7 Best Designer Sneakers On Sale Right Now

1. Paul Smith Navy Embroidered Terrycloth Sneakers (now $275, originally $915). SICK!!!

My addiction to footwear is well-documented on this site. I am able to resist buying clothes, but I always succumb when it comes to eye-catching, good-quality shoes. However, you may have noticed that I have not talked about shoes in a long time.

The reason is I was trying to curb my addiction. I am naturally very non-confrontational and cowardly; I would rather avoid thinking and talking about my problems than confront them heads-on and solve them once and for all. I presumed the only way for me to overcome my shoe addiction was to refrain from talking about shoes with you guys.

It worked for a while, but I am so sad to report that I have relapsed. I bought TWO freaking pairs of shoes yesterday! The recent influx of summer sale emails does not help, either. The 50-70% discount subjects are too tempting not to click.

Here is what I have realized: There are some really nice sneakers on deep discount on SSENSE right now. I want to alert you guys because #1. you all deserve a new pair of shoes and #2. now is the best time to scoop up designer shoes. So without further ado, here are the best-looking sneakers you might want to bag this sale season.

2. Alexander Mcqueen White And Red Leather Colorblock Sneakers (now $264, originally $440)

3. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Yellow Panelled Sneakers (now $135, originally $270)

4. Krisvanassche Indigo Denim Sneakers (now $333, originally $665)

5. Thom Browne Tri_color Grosgrain Basketweave Sneakers (now $630, originally $1050)

6. Comme Des Garons Shirt Blue Striped And Quilted Sneakers (now $111, originally $370)

7. Acne Studios Brown Triple Low_top Sneakers (now $250, originally $500)

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We All Are Cheering For You, Orlando!

Hi Orlando,

We do not really know each other, but for some reason I think you are a genuinely nice guy. I like you, so I want to be honest with you.

There have been days when I really wanted you to stop making public appearances. Instead, you would spend more quality time with Flynn and then find a normal woman whom you really love (and who love you back). The two of you would live in a farm somewhere beautiful and low-key like New Zealand and produce several angelic babies for Flynn to hang out with.

I am pretty sure those kinds of things are infinitely more soul-enriching for you than, say, penetrating models or going to the beaches with some random chicks or hitting the nightclubs or worse fighting with Justin Beiber. I do not even know if making movies is still as fulfilling as it once was for you. I honestly cannot remember what movies you have made since Pirates of the Caribbean.

The point is I was this close to sending you this gentle reminder.

But your most recent appearance at BBC Radio kind of made me have a change of heart. It seems like you still could teach all of us a thing or two about how to dress stylishly and effortlessly. Which means you should show your face every once in a while.

I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE everything you had on your body, from the Lanvin Tri-colour technical-crepe bomber jacket, the black & white striped shirt to the belt, the jeans and the Rick Owens high-top kicks.

We give you a 9 for this one. It would have been a 10 if you had not opted for this tacky blue polka dot boxer.

Keep up the good work. You are definitely on the right track!

Yours truly,

The Confused Dasher

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Sales Alert #1: Lanvin Iconic Low-top Sneakers

Lanvin iconic low top sneakersThis post is dedicated to all the Lanvin sneakers lovers out there (myself included). I have confessed my undying love for the Lanvin iconic low-top sneakers since the beginning of time, so no need to repeat what has already been said.

I just wanted to let you all know that the moment we have been waiting an eternity for is finally here: those timeless Lanvins are ON SALE. This time, I am so going to pull the trigger. And you should do the same because as corny as it sounds, those sneakers are an investment. Hop over to the sales section on SSENSE to get the swoon-worthy Lanvin Burgundy Suede Classic Tennis Sneakers in the photo above or on Farfetch to get the white version (LANVIN low top sneakers). I just purchased a pair of Opening Ceremony leopard print boots on Farfetch. It was a lovely experience; I will tell you guys soon.

By the way, here are a few ideas on how to style these kicks from the daddy/the husband/the son/the friend we all wish to have. Seriously, I can never ever have enough of David and Victoria.

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Dressing For the Airport Like Papa Gosling

Ryan Gosling Airport Style 2014Except for the creepy 70s porn-stache which I understand is for a movie, I love everything papa Gosling, otherwise known as the style crush of my life, is having on his body in these most recent photos. He really has the art of dressing for the airport down to a science. Never underdressed or overdressed, just amply stylish and comfortable.

So guys, if you are still wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts to the airport, you must stop for the sake of humanity. Likewise, if you are always wearing a suit, you should stop too because you are overdressing. Just print these two photos out and hang them next to your closet; you will know what you have to do next time you fly. Easy, breezy, right? RIGHT.

If you want to replicate these outfits, here are some beautiful, ultra-luxe jackets and boots for your consideration. You are more than welcome in advance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Junya Watanabe Black And Red Plaid Modified Construction Jacket

2. Saint Laurent Red Plaid And Suede Caban Coat

3. Lanvin Green Buffalo Check Wool Pea Coat

4. Diemme Mahogany Leather Roccia Vet Boots

5. Visvim Tan Suede Mid_folk Brigadier Boots

6. Rag And Bone Black Brushed Leather Rowan Boots

7. Dr. Martens Navy Leather 8_eye 1460 Boots

By the way, can you believe that he is daddy already? I know I can’t. And the reason for that is I am still too busy trying to rid my brain of the wicked rumor I once read somewhere on the internet that Mendes tricked him into sperminating her so he would never leave her. Now, whenever I see a photo of him, my first thought is always “sigh, you got punk’d”.

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Louis Leeman Contrasting Toe Cap Leopard Print Slippers: Rediscover Your Inner Animal

In my humble opinion, there are only THREE places where it is acceptable to get in touch with your inner animal. One is the bedroom; there, the wilder the better. LOL. Two is the gym where you shouldn’t do anything half-assed. You have to roar and be ready to give your body a good beating so that you get the most out of it. And the last place is…your feet.

Recently, I have been feeling very weak in the knees whenever I see a pair of leopard print shoes. Maybe it is the inner animal in me waking up after so many years lying dormant, or maybe it is because leopard print is one of the quirkiest yet most timeless prints in fashion. And yet it is so severely underused in the menswear realm. It is time for us to embrace this funky print!

The best part about these Louis Leeman leopard print slippers is once you have them on our feet, you do not have to think much about what to wear with what. Just throw on a pair of black jeans or pants and a simple color button-shirt, and you are golden. I especially love the black captoe and the metal accent plaque; they put quite an interesting finishing touch to the shoes. I do not have anything leopard in my wardrobe yet, and I bet neither do you so let’s do this together. LOUIS LEEMAN contrasting toe cap leopard print slippers available on Farfetch for $674.

Louis Leeman Contrasting Toe Cap Leopard Print Slippers, confused dasher, men should wear leopard print too, best animal print shoes for men

Remember this: You have to be civilized and gentle everywhere you go and in everything you do. Except for what goes down in the bedroom, the gym and the feet.

By the way, here is the assurance that I am not leading you down the wrong path 🙂

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Valentino Open Leather Sneakers: We Receive You With Open Arms

I am fully aware that I just talked about Valentino sneakers a few days ago. You probably are wondering what is wrong with me. Here is the truth: my imaginary doctor just informed me that I have been diagnosed with a disease called Valentinosession, which unfortunately has no cure yet. He advises me to live harmoniously with it rather than try to fight it because what you resist persists. So, here I am spreading it to you guys 😀

I have to concede, though, that if it were NOT for the colored stripe panel, I would not give these kicks a second look. There are more than enough of plain white, pared-down and simple sneakers on the market already; more will only make all of us jaded. However, the fact that these Valentinos have sold like hot cakes everywhere and I am swooning quite hard right now really goes to show the brilliance of the Valentino team. They know that a small tweak in the right place is capable of transforming an otherwise bland pair of shoes into a completely covetable fashion item. The studs are slightly more unobtrusive this time, meaning people will really have to make an educated guess or ask you directly where you bought the shoes. Shoes can be a wonderful ice-breaker, do you know that?


The white/navy and white/burgundy versions are available on SSENSE for $745 and $795 respectively, the white/green version on Matchesfashion for $745.

While you are marveling at these stunners, let’s also look at how they were styled in the Valentino FW14 runaway show. Now you understand why I have been having multiple Valentino shoegasms lately. Valentino Low-top Sneakers FW2014 [Read more…]

Saint Laurent Brown Suede Wyatt Cowboy Boots: Ace High! Ace High!

I don’t know about you, but dressing in anything remotely related to a cowboy is the furthest thing in my mind. (Can you ever, ever imagine an Asian cowboy? I hope you can’t because I already throw up in my mouth just thinking about it.) However, if dressing like a cowboy entailed getting to wear these Saint Laurent boots, I would be more than ready to be the first Asian wannabe cowboy and subsequently be the butt of every joke. Yes, I would scoop that low because goodness gracious me these boots are truly STUNNING.

It’s not easy to make a pair of cowboy boots an object of desire, but the Saint Laurent team gets every detail down pat this time, from the luxurious look-good and feel-good camel suede, the fashionable almond toe shape to the perfect-for-winter calf-high length. I see these work best with a knee-length overcoat and slim-fit jeans (in almost any color, though dark is better). Kind of like this:

or this:


I understand if you might feel nauseated at the $995 price tag. But these boots honestly are much cheaper than you think. Winter lasts about 5 months, right? You will wear these, on average, 15 times per month. Which means you will wear them a total of 75 times this season. I know from personal experience that if you do not actively destroy them, these types of boots will last ’til the end of time. For the sake of simple calculation, though, let say they retire after 6 years. The cost-per-wear is thus: 995 : (75 x 6) = $2.21. This, you guys, is what people mean when they say “good value” or “a bang for the buck”. So wait no more, go get them on SSENSE.  [Read more…]

Valentino Red & Black Camo Sneakers: Let Paint The Town Red

When I first saw the Valentino camo print sneakers on street-style blogs, I thought they were just an one-time thing, a passing fad. Apparently, I was dead wrong. They are not only still around and loved but actually have got ever more eye-catching and irresistible to the point that I believe they are iconic now. And this red version is the most decadent, most desirable yet!

You know I have encouraged you to add bold colors to your wardrobe for the longest time. I have done it myself, but have to admit that (bright) red remains the one color I still shy away from. While it generally looks powerful and enticing on women, it doesn’t have the same effect for guys for reasons I have yet to fathom out. Red suits, red shirts, red trousers, red accessories? No, thank you very much. But red sneakers? I’m willing to give a second thought.

The reason these red Valentino kicks work is that the bright red is patchy and thus not overwhelming and also balanced by the dark, beautiful and masculine tone of burgundy. Throw in black, beige and a couple of studs and we have this striking, utterly luxurious and drool-worthy combination. Winter is coming (sorry, I have been binging on Game of Thrones and am OBSESSED), so these Valentinos are exactly what you need if you’re in the market for some winter-looking trainers. They will add a wow factor to your otherwise monochromatic outfits. Head over to SSENSE and bag them, your feet will thank you!

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Common Projects Peacock Blue Suede Track Sneakers: Quiet but dangerous

Oh God, I just realized that you and I haven’t had any shoegasm since June. OK, maybe it’s just me not getting any. The internet is a tempting place; you can get plenty of action just about anywhere. I have no right whatsoever to expect monogamy from YOU. I love nice shoes, but I really can NOT have shoegasms around the clock because sometimes, life gets in the way.

I’m having a major treat for us today, though.

There have been two noteworthy sneaker trends in the last few years. One is all for bold and statement-making sneakers, while the other is about minimalist and throwback-vibe sneakers. When it comes to the latter, the brand Common Projects immediately springs to mind. It sort of trailblazed and remains one of the very few brands that wholly commit to sleek and simple sneakers.

Now if I had to say which trend I identify more with, the answer would be the head-turning one. I tend to dress fairly simple, so I want my shoes to make some sort of statement. The original Common Projects low-top sneakers are beautiful for sure, but they aren’t something I would necessarily kill for. I have a very limited budget.

But oh man, these suede track sneakers are just…epic.

The deep peacock blue color (believe it or not, I googled what deep peacock blue is) is positively gorgeous and screams luxury loud and clear. And it pops even more when combined with beige, one of the most loved colors in fashion:

Common Projects Peacock Blue Suede Track Sneakers, best designer sneakers for men this fall 2014

I have been thinking long and hard for the past few hours about what kind of outfit these sneakers do NOT go with, and there is none. They go well even with your black modern slim-fit suit. These sneakers are a classic case of the most quiet usually being the most dangerous. They instantly hypnotize and render you powerless.

You can do nothing but surrender and order them on SSENSE 🙂

Common Projects Peacock Blue Suede Track Sneakers, best designer sneakers for men this fall 2014



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It’s Time for a Booty Call

Fashion is such a weird industry. There’s no such thing as “living in the moment” in fashion. It’s always about racing against time, creating and predicting trends for next seasons. I have such deep respect for fashion designers because of that. My head would explode if I constantly had to think about what the world should wear 6 months in advance. Heck, I don’t even want to think about how my own life is going to look like in the next six months.

That being said, I have no problem whatsoever with the fact that we consumers get to hoard as much as we possibly can during the end of the season to prepare for the next season. I mean, most e-retailers are discounting fall/winter stuff like crazy. Even though it’s summer, we should take advantage of that so we don’t have to buy anything when fall/winter seasons roll around.

I know you guys just put your winter boots away, but trust me now is the best time to expand your…repertoire of boots. So many fantastic boots that we wouldn’t be able to afford full-price. Here are a few pairs that I think are utterly worth having. My criteria is pretty simple: head-turning yet versatile. Happy shopping!

1. Paul Smith Jeans Khaki Leather Leopard Chuka Boots, $276.


2. Mark Mcnairy Khaki Camo Shortwing Boots, $381.


 3. Comme Des Garons Shirt Red Plaid Desert Boots, $284.


4. Junya Watanabe Green And Cognac Lace_up Ankle Boots, $530.


5. Acne Studios Black Leather Chukka Botos, $469.

6. Thom Browne Navy Longwing Mariner Ankle Boots, $488.


7. Saint Laurent Black Leather Chelsea Boots, $682.



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