Style Inspiration #10: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell-Marries-Helen-Lasichanh-9My heart skipped a fashion beat when I first saw this photo. Can you outshine someone who chooses to wear red plaid suit to his own wedding? No, you cannot. Neither can I. Nor the rest of the human species!

Lately, instead of doing things that add value, I have been contemplating which celebrity I would pick to play me if one day Hollywood decided to make a movie about my life and my style. I have not made up my mind yet, but I know I would not cast Pharrell. I am leaning toward Eddie Redmanye, since we seem to be similar in frame size and sartorially speaking, we are kindred spirit. Also, I believe it would take an Oscars-winning actor to successfully convey on screen the nuances and internal conflicts of my character.

LOL. I know I am being delusional. But fantasizing is all about coming up with scenarios that will never, ever happen, right?

Here is the truth: Even though my personal style and that of Pharrell are very different and will most likely never converge and his music has not always been my kind of jam, I really like him as a person and his sense of fashion. I have a feeling he is the kind of person with whom I can both shoot the shit and share my deepest, darkest secrets.

His style is legitimately eccentric and eclectic, but he is one of the few, if not the only one, who does not look like a nut-job when he wears nutty stuff. Like, let’s be honest, this brown Vivienne Westwood hat is pretty hideous in and of itself. But on his head it kind of edges toward whimsical, right? Try to put it on David Beckham or Nick Jonas, and you would realize its existence is a mistake.

Also, to me, there is something very personal about the way he dresses. It reminds me of things I have in my closet and reassures me that it is okay to wear them in daylight again.

The best thing about Pharrell’s style, however, is its transcendental quality. It is no longer just about clothes, brand names, or setting fashion trends. The messages his style imparts are style is relative and subjective and there is no universal set of rules to dressing well. If you see something you like and find it authentic to your brand, then wear it and just let people respond the way they want to.

In a broader sense, if the underlying motive of everything you do is external validation, you will not live a life that feels like your own.

A few months ago, Pharrell was honored with the Fashion Icon Award by the CFDA. Which is totally cool and deserving. I just think the award should have been called Fashion Iconoclast for once because Pharrell is exactly that, style-wise. He defies the conventional images and/or standards of what a well-dressed male celebrity should wear.

So, if you are a Pharrell devotee and want to dress like him on some level, this post is for you.

A caveat before you scroll down: Some of these are safer to try at home than the others. Be prudent with what you decide to wear, is all I am saying 😀

1. Denim shorts are basically awesome

This photo sums up perfectly how I feel about these three when we discuss fashion. Pharrell is always the most interesting to look at.

Of all the things that Pharrell has ever worn, his denim shorts are what I most identify with. In fact, I am wearing a pair as I type this. I cannot tell you why denim shorts do not get as much love as khaki shorts, but I can tell you that they are awesome and European chic. Americans, give your Old Navy and GAP shorts a break. H&M and Topman make some decent denim shorts, if you are on budget.

Pharrell Denim shorts 2 Pharrell denim shorts

2. Wear suits with shorts if you are feeling audacious

Like Nick Wooster, Pharrell seems to have developed a penchant for suits with shorts. While I will not jump on this bandwagon anytime soon for a variety of reasons ranging from I-still-haven’t-figured-out-who-I-am-as-a-person-yet, I-don’t-have-a-bottomless-bank-account to I-don’t-have-events-to-go-to, I love this quirky style on Pharrell. He has always pulled it off with aplomb!

Besides his attitude, I believe his lean body frame makes it happen. Which means if you have hairy, beefy legs, do NOT even think about trying. You would just do yourself a huge disservice!

Pharrell Suit shorts 2 Pharrell suit shorts 1

3. Roll up your trousers no matter what

Alright, I initially felt quite dubious regarding this because: #1. I cannot figure out why he did this to his trousers. It could not have been a last minute fix because he did it many times, meaning it was intentional. If showing off his ankles was what he wanted, why did he not wear shorts instead? And #2. I personally think by doing that, he ruined what could have been glorious red carpet moments. I feel kind of bad for the Lanvin turquoise silk & wool blend double-breasted suit in the second collage; it is so breathtaking.

But after looking at these photos over and over again, I have decided to embrace this tactic. I will roll up my jeans that are a tad too long, instead of putting them in the discard pile.

Pharrell, thank YOU for your brilliant idea!!!

Pharrell Rolled up Trousers Pharrell rolled up pants

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Style Inspiration #9: Mark Ronson

I don’t know for sure why it took me so long to tell you guys that I’m intrigued by Mark Ronson’s whimsical style. It’s not like I just learned about him yesterday. I know who he is and what he does for living; his music has been sitting in my iTunes library for a long time.

The only plausible explanation I could come up with is that I used to be so rigid and unadventurous and not fun that I stayed away from everything that would challenge my tendency to conform. I just wanted to be accepted and loved by everyone around me, you know. However, I have changed. And I now find wackiness (within reason) very endearing.

Everything about this- from the facial expression to the striped shirt- is endearing, right? I’m NOT saying Mark is wacky, alright.

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with Mark, no one can fault you. Though he has been working in the music industry for decades, he mostly produces and DJs. Which means you don’t see him show up frequently on MTV or Billboard Hot 100 chart. (But as I type this, he’s currently No.1 on the chart with Bruno Mars. Check out Uptown Funk if you haven’t. It’s quite groovy.) And although he’s professed to be an ardent follower of fashion, he doesn’t attend that many fashion shows and so doesn’t get photographed by fashion magazines and blogs often.

Don’t mistake lack of mainstream popularity for lack of success, though; he has excelled in both roles. Mark has three Grammys under his belt and has been consistently voted as one of the most stylish men in the UK (he was the most in 2009).

(The following tidbit is completely superfluous, but I will just go ahead and put it in here for…no reason. Name dropping, maybe? You remember Lindsay Lohan (it’s okay if you don’t. She kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much should be forgotten) and that period when she went crazy town and dated Samantha Ronson? Samantha is Mark’s younger sister and a DJ, too. That’s all the dirt I’ve got for you guys. LOL)

Here is the thing: I’m not necessarily obsessed with everything that Mark has worn. I will in all likelihood never wear pink suit, leopard print blazer or dye my hair platinum at any point in my life. But I’m very appreciative of the messages that his style communicates. That it’s perfectly fine for a man to be interested in fashion and it’s important to develop your distinctive style. People will either love it or hate it; it’s their business.

Also, and this is awesome: he wears a lot of Topman stuff. Proof that we don’t need a closet full of designer clothing to dress well.

Alright, preamble done. Let’s see what you need if you want to emulate his style.

1. Extreme color suits

When it comes to suits, Mark makes all the style icons we have discussed here (except for Lapo Elkann) pale in comparison. Wearing a single clothing item in one of these colors is already brave; wearing an entire suit in pink or metallic bronze is…just ballsy.

What I want you to do is not running to the nearest store to get one of these. I want you to sit back and think extra carefully whether one of these colors makes you feel like yourself. The last thing I would want for any of you is pretending to be someone you are not.

Mark Ronson Colorful Suits Mark Ronson Statement Suits

2. Less extreme color suits

These colors, on the other hand, are much safer. You can try if you want to. I approve.

Mark Ronson Bold Color Suits Mark Ronson Classic Style

3. Full-on nutty blazers 

You know, while I will never consider putting any of these blazers on my body (and neither will you!), I really, really want to touch them. They are so tactile.

Mark Ronson Bold Fashion Blazers

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Style Inspiration #8: Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann Fashion Icon

Guys, are you ready for today’s special Style Inspiration episode? Because I’m going to serve you one of Italy’s finest, dandiest delicacies. If you have been stuck in a sartorial inspiration dry spell, you’re going feel very invigorated after reading this post. You will also love this man a lot for his ridiculously amazing fashion sense.

(And do NOT forget to love me too. Who is bringing all of this good stuff to you? hehehe.)

I have to confess, though, that reading about Lapo Elkann without feeling a sharp pang of jealousy was tough. His life story is an amalgam of fame, fortunes, fashion and power- things that most people have to spend their lifetime earning. Lapo, however, has had all of that attached to his name since birth. His brother is the current chairman of Fiat and a big investment company. His grandfather was the richest man in modern Italian history and one of the best-dressed men of the 20th century. His uncle was a publishing mogul who founded one of Italy’s leading publishing groups. As for Lapo himself, he currently runs several companies and lives the ultimate jet-setting lifestyle.

He is, simply put, a brainy man with killing style.

(To give you some perspective on how acclaimed his sense of style is, Vanity Fair magazine included him in the international best dressed list a couple of times in the past.)

What I personally love most about his style is that even though he mostly wears tailored clothing or items from high-end designers (read: very expensive stuff), he always manages to make his looks effortless, approachable and inspirational. This ability, I think, is what separates a real style icon from a wannabe one. He makes commoners like me believe that I need to be comfortable in my own skin first and then it’s entirely possible to dress like him on a tight budget.

You know how he does that? Because he seems to not give a flying fudge about looking every inch perfect. A few hairs out of place? No care. Some wrinkles on his luxurious jackets? No problem. Wearing $60 Nike’s with denim suit on the red carpet? Sure thing. Looking straight-up hung over while wearing the most stylish outfit? Oh yeah. And wearing the badass-est emerald green Gucci suit with a huge cast on one leg? Yeah I got 99 problems, but an injured leg won’t be one like what.

I know, I know. That nonchalant attitude probably takes a long time to cultivate. So I’m sharing with you some practical, easy-to-apply lessons that I have learned after years of following Lapo’s style moves religiously below. Enjoy!

1. Binge on double breasted jackets.

If you want to be taken seriously as a person with style, you need to develop your signature style. You don’t have to dress that way 24/7 (and you shouldn’t! Where is the fun in that?), but you must build an image strong enough that people associate you with it in their minds. Think Victoria Beckham in her form-fitting dresses, or Eddie Redmayne with his slim-fitting suits, or Nick Wooster with his preppy yet edgy mix and match garbs. 

Lapo is king when it comes to double-breasted jackets; he has an enviable collection of them in every type of peak lapel, color, pattern and fabric. Now, you should know that most of his double-breasted jackets are made for him by highly sought-after bespoke tailors such as Rubinacci, Alessandro Martorana and Caraceni, just to name a few. Which means they only fit his body. So let it go if you’re plotting to raid his closet 😀Lapo Elkann Double Breast VestsAll joking aside, the lesson here is not about dropping big bucks on made-to-order clothing, but about getting yourself several double-breasted jackets and teaming them up with what you already have in your wardrobe. Double-breasted jackets can and will elevate your ensembles to a whole new level.

Lapo Elkann Double Breast SuitsLapo Elkann Fashion IconLapo Elkann Double breast blazersLapo Elkann Colorful Vests [Read more…]

David and Victoria Beckham’s 50 Most Fashionable Moments

David Beckham Victoria MET BallWell, it is no secret that I am healthily obsessed with David and Victoria. Like, whenever I think about celebrities, there is only the Beckham family and there is the rest. And I, for one, believe it is perfectly normal to feel that way because can you name another famous couple who is as influential, hard-working, classy, compatible, affectionate, and consistently stylish? No sorry, you just can’t. Brangelina is truly amazing, but they are not very into fashion and it’s totally fine. They work in a different industry. And Kimye? Good god, you should be embarrassed at yourself if you’re obsessed with them.

One thing I know for sure is that there are millions of people out there who are as crazy in love with David and Victoria as I am. So, consider this record-breaking post-on the site in terms of the number of photos- my treat to ALL OF YOU. I know Wednesday in the office can be tough, so hopefully this will make yours better. And if you still do not feel revitalized after you finish this post, well, maybe it is time to change your job.

Y’all are welcome 😀

Old photos of Victoria and David Beckham StyleVintage Victoria Beckham David Style Vintage David Victoria Beckham Style Victoria-Beckham-David-Beckham-Stylish Moment Victoria_and_David_Beckham Stylish Couple Victoria Beckham David Most Iconic Photo Victoria Beckham David Iconic Moment Victoria Beckham David Fashion Red Carpet Victoria Beckham David Beckham Travel in Style Victoria Beckham David Beckham Stylish Couple Victoria Beckham David Beckham in Style Stylish Look of David and Victoria Beckham Most David Victoria Beckham Fashionable Moment David-Victoria-Beckham-Travel-Family-Fashion David Victoria Beckham Stylish Red Carpet Victoria Beckham and David Beckham seen out and about in Paris

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Style Inspiration #7: Milan Vukmirovic

confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015, most fashionable coats on the streets of london milan paris florence 2015, milan vukmirovic ports 1961 street stylesHey guys,

I know that it has been silent, like dead silence, in the style inspiration corner of the blog. Sure, my laziness played a part. But what really happened was: for a long time, I didn’t find any public figure whose sense of style is truly original and consistently manages to bowl me over. I hope what I just said doesn’t make me come off as being pretentious. I swear on fashion God that I’m one of the least pretentious people in this whole wide world.

It’s funny how the more I blog about fashion, the more ambivalent I feel towards this whole notion of fashion and styles. For the last six months or so, I have unsubscribed from almost all of the big-league fashion blogs that I used to follow religiously. As a blog junkie, I read blogs from a wide range of industries from fashion, travels, photography to personal developments and online marketing. Strangely enough, fashion seems to be among the few industries in which the more a blog grows, the more its quality of content regresses. Images get sharper, clothes get more editorialized, but personality doesn’t show anymore. Which is kind of sad, isn’t it? More often than not, I was jaded instead of inspired after reading those blogs because the so-called personal styles felt forced and indistinguishable. I figured if I wanted to look at well-thought-out ensembles done in the most proper way, my time would be better spent going through fashion magazines. The models always look better, after all.

All that being said, I have found someone to rescue me from this dry spell. Depending on how frequently you browse street-style blogs, you might, or you might not, know him. If you don’t know him, no problem because you are going to today. And you’re going to love his impeccable sense of style just as much as I do.

The man of the hour is Milan Vukmirovic. Unlike some other men we have talked about, Vukmirovic has always worked in fashion. His resume lists some seriously enviable positions such as co-founder of the super cool store Colette in Paris, designer at Jil Sander, Trussardi and now Ports 1961, and photographer for brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss.

I’m completely enchanted with Vukmirovic’s personal style because it’s spot-on, effortless and fan-friendly. Since he works in high fashion, most of what he wears come from the likes of Balmain, Celine, Gucci, and Valentino and thus are inherently good-looking. However, never have I once felt scared away when looking at his street-style photos. And that really is the beauty of it.

Here is the thing, though: I have never talked to Vukmirovic in person (and doubt if I ever will get to) to ask for his secrets. But after studying all that is available on the internet, I think I can give you guys six pointers on how to steal his incredible style for less.

1. You want a hot body? You better work bitch!!!

Scrolling through Vukmirovic’s Instagram account makes me feel so many emotions. At first, I’m like: OMG, how can he be so narcissistic? Taking a bajillion pictures of himself in a state of near nudity? Is he the male version of Kim Kardashian or what? Then, I’m like: Actually, you know what? I want my body to look like his. Time to get to work bitch. And the next thing I tell myself: I’m so freaking inspired right now. I definitely don’t want to miss a thing from now on.  

Luckily, thanks to his talents in fashion and photography, his selflies always appear more artsy than vulgar. Upon closer inspection, you would realize that his account is quite motivational in that it promotes healthy living habits like working out, enjoying nature, and capturing beauty everywhere you go. You need to follow his Instagram immediately if you haven’t done so already.

The key take-away here is: If you want to have killer style, work on your body first. Have you ever seen unfit fashion icons? 

By the way, below are some samples from his account. Some are NSFW materials, so if you’re at your office job right now, proceed with caution 🙂

MV Insta 1MV 4MV Insta 2

2. We all need several truly fantastic-looking sweaters and cardigans in our life 

It’s worth reiterating that truly fantastic-looking sweaters and cardigan don’t automatically make you look great. Get your upper body in tip-top shape first.


3. Color up like it’s nobody business

I have said it before and I will say it again: If you want to look fashionable, you need to wear colors. End of story.

 Milan Vukmirovic style

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Style Inspiration #6: David Gandy

confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015It’s an open secret that I have a soft spot for the British sense of style. To put it more accurately, that’s British celebrities’ style because I have never been to England so saying I love what I haven’t properly seen would be a bit of a stretch. However, British menswear icons such as David Beckham and Eddie Redmayne connote the ideas of attitude, fashion and unique individual style without overkill so well. And that, in my humble opinion, is an art in and of itself. In today’s installment of style inspiration, let’s track down the style of inarguably the most successful male model Britain has ever trotted out: David Gandy.

David has been modeling for the bigger part of his life, but only truly secured his status as a bona fide international male supermodel after the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance campaign. Let’s just take a moment and acknowledge that it’s one of the best fragrance ad campaigns of all times, shall we? With that face and that body, many would argue that he could put on garbage bags and still look better than the vast majority of the population. There’s a solid gem of truth in that argument, I’d happily concede. There’s more to the story than that, though because at 6-foot-2 with broad shoulders and a-slightly-bigger-than-models’ standard-waist if he didn’t play his sartorial cards right, he’d easily turn into one of those oversized ball players we see on red-carpets.

His personal style epitomizes masculinity, refinement and timelessness. Having easy access to top designers certainly helps, but what’s been the key to his success? Uncompromising dedication to tailoring. So, other than paying periodic visit to your tailors, there are several other ways you can channel your own inner David Gandy.

Lesson #1- Mix and match: I have a feeling that putting two separates together must be a quintessential British thing because on the other side of the Atlantic, we don’t get to see it happen frequently enough. When it comes to effortless mixing and matching, David has it down to a science. Next time you decide to go formal, spice it up a bit by wearing your blazer or tailored jacket over a pair of pants that isn’t part of the original package. It’s refreshing and stylish.

mismatch david gandy 16-21-60.2


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Style Inspiration #5: Eddie Redmayne

Eddie-Redmayne-Interview-Magazine-February-2015-Cover-Photo-Shoot-007He might be a fresh face in the glitz and glam world of Hollywood, but in another equally glamorous world that is fashion he’s nothing short of a veteran. With more than a few years of modeling under his belt most notably for Burberry and a well-deserved spot on 2012 Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List, Eddie Redmayne is a force to be reckoned with in the menswear landscape. (Ryan Gosling, you really need to watch your back.)

In my book, Eddie embodies that perfect quintessential British style– razor-sharp tailoring when dressing up and casual elegance with a bit of edge when dressing down. He once shared in THIS interview that his day-to-day fashion is pretty simple, which basically consists of t-shirts, Levi’s jeans and battered shoes. That isn’t the daily celebrities’ bombastic preaching because when you examine his off-duty and even some occasional on-duty moments, you’d realize he really lives by his words.

I was personally quite excited about doing a post about Eddie not just because I find him easily the best-dressed male celebrity of the moment whose sense of style I draw a lot of inspiration from but also because he appears to be a genuinely humble and conscientious actor who focuses on mastering his craft. He also gets some brownie points for being highly educated (graduated with high honors, hello?) So, let me share with y’all the sartorial lessons I’ve learned from Eddie Redmayne.

Lesson #1- Own your suits like a bossDavid Beckham or Ryan Gosling gotta beef up to the competition real fast, if they don’t want to lose the throne to Eddie Redmayne for being the best-dressed man when it comes to suits. In fact, I don’t think there has ever been one Eddie Redmayne-in-suits misstep despite that his suits’ colors run the gamut from black, brown to charcoal, tan and blue, each in different hues. Apparently, suits by Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Hugo Boss or Tom Ford are all tailored to perfection, and thus fit snugly to begin with but do you know what his most important tip is? Feeling comfortable in it.

Here’s THE proof in case you’re wondering where I got that from. Suits are fundamental in every man’s closet because he will wear them in just every significant event in his life, but I know for a fact that a lot of men (or at least many male species I know) feel terribly out of their element being decked out in suits. It shouldn’t be that way. As much as I love experimenting with fashion, I still find suits one of the best things that’s ever happened to menswear.

From now on, whenever you have to put on a suit, just try to feel more comfortable than you usually do instead of thinking that it’s excessively formal or pretentious. All you need to do is get your suits tailored so you feel belonged in them. Period. burberry tfTF AM

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Style Inspiration #4: Ryan Gosling

confused dasher, how to dress like ryan gosling, ryan gosling effortlessly stylishIn the past two or three years, no best-dressed male celebrities list was complete without Ryan Gosling hovering somewhere near the top spot. I have to admit that I was initially a tad skeptical about citing him as a style inspiration, because if memory serves me right, he did mention during some interview that he does enlist the help of a stylist. When a stylist is involved, however common this practice is in Hollywood, it inevitably triggers a lot of second thoughts on my end about how many percent of the whole look can be credited to the eyes of the person who actually wears it. You know what I mean, right?

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the remarkable non-fussy consistency and approachability of both his on and off-carpet style during my due diligence. While Ryan often wins over with his impeccable suits on the red-carpet, his day-to-day outfits be it at the airports or on errand duties are not any less swoon-worthy for the brethren like us. Without further ado, let’s unlock Ryan’s style secrets.

Lesson #1-Leather biker jacket is a must: Really, a black leather biker jacket is so versatile and easy to wear that it has to be in your wardrobe no matter what. Do you see how many different ways Ryan styles it in the pictures below? And those are not even all of the pictures with him wearing his trusty jacket. Pair yours with trousers, jeans or chinos and then quickly throw on a simple shirt under it, I guarantee you will be light years ahead of your peers when it comes to dressing for both comfort and fashion.

In fact, be it menswear or womenswear, a leather biker jacket adds a perfect blend of classic element and cool urban edge to your outfit. Now that I’m writing this, I need to switch my saving mode on asap for my future perfect jacket, since a good one certainly doesn’t come cheap. I’m eyeing something from AllSaints or Acne, just so you know.


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Style Inspiration #3: Nick Wooster

confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015, most fashionable coats on the streets of london milan paris florence 2015Even though I wasn’t born and raised in the States, I spent my most transformative years over there and am very grateful for it having molded me into the person that I’m today. So, it seems a tad unfair when all of my style inspiration thus far hails from Europe. Let’s refocus our attention on our beloved America.

As a perennial darling of GQ magazine and every street-style blog there’s out there, Nick Wooster needs no lengthy introduction. With more than 25-years of experience in menswear fashion under his belt, he’s seen and set more trends than I can count and cultivated a sizable, loyal cult following. (Heck, I wasn’t even born when he made his first foray into fashion). What I particularly dig about his style is that perfect blend of sharp-cut Savile Row tailoring and American sporty aesthetics sprinkled with a dash of his own ruggedness. It’d also be remiss to not mention his perfectly coiffed hair, well-groomed beard and tasteful tattoos, all of which go to show how attentive he’s to the details of his whole look. Without further ado, let’s delve straight into his sartorial secrets.

Lesson #1- Colorize your wardrobe: All those years of living and working in the States really helped reinforce the perpetual myth I’ve always subscribed to that American males in general are a lot more color-shy than their European counterparts. That is with the exception of Mr. Wooster whose take on outrageously bright and beautiful colors has only proved that they don’t make you any less manly. In fact, I believe they scream manliness loud and clear because a real man has the balls to do whatever he wants without giving a fuck about the public’s opinions, right? Right. The final verdict is plain and simple but essential: step out of your black, navy and gray comfort zone and start incorporating colors. If you’re a color-virgin to some extent, then don’t pull a Nick Wooster or Simone Marchetti unless you purposely want to be OD’ed. Start with lighter and simpler hues like white or light green, ok?

colorful [Read more…]

Style Inspiration #2: Simone Marchetti

If you frequent the widely popular blogs such as The Satorialist and Jak & Jil or love browsing through the street-style section of fashion magazines, there is a high chance that you have seen shots of a particular gentleman who is usually decked out in bright, bold and colorful ensemble. No biggie if you haven’t, because today we will together savor the style awesomeness that is Simone Marchetti, the fashion editor for La Repubblica and Affari & Finanza in Italy and, in my opinion, one of the most fashionable men out there. Someone once said something along the line of “he’s the male version of Anna Dello Russo”, and I have to say that he/she really hit the nail on the head. Unlike David Beckham who showcases a consistently casual, approachable yet dashing style, Simon Marchetti displays a penchant for vibrant colors and bold prints as well as a knack for impeccable color coordination. To me, however, his style goes a whole mile further than just being visually captivating. Looking at the way he is unapologetically himself when it comes to dressing and seems to be having a lot of fun with fashion, it reminds me of why I love fashion in the first place.  Fashion has a lot more to do with self-expression and individuality. Coming from a third world country in South East Asia where conformity is ingrained ever since we are still in our mother’s womb, it is an almost daily struggle to just be able to voice your opinions that slightly deviate from the purported “norm”. So, the idea of expressing your style and yourself through what you wear is more peculiar than novel, and one surefire way to be bullied and ridiculed. Even in the West where the surge of well-dressed men is well-documented in this article by Guy Trebay on T Magazine, let’s not deny that well-dressed men still do not earn the same kind of recognition that women do. Anyway, I seem to digress. Let’s move on to the sartorial lessons that Mr. Marchetti can school the populace.

1. When you go bold, you go simple: If there is a man whom I have seen in my short 24-years of existence who truly masters the art of colors and prints, it’s undoubtedly Simone Marchetti. Be it shirts, pants, jackets or coats, he never seems to shy away from the brightest colors and prints imaginable. But when you decide to go all daring like that, how to not let the colors or prints get the better of the outfit? In other words, how to keep yourself from looking like a walking fashion clown? As Mr. Marchetti shows us, the key is to keep the rest of the outfit light and simple, or at least coordinated with the bold part. Black is the easiest route to go obviously, because almost any color goes well with black.

Bold Print PantsBold color pantsBold color jackets

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