Throwback Thursday Travel #5: Versailles, France

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Denim It Like Beckham

Shop this look for less: Undercover Red Fine Knit SweaterKrisvanassche Blue Washed Denim ShirtDiemme Mahogany Leather Roccia Vet BootsLevis Vintage Clothing Blue Destroyed Denim 1954 501z JeansTed Baker Textured flat cap Charcoal

I am starting to feel that besides being a former soccer player, menswear icon, brand ambassador, husband and father, David Beckham is also a mind-reader. Because if he were not:

– How could he know that his appearance in something casual and simple yet sooooooo good is exactly what we need after Lenny Kravitz punched us in our eyes with his yet another hideous outfit?

– How could he know that we all are loving darker, richer shades of red right now?

Don’t stop, Beck; you are doing a stellar job. Our minds are all yours to read!!!

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Eyesore Alert: Lenny Kravitz On The Red Carpet of Some Random Award Show


I was browsing The Fashionisto yesterday and saw this.

Alright, is what Lenny Kravitz wearing atrocious? Hell to the f#$%*ing yes! Even the most sensible part of this outfit, the Saint Laurent brown suede jacket is still hard to stomach. Why Hedi Slimane felt the need to emblazon all those rhombuses on the jacket is beyond me.

But in the grand scheme of…Lenny Kravitz’s fashion history, is this the worst? I believe not.

I mean, in the past he tortured us (and himself in the process as well) with this:

lenny-kravitzI really, really want to know how he was able to make his budge not show. With pants that tight, even the smallest package would protrude, don’t you all think? 

and this:

I am very jealous of his abs, though.

Lenny, you might be one of the world’s most successful rockers. But when it comes to fashion, you are a wack job through and through.

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We Are Definitely Not Jealous of Your Top, Nick!

nick-jonas-kevin-jonas-z100-jingle-ball-2014-09I have decided that whatever attention-grabbing tactics Nick Jonas- so far they have been crotch-grabbingtalking about how much he loves sex and how much sex he is havinghis decision to let his bushes grow wild and claiming he loves his gay fans to death- is going to deploy in the future, I will always remember him as one of the baby-face Jonas brothers instead of one grow-up, sexually confident and adventurous man.

And is it just me or he is acting exactly like the male version of Miley Cyrus? Both spent the better part of their lives (and earned a shitload of money in the process) in some twisted Disney fantasies and then suddenly BAM, they lost all their clothes and started babbling about sex on national media. Bizarre, if you ask me!

Actually, I know virtually nothing about what he did in the past and care very little what he is doing now and will be doing in the future. But he has been earning a fair share of coverage in different fashion outlets lately for his style, so I am paying some attention. He does have some drool-worthy coats and jackets.

However, I am feeling weird about the burgundy or oxblood or bordeaux or whatever that dark hue of red is sweater (or sweatshirt?) he recently wore to the Jingle Ball in New York. On one hand, I absolutely love the color. I just told you guys to embrace it yesterday, right? On the other, the shape and the fabric look way too stiff and uncomfortable. And if you spent more than 10 seconds looking at it, you would realize that it looks uncannily similar to a red woven basket. Nick Jonas fashion style [Read more…]

The Earthy, Sophisticated Color Peacoat


I seriously believe that coat is the most powerful item of clothing in our wardrobe. It keeps us warm during the dark, cold days of winter and, at the same time, has the unparalleled ability to transform the most ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. Once you have a great-looking coat on, nothing else really matters. You sure have seen both men and women wearing little to nothing underneath a beautiful coat, right?

But just in case you have not, here is what I am talking:

How to wear a coat if you have a V-shaped torso or legs that go on for days :)

When it comes to coats, there are trench, duffle, parka and a few other types. I promise we will discuss them on another day. Today, let’s just talk about the one peacoat color you should have this winter, alright?

This All Saints peacoat in a subtle mix of purple and dark red hues- its fashion name is oxblood, by the way- is really among the most treasured items in my wardrobe right now. The more I wear it, the more I realize how versatile it is in terms of color combinations. After testing it with my bright camel pants, I have come the conclusion that the complementary factor of this understated yet striking and luxe color is very much on par with that of the hackneyed black or navy. Which makes it an excellent addition to your trove of winter coats.

So, try this stunning color if you are in the market for a new peacoat. 100% satisfaction guaranteed ;)

Don’t even ask what the hell I am doing here because I have no clue myself. Perhaps offering up the Ted Baker iPad holder to some kind of fashion god? LOL.

Prisoner of pretty much all things camel, orange and deep, understated shades of red :)

Up close: a study in the art of color blocking.


Oh, and if you are still in two minds, here is the go-ahead from the one and only, the inimitable Pharrell.

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You Could Have Done Better, Orlando!


I did not expect that I would want to write something about your fashion again so soon, Orlando. I mean, a full week has not even passed since we all swooned over your effortlessly stylish garb. But apparently, you have a movie coming out so here we are.

This ensemble is not a total fiasco, but I honestly believe you and your glam squad could have done a better job.

Look, the shirt is breathtaking even from afar my laptop’s screen; its color and texture scream luxury loud and clear. The jacket is beautifully made and fits you very well.

But I dislike the trousers and the shoes A LOT. The trousers are way too baggy and do your legs, which I believe are fine-looking since you cycle a lot, no favor.

And tell me, what was going through your mind when you decided to pair this luxurious wool suit with those very dull sneakers? I am all for being experimental and unexpected when it comes to fashion, but there are times when adhering to traditions is actually a much better option, you know? Suits with sneakers is a combination that has to be perfectly executed to have a desirable effect. You guys kind of took it too lightly here.

You are doing a fine job with casual wear. But in terms of suits and formal wear, why don’t you befriend Eddie Redmayne? He has quite a lot of tricks up his sleeves to share with you.

Do better in the next outing, okay? We are rooting for you, Orlando. Don’t let us down, please!

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Throwback Thursday Travel #4: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon iphoneLisbon’s population is around 500,000. Yet somehow I was the only passenger on the train that February afternoon…

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The Beggar-Chic Style of Johnny Depp

Johnny-Depp-Details-December-2014-January-2015-Cover-Photo-Shoot-001I have never been smitten with Jonny Depp’s movies or quirky, beggar-chic sense of style, but I am liking his recent Details cover a lot. Thought you guys should see it too.

1. I love the way he (or more accurately the Details styling team?) is rolling up his sleeves. Very Papa Gosling-y, right?

2. I love the pairing of the waistcoat with the henley shirt. With the scarf, it looks pretty amazing. I am tempted to try this at home.

3. I love that he is painting his nails here. Not that men painting nails is worth being lauded or anything, but it goes to show that Jonny is pretty comfortable with his sexuality. Which is good. All of us should feel comfortable in our skin regardless of our genders.

Oh and regarding his movies’ performances these days, he said in the interview that he “no longer gives a fuck because he cares enough to not give a fuck”. I do not think I quite understand how you can care so much about something and give zero fuck at the same time, but it sounds very bad-ass, very obscure, in the exact Johnny Deep kind of way. So I am not going to waste my scanty neurons dissecting how. My brain would just most likely got toast in the process.

4. I like his extremely weird but fun-to-look-at tattoos.

So is it just me or do y’all feel this cover?

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We All Are Cheering For You, Orlando!

Hi Orlando,

We do not really know each other, but for some reason I think you are a genuinely nice guy. I like you, so I want to be honest with you.

There have been days when I really wanted you to stop making public appearances. Instead, you would spend more quality time with Flynn and then find a normal woman whom you really love (and who love you back). The two of you would live in a farm somewhere beautiful and low-key like New Zealand and produce several angelic babies for Flynn to hang out with.

I am pretty sure those kinds of things are infinitely more soul-enriching for you than, say, penetrating models or going to the beaches with some random chicks or hitting the nightclubs or worse fighting with Justin Beiber. I do not even know if making movies is still as fulfilling as it once was for you. I honestly cannot remember what movies you have made since Pirates of the Caribbean.

The point is I was this close to sending you this gentle reminder.

But your most recent appearance at BBC Radio kind of made me have a change of heart. It seems like you still could teach all of us a thing or two about how to dress stylishly and effortlessly. Which means you should show your face every once in a while.

I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE everything you had on your body, from the Lanvin Tri-colour technical-crepe bomber jacket, the black & white striped shirt to the belt, the jeans and the Rick Owens high-top kicks.

We give you a 9 for this one. It would have been a 10 if you had not opted for this tacky blue polka dot boxer.

Keep up the good work. You are definitely on the right track!

Yours truly,

The Confused Dasher

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Sales Alert #1: Lanvin Iconic Low-top Sneakers

Lanvin iconic low top sneakersThis post is dedicated to all the Lanvin sneakers lovers out there (myself included). I have confessed my undying love for the Lanvin iconic low-top sneakers since the beginning of time, so no need to repeat what has already been said.

I just wanted to let you all know that the moment we have been waiting an eternity for is finally here: those timeless Lanvins are ON SALE. This time, I am so going to pull the trigger. And you should do the same because as corny as it sounds, those sneakers are an investment. Hop over to the sales section on SSENSE to get the swoon-worthy Lanvin Burgundy Suede Classic Tennis Sneakers in the photo above or on Farfetch to get the white version (LANVIN low top sneakers). I just purchased a pair of Opening Ceremony leopard print boots on Farfetch. It was a lovely experience; I will tell you guys soon.

By the way, here are a few ideas on how to style these kicks from the daddy/the husband/the son/the friend we all wish to have. Seriously, I can never ever have enough of David and Victoria.

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