The Recent Sartorial Hits and Misses of Nick Jonas

I have been writing about travels a little too much I need a break. I miss rambling about fashion– the reason I started this blog in the first place. So, let’s resume our fashion chat today and check in with Nick. I feel like he is the only male celebrity who is genuinely interested in fashion right now.

So, Nick has been making the rounds lately to promote his new album and upcoming tour. Before we talk about fashion, I just want to note that I have warmed up to him a lot more than I did before. However, Nick, you are still talking a lot about sex. From the no apparent reason boner, bedroom fetishes, to having firm ass…do we really need to know that much about your sex life? We know you have had a lot of sex and you are a man now. Isn’t that enough?

Anyway, I don’t know if he switched stylists or not, but his sense of style lately has been ON FIRE. Like, most of the times I see his photos, I’m like, I want at least one of the things on his body to be on my body immediately. That sounds a little wrong, doesn’t it? ūüėÄ

Let’s see what he has been up to:

He wore this outfit at the beginning of June. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT UNRESERVEDLY. PERIOD. It is casual and comfortable yet super stylish. The yellow and black combination is pretty much perfect. The leather jacket is my dream. And the shoes (by Ann Demeulemeester) are my lovers. I have 5 pairs of yellow shoes!

I adore this suit as well. It is by Haider Ackermann, whose collections and personal sense of style I really enjoy. I need to do a post about Haider Ackermann’s style, you guys! The fit is obviously perfect here. The t-shirt underneath is refreshing. High fashion yet still manly. Full mark, Nick!

Nick, your leather jacket game is extremely strong. And hardly anything screams I have a shitload of money more than an enviable collection of leather jackets. That being said, I’m not particularly crazy about this Balmain for some reason. Maybe because of the color? Maybe because the color combo is not right that it takes away the beauty of the jacket? I need to think more!

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Overheated It: Nick Jonas in Versace at 2015 MTV VMAs

nick-jonas-mtv-vmas-2015-red-carpet-leather-hot-830x1247Well, here are a few things that this head-to-toe Versace look Nick wore to the VMAs does to me:

  1. It reminds me of that one time in 1999¬†when¬†David Beckham went full force on leather and it was total overkill. Even the man himself admitted that it was nutty.¬†Nick obviously overcooked especially when you take into account the fact that L.A is in the midst of summer right now, but we don’t need to feel utterly hopeless, right? David did this to himself when he was 24, roughly the same age Nick is now. Now 16 years later, David is a certified fashion icon. There is hope for Nick, right?
  2. That said, I am still a wee bit disheartened.¬†Like I have always said, I believe Nick is genuinely interested in fashion and believes in its power to express creativity and individuality.¬†So I root for him; I want him to fly high on red carpets; I want him to land in the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List and all that jazz. So far he has had far more sartorial misses than hits, and I DON’T KNOW WHY. How can I help when I don’t know the roots of the problem? Is his stylist the culprit, or Nick’s fashion sense is inherently not that good?
  3. Also, this Versace get-up most likely costs $10,000, but from afar (as in from my laptop screen) the leather¬†looks like something you can grab at Zara. (You can’t say the same thing about that Justin Beiber’s Saint Laurent jacket; it emits luxury)

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WTF Alert: Nick Jonas in Kenzo at 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Well, this is just really, really heart-breaking.

My heart always aches so bad whenever I see someone try and try and try and try and still NOT succeed. Unfortunately, this has been the case with Nick who is clearly very interested in fashion but keeps floundering on the red-carpet front. For some reason.

I do not think we need to dissect why this is an epic fail. The photos really do say it all.

I am just utterly confused who is to blame. Kenzo for giving it to his stylist? Or his stylist for not having Nick’s best interests at heart? Or Nick himself for not looking into the mirror? Or Olivia Culpo for letting her boyfriend get out of the house in this?

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Nailed It: Nick Jonas at iHeartRadio and Kids’ Choice Awards

Nick-Jonas-2015-iHeartRadio-Music-AwardsThis suit is SPECTACULAR. You look spectacular in it, Nick! 

When Nick doesn’t grab his crotch in public, I have a feeling we all are going to have a good, productive week.

Looking at you¬†outfit and your “accessory”, all I can say is: You win, Nick! You win big time!

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Thumbs Up: Nick Jonas In Versace At 2015 Grammys

I believe this is the first time when I find myself happy at the sighting of Nick Jonas. He truly stood out in the crowd of boringly clad (male) celebrities at the Grammys last night.

Everything about this Versace suit-from the fit, the proportion to the eye-catching plaid pattern- is pretty much perfection. Initially I wished he had opted for a more elegant pair of shoes, but then I realized, given what all other celebs wore, the dress code of this event is more funky than formal. Which means these clunky high-top sneakers are not totally out of place. They do put a whimsical touch to the outfit. So, congrats on a job well-done, Nick!

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Eyesore Alert: Nick Jonas Keeps Grabbing His Balls In Public

Nick-Jonas-GQ-February-2015-Shoot-001-800x1068I might have appreciated this photo. The chambray double-breasted suit looks really nice, and I hold no grudge against Nick.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the crotch grabbing ruins it all for me.¬†And it’s not even the first time he does it.

The last time I understand he was trying to re-evoke the whole Mark Wahlberg’s Calvin Klein ad vibe. And so I kind of found it¬†endearing.¬†Like, alright this is a boy coming of age and he is just paying¬†homage to his idol. (Though let’s be brutally honest,¬†his photos¬†couldn’t¬†hold a candle next to¬†the original¬†ones.)

But this time, I’m just like, “what the actual fuck?”.

It’s so ironical because all he¬†has been trying to do is to make us¬†treat him like a grown-ass man, but his crotch-grabbing tactic gets so old and totally regresses his maturity to the level when he was, like, five. Because at that age, it’s perfectly fine¬†to touch our private part in public when¬†we feel itchy down there. We are just not¬†expected to be able to control ourselves or know socially acceptable behaviors.

I mean, just look at his facial expression. Even he’s like, “I know, guys. I am repelled by my actions, too. But I have to do it anyways because that’s the only way to get people to talk about me. My music career desperately needs the attention. Please understand, guys.”

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We Are Definitely Not Jealous of Your Top, Nick!

nick-jonas-kevin-jonas-z100-jingle-ball-2014-09I have decided that whatever attention-grabbing tactics Nick Jonas- so far they have been crotch-grabbing, talking about how much he loves sex and how much sex he is having, his decision to let his bushes grow wild and claiming he loves his gay fans to deathРis going to deploy in the future, I will always remember him as one of the baby-face Jonas brothers instead of one grow-up, sexually confident and adventurous man.

And is it just me or he is acting exactly like the male version of Miley Cyrus? Both spent the better part of their lives (and earned a shitload of money in the process) in some twisted Disney fantasies and then suddenly BAM, they lost all their clothes and started babbling about sex on national media. Bizarre, if you ask me!

Actually, I know virtually nothing about what he did in the past and care very little what he is doing now and will be doing in the future. But he has been earning a fair share of coverage in different fashion outlets lately for his style, so I am paying some attention. He does have some drool-worthy coats and jackets.

However, I am feeling weird about the burgundy or oxblood or bordeaux or whatever that dark hue of red is sweater (or sweatshirt?) he recently wore to the Jingle Ball in New York. On one hand, I absolutely love the color.¬†I just told you guys to embrace it yesterday, right?¬†On the other,¬†the shape and the fabric look way too stiff and uncomfortable. And if you spent more than 10 seconds looking at it, you would realize that it looks uncannily similar to a red woven basket.¬†Nick Jonas fashion style [Read more…]