Throwback Thursday Travel #3: Rome, Italy

Rome iphoneI can never ever forget how Rome made me feel. It is the very first city of Europe that I went to…

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Arrivederci, Roma. Ciao, Firenze!

florence, italy, duomoThree full days in Rome went by in the blink of an eye. The next thing we knew, we already had to pack for Florence. Fortunately, the departure time wasn’t until 11:20AM so there were some extra hours for us to squeeze every possible last bit out of Rome.

One thing we loved about our B&B is that it’s in close proximity to many places of interest. That really helped on that particular morning because Termini Station was just 10 minutes (of taxi) away and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore was just 10 minutes of walking. We headed down to the church right after breakfast at the local coffee shop.

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the five great ancient basilicas of Rome and has an opulently decorated interior– impressive intricate details on the ceiling and beautiful religious mosaics on the sides. As we were there pretty early in the morning, there were only a handful of locals and tourists scattering around, which made our visit all the more enjoyable and…spiritual. By which I mean, I did not have to get on my high horse or silently curse those who jostled to get ahead or those who obstructed everybody’s view by taking 100 different pictures at the same spot in the same pose.

For approximately 45 minutes, we really had that much-needed peace of mind before the chaos that was Termini Station.

The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy

The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, ItalyBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, ItalyThe Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, ItalyBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy [Read more…]

Day 3: Rome, we’re getting along so well…

Wonderful view of Rome seen from Villa BorgheseI love and hate writing about my trip abroad at the same time. I truly enjoy the part of sharing with y’all what I saw and learned and showcasing my virtually non-existent photography skills, both of which allow me to relive the wonderful time there all over again in a way.

However, I hate that it makes me miss everything a little bit too much–from the architecture, the arts, the streets, the food, the people, the shopping and most importantly that palpable sense of freedom that can only be felt when I’m in the West. And all of that really make it way harder for me to assimilate back into where I come from and don’t belong. Honestly, it sucks. I’m sure travelers and anyone who has spent an extended amount of time in a culture that is starkly different from his/her own echo the same sentiment.

Anyway, in case you have been busy, my thesis (don’t tell me I haven’t forewarned you, j/k) on Day 1 and Day 2 spent getting all physical and intimate with Rome is at your disposal HERE and HERE.

We started our third day by paying tribute to one of the most magnificent temples in the world, the Pantheon. [Read more…]

Day 2: I’m in awe of you, Vatican…

_DSC0437It was a blessing that our time in Rome kicked off to a very good start. By the end of the day, I was falling pretty hard for Rome’s charms and quirks. If only I knew how much it had in store for me during the next few days.

Our second day was entirely dedicated to exploring Vatican City. Before I visited, I had read a few bits about Vatican and got a basic understanding of what it’s and what’s special about it. [Read more…]

Day 1: To Rome with Love…

Colosseo, romeYesterday was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and with that the menswear fashion month madness officially came to a close. As soon as the Saint Laurent show concluded, the Atelier Versace couture show begun. Could you believe that? Fashion seems like a never-ending parade in Paris. I’m seriously pondering a move to Paris in my next life just because of the whole fashion scene alone. If you have your mind on menswear only, then see you in January for fall/winter collections. But if you’re a fashion junkie like me who digests just about anything fashion, we don’t have to wait long since September can’t come soon enough. I do have a few more posts about the menswear shows in Milan and Paris in store, so stay tuned.

Now is the perfect time to start sharing with y’all my recent expedition to The Old Continent. This time last month, my sister and me embarked upon our 3-week trip to Italy and France. [Read more…]