SSENSE right now. I want to alert you guys because #1. you all deserve a new pair of shoes and #2. now is the best time to scoop up designer shoes. So without further ado, here are the best-looking sneakers you might want to bag this sale season.

2. Alexander Mcqueen White And Red Leather Colorblock Sneakers (now $264, originally $440)

3. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Yellow Panelled Sneakers (now $135, originally $270)

4. Krisvanassche Indigo Denim Sneakers (now $333, originally $665)

5. Thom Browne Tri_color Grosgrain Basketweave Sneakers (now $630, originally $1050)

6. Comme Des Garons Shirt Blue Striped And Quilted Sneakers (now $111, originally $370)

7. Acne Studios Brown Triple Low_top Sneakers (now $250, originally $500)

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Over-laced Alert: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2016

_ARC0071I cannot explain why, but I am associating this brown suit with Robert Pattinson. 

I am not feeling particularly attached to what Christopher Bailey sent down the runaway last week at London Collections: Men. This feeling rarely happens, as I really dig the whole classic British style with a twist concept Burberry has been trying to communicate. My main issue is the inordinate amount of lace and sheer; I am doubtful of their ability to resonate with the masses. The only men who can legitimately wear these, in my opinion, are celebrities. Let’s style our favorite celebrities!

_ARC0243I would take the blazer and the pants in a heartbeat, but the lace tank top…well, let just say I am willing to wear it in my house when no one is around. I have body image issues, specifically my nipples.

_ARC0467I swear Harry Styles is going to wear this at some point. He and animal print and entirely sheer clothing have a history. 

_ARC0521I am not going to give this outfit to anyone because it has my name written all over it. Top, scarf, coat, pants, shoes, and bag…come to me. We belong together!!!

The upper part of this outfit reminds me of what Ryan Gosling wore to Cannes several years ago, so let’s put it on Ryan. I do not know about the sweatpants, though because I rarely see him wearing sweatpants in public.

_ARC0775The silhouette and the color are very Eddie Redmayne. Burberry, send this to Eddie and see if he wants to try. 

_ARC0999Nick Jonas, I know you love fashion and are not afraid to take sartorial risks. So, how about this statement-making blazer? Just don’t take the lace top. Your buff body deserves something more masculine.

_ARC1011Hmm, zebra print coat and adorned white laced shirt…Lenny Kravitz, what do you think? Don’t take the lace shirt, though. You are too muscular for it. 

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3 Places You Do Not Want To Miss in Fes, Morocco

When I planned my trip to Morocco, I only considered Fes an in-between stop. To get to Chefchaouen from Marrakech, the most stress-free and probably only way is stopping at Fes and buying bus tickets there. Since I would be arriving in the evening and there are only two departures per day to Chefchaouen (one mid-morning and the other early afternoon), I decided to spend an extra day in Fes. Reviews of the city were generally lackluster, but I was still excited, as I had never been there before.

What I did not know, though, was that bus tickets to Chefchaouen sell like hot cakes. It is almost impossible to just go to the bus station the day you want to leave and buy your tickets. In my case, I was not even able to secure tickets for next day departures.

I was stuck in Fes for another day.

That, coupled with two additional days at the end before I flew out to Barcelona, made Fes the city in Morocco I stayed the longest.

_DSC0182Obligatory photo of Moroccan tile.


The truth is after that hellish train ride from Marrakech, my excitement about Fes pretty much vanished. Instead, I arrived, starving and tired and even more so when taxi drivers outside the train station kept nagging me and tried to charge me FIVE times what they would charge locals. In the end I shared a taxi with a young, bewildered German girl who was headed to another hostel. We each paid 20 dirhams, and thought it was not so bad…until the next day when I learned from a local that it should have cost only 10, or 12 max.

At that point, I decided to completely forgo the idea of paying the right prices in Morocco. As tourists, we will never pay what Moroccans pay for the same things. Ever!

The only thing whose prices were consistent everywhere I went was orange juice. I love Moroccan orange juice.

For the first two nights, I stayed at Riad Verus, which ended up being the biggest mystery of my time in Morocco. I just cannot wrap my head around the number of glowing reviews it has received.

_DSC0175But its interior is very beautiful, I have to admit!

First, it was EERILY EMPTY. Which is something I do not appreciate in places like hotels or restaurants. During the three days I stayed there, there were only THREE guests in the entire riad- me, a guy from Germany, and another from Brazil. I initially thought, perhaps it was because I was traveling during off-peak season. But when I saw the throngs of tourists on the streets, and later when I switched to another place where travelers streamed in and out, I realized my uneasiness about Riad Verus was not entirely unfounded.

Second, the tax it charged was strange and obscene. My bed was only 100 dirhams per night, but I had to pay an additional 40 of tax for each night. They said it was property local tax or something like that. Though suspicious, I did not make a fuss because the owner struck me as someone whom I had better NOT reason with. Later when I asked people, they confirmed that it was indeed abnormal.

However, the breaking point that made me silently vow I would tripadvisor the hell out of Verus was when I and another guest were taken to one of the dodgiest restaurants in town. As we were new to Fes, we asked that owner if he could recommend us an authentic place to eat. Instead of giving us a specific name and direction, he told us to follow one of his staff, reassuring us that we were in good hands.

Oh sure as hell we were, if what he meant was a completely empty, overpriced restaurant that dared to charge 100 dirhams for some couscous and tagine. After looking at the menu that screamed run, run, run, my German friend politely told the waiter that we would like to leave and explore a bit. The waiter, after unsuccessfully wooing us with some free whiskey, threw a tantrum and started reproaching us for being rude and full of shits.

I was not sure whether I should hate the waiter or the owner of our riad, who obviously brought us there in the first place to receive some kickback.

The following evening was worse. We were sitting in the lobby to use the WiFi. He was nearby, talking to his friend. I had no idea what they were discussing, but the chat suddenly escalated into a heated argument. Before we were able to register what was happening, he smashed his MacBook on the floor, breaking it in half. Stunned and fearing for our lives, we left immediately. They left as well, but their bickering reverberated all the way from the street to my room on the third floor.

While I did not appreciate what happened, I secretly had mad respect for that hot-tempered Moroccan. Very Naomi Campbell of him to end his MacBook’s life in a fit of rage 😀

Fortunately, that was my last evening. I left as soon as I could the next morning, and will never come back.

_DSC0179Goodbye Turtle!!!


For the rest of my time in Fes, I stayed at Funky Fes Hostel. Everything about it-from the price, the staff, the room, the location to the food and the terrace-was absolutely lovely. It was also a pleasant surprise to learn that Funky Fes is owned by the Spanish lady who runs Funky Meridiano in Granada, Spain. I stayed at Meridiano when I visited Granada last year, so it was really nice chatting about her experience managing hotels in two different continents.

_DSC0252Sunset view from the rooftop of Funky Fes.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but of all the places I stayed at Morocco, I felt most comfortable at Funky Fes, even though it was the cheapest and I was in a dorm with 10 other people. The attentiveness of the staff and the trust I had in them made a world of difference in how I felt about Fes. And most of what I really like about the city was a direct, or indirect, result of my stay at Funky Fes.

Of course with the amount of time I had in Fes, I visited more places than the three I am going to share with you. But in rewinding my experience, I have realized that these three stick out and truly helped me learn something about the history and heritage of this thousand-year old city. If you are headed to Fes soon, I hope you will spend some time exploring them.

Happy travels :)

1. Place er-Rsif

As Riad Verus is located near Bab Bou Jeloud (the main entrance to the old medina) while Funky Fes is near Place er-Rsif (another gate, but closer to the modern part of Fes), I got to see different sides of the city. And I personally enjoyed Place er-Rsif a lot more than Bab Bou Jeloud, which is full of tourist traps. Place er-Rsif felt more authentic and had more characters. I particularly enjoyed the color and uniformity of the architecture there.

_DSC0229R’Cif Square is a fantastic place for people watching.

A lot of concrete, yet these buildings still exude old-world charms.

_DSC0245The street leading to R’Cif Square and the old medina.

_DSC0246I wonder what life is like behind this door?

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Hot Stuff: David Gandy Out and About at London Collections Men

1434145940102_fashion-week-london-part1-02I am curious what David thinks when he looks at himself in the mirror every morning. Good-looking, sexy celebrities often say something along the lines of oh I have never considered myself this and that blah blah blah. IT IS SO TRITE!!! You innately know whether you are good-looking or not. So I want to get inside David’s head and see what he thinks. 

To be quite honest with you guys, London Collections: Men has never really been my cup of tea. I know for a fact that I will never be able to get as wild or eccentric as London designers want me to be. Yet I keep a close watch on it every season because of David Gandy. I feel like now that he has transitioned to more of a businessman, LCM is the only time when we are guaranteed a satisfying dose of him.

So, before we move onto some other shows, let’s ogle this perfect gift from God.

30-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-11Well, I am not particularly feeling this shirt and waistcoat combination, but I do not care. Because look at those facial features!!!

LCM-Street-Style-15-GQ-15Jun15_robertspangle_b_426x639But this outfit is IMPECCABLE. That suede varsity-inspired jacket needs to enter my wardrobe immediately!

28-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-02It is such a striking jacket, you guys need to see it up close. (Update: OMG! I just learned it is by Club Monaco. I have been wearing Club Monaco basically my whole life; how come have I never seen jackets this magnificent? Somebody from Club Monaco needs to explain this to me.)

tommy-hilfiger-london-collections-men-dinner-party-061515-01Even though I will not wear this outfit in at least another 20 years, I appreciate it. It screams I am a classy Englishman. Special attention needs to be given to the shoes.

gallery-1434472885-gettyimages-477209820I have two notes. #1, People Magazine, listen to me: This is the contender for the Sexiest Man Alive title this year. #2, I am seething with envy at David’s collection of sunglasses.

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Amusingly WTF: Sibling Spring/Summer 2016

KIM_2976The show starts out very safe for work. I really, really appreciate the unexpected, whimsical lace-up detailing at the hems and even want the trousers for myself. 

Well, you guys. London Collections: Men just ended today, and as usual the wackiness showcased throughout the week has been out of control. But something strange has happened to me this year. Instead of recoiling in horror, I actually enjoy the craziness. Without it, I would be bored. Burberry or Tom Ford is always nice, but there is only so much of sharp tailoring I can look at before I doze off.

Now, the first show you MUST see is Sibling.

KIM_3004I think a lot of us can wear this and look good in it. 

KIM_3130THIS, too. I hardly can resist a yellow, white, and navy color combo. 

KIM_3113Well, I would never choose to wear all of these together. But I believe each looks really good on its own. That coat is definitely making a statement, but I would chop off the hood right when I laid my hands on it. 

KIM_3100Okay so we officially enter the wackyville. Brace yourself! Now if the Sibling team wanted me to commit to this, they would need to tell me exactly how minutes it would take me to untie all the laces before I could pee.  

KIM_3404I am planning to go to Carnival in Brazil next year, and I want to take the headpiece with me. I have never worn a wig in my entire life. 

KIM_3370My two thoughts: #1, the Sibling team must have figured that it would be dangerous to wear laced-up underwear, since the amount of time it would take to untie the laces might make our bladders burst. And they did not want to forgo the idea of laced-up underwear, so they thought why not wearing it outside like Superman always does. And #2: that thing on the torso is scaring me. It reminds me of intestine, or ahem…shaft. 

KIM_3289I am not entirely sure what THAT HAIRY ASS is doing here. 

KIM_3194I quite entertain the concept of male cheerleaders. 

KIM_3218I am thinking, if Sibling could make football players wear this, I would start watching football. 

KIM_3392THIS, on the other hand, terrifies me. I feel like I am in the middle of a kinky sex show, in which participants have a fervent fetish for football. Our interests are not aligned!!!

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Hot Stuff Alert: David Beckham in Madrid


Currently, it is 100 degrees in the third world. The humidity level is hovering around 200%. The struggle is real here!

But somehow this package of perfection is making things more bearable.

I hope the hotness of DB has the same cathartic effect on you guys 😉

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