David Beckham at Louis Vuitton SS17 Menswear Show

I have never been a proponent of the black-on-black look on men, because most of the times it gives off a strong clerical vibe. But you guys already know that I consider David and Victoria my fashion parents. Which means I cannot find fault with anything they wear.

This head-to-toe black outfit David wore to watch the Louis Vuitton Menswear show in Paris last week is no exception. I accept everything about it without question!

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What David Gandy Wore During 2016 London Collections: Men

I am lagging behind in everything at the moment. I haven’t told you guys yet, but if we’re friends on Instagram, you may already know that I enrolled in a hiphop/urban dance choreography class at the beginning of this month. I have always been mesmerized with the performances of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyonce, to name just a few; and wanted to learn that high-energy kind of choreography. However, I cooked up various excuses over the years for not doing it until this year when I realized that I’m not getting any younger and there is something wrong with me if I can’t squeeze in 3 hours out of 168 each week to attend the class. Fast forward to now after 7 sessions, I am still barely able to dance and one of the worst students in class. Embarrassed and defeated? A little bit in the beginning, but I have got to learn a few new things about how music works, how to isolate different body parts, and given my memory muscle a good workout so I’m still very happy.

Anyway, onto fashion! The annual menswear fashion month started with London, and even though I haven’t got around to looking through all the collections, I made sure that I got my David Gandy out and about fix. I have always been vocal about my love for his personal style; to me, he is the quintessential part of London Collections Men Fashion Week. Let’s ogle at him, shall we?

David loves monochrome dressing. And so do I. There is nothing revolutionary about this outfit, but I still love it unreservedly. Because it tastefully displays his muscular physique. By the way, the man next to him is Joe Ottaway, whose sense of style is really neat, too. I recently started following his Instagram, too, and haven’t been disappointed.

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The Recent Sartorial Hits and Misses of Nick Jonas

I have been writing about travels a little too much I need a break. I miss rambling about fashion– the reason I started this blog in the first place. So, let’s resume our fashion chat today and check in with Nick. I feel like he is the only male celebrity who is genuinely interested in fashion right now.

So, Nick has been making the rounds lately to promote his new album and upcoming tour. Before we talk about fashion, I just want to note that I have warmed up to him a lot more than I did before. However, Nick, you are still talking a lot about sex. From the no apparent reason boner, bedroom fetishes, to having firm ass…do we really need to know that much about your sex life? We know you have had a lot of sex and you are a man now. Isn’t that enough?

Anyway, I don’t know if he switched stylists or not, but his sense of style lately has been ON FIRE. Like, most of the times I see his photos, I’m like, I want at least one of the things on his body to be on my body immediately. That sounds a little wrong, doesn’t it? 😀

Let’s see what he has been up to:

He wore this outfit at the beginning of June. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT UNRESERVEDLY. PERIOD. It is casual and comfortable yet super stylish. The yellow and black combination is pretty much perfect. The leather jacket is my dream. And the shoes (by Ann Demeulemeester) are my lovers. I have 5 pairs of yellow shoes!

I adore this suit as well. It is by Haider Ackermann, whose collections and personal sense of style I really enjoy. I need to do a post about Haider Ackermann’s style, you guys! The fit is obviously perfect here. The t-shirt underneath is refreshing. High fashion yet still manly. Full mark, Nick!

Nick, your leather jacket game is extremely strong. And hardly anything screams I have a shitload of money more than an enviable collection of leather jackets. That being said, I’m not particularly crazy about this Balmain for some reason. Maybe because of the color? Maybe because the color combo is not right that it takes away the beauty of the jacket? I need to think more!

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I’m Off to Australia and New Zealand

Processed with VSCOcam with q1 presetWell, this has to be my most favorite kind of post to write, because I only get to do it when I’m about to travel 🙂

I will be flying to Sydney tomorrow, my first time visiting Australia. A few months ago, I read In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson and was very fascinated with the enormity and quirkiness of Australia. However, after reading the book, I told myself that I would never half-ass Australia, as in visiting for any less than a month. It’s so incredibly huge and diverse that anything less a month would be a disservice.

I’m going back on my promise, though; I will be in Sydney for a total of 5 days this time around.

Really, I’m coming to Australia more to spend some quality time with a good friend of mine than to travel. We will of course by hitting the usual suspects such as Sydney Harbor and Bondi Beach, but I won’t be going all in.


So, I will be away for almost a month. I’m pretty sure I will not do any blogging and would rather not to actually, as I want to stay fully present during my travels. I will update my Instagram whenever I can, so make that follow button green, will you? 😛

Before I sign off, I want to share two photos I recently took. Nothing fancy or preachy, just two outfit of the day photos.

Peace out, guys.

This is my “Business up top, Party down below”, The Sunset Hour Edition look. I obviously don’t know your life so I’m not gonna be able to tell you how to live your best life. BUT, if you want to instantly feel like you’re living the best version of yourself, wear your sunglasses. HAHAHA!

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My First Black & White Portrait Shoot

My friend asked, Who is this pensive thinker? LOL.

Near the end of 2015, I did something that I hadn’t done before. Which was to ask someone take photos of me.

Oh don’t get me wrong; I have asked people to take photos of me a million times. But those people are always family members and friends who have cameras and take photos for fun. I never asked someone who is serious about photography and treats it like an art form.

Anyway, my narcissism level was off the chart last December so I wanted to take a few good portrait photos just for the heck of…having a few good portrait photos. At the suggestion of my sister, I contacted Do, a very young photographer in Hanoi known for his B&W photos. His distinctive style and skill and maturity really belie his age; I could hardly believe he’s only 19.

For me, the experience was enjoyable and educational in a way. I mostly do travel and nature photography, which, I feel like, is somewhat easier because you know, everything is right in front of you. You don’t have to manipulate light like you do in a studio. And capturing the essence of another human being and conveying it in photos…tough job!

We took a fair share of photos, but picked only a handful of them for the final edit. And I want to share some of them with you guys today 🙂

Okay, it sounds exactly like I’m blowing my own horns, but I personally really like this one.

IMG_1591This one, I feel like, could be Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2050. HAHAHAHA!!!

IMG_1708What do you think about the lighting here?

This was my Instagram profile photo until yesterday. Haha.

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Very Ridiculously Dressed at 2015 AMAs: Justin Beiber in…whatever

Justin-Bieber-2015-Style-American-Music-Awards-PictureAllow me to be frank: I think Justin has pretty poor taste in clothes. Or should we say his stylists do, to be more accurate? To me, every single thing he has ever worn reads: don’t take me seriously.

It’s quite funny because for the last year or so he has constantly demanded that we treat him as a grown-up man. Which at the end of the day is a reasonable demand, since he was no longer 13 years old. But the way he’s dressed makes it very difficult for us to think of him as an adult, right?

THAT, coupled with his still erratic behaviors, has led me to the conclusion that all the public apologies are nothing but lip services.

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Most Ridiculously Dressed at 2015 AMAs: Harry Styles in Gucci

harry-styles-600x800You guys, where do we even start?!?

I strongly believe one of Harry’s goals in wearing this was to attract attention. And he sure as hell succeeded. Congratulations, Harry. My eyes are glued to you!

But I’m scratching my head at the same time too because I don’t know why he believed that he could only achieve that by looking completely upholstered? This Gucci suit is basically the newfound younger sibling of Kim Kardashian’s 2013 Givenchy MET ball gown and thus has all the hallmarks of a fashion disaster. I especially hate the fact that the pants are flared. I don’t care if this 70s-inspired menswear trend is coming back for real or just a passing fad; to me, it’s just downright unflattering and heinous.

Harry, I pray that this is the only time that you and your team do this kind of disservice to your image.

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Best Menswear Look at 2015 AMAs: Charlie Puth in Acne Studios

Charlie-Puth-2015-Style-American-Music-Awards-PictureA moment of truth: I had no idea who Charlie Puth is until 2 minutes ago. I had to do a quick google search and apparently, he’s an “American singer, song-writer, musician blah blah blah and known for the song See You Again.” Again, I had no idea what the chart-topping song See You Again is all about, so I had to do a quick YouTube search. It turned out to be the song I have heard repeatedly at the gym I go to. All of this just goes to show that I’m old and behind with American contemporary pop culture.

So…Charlie Puth is a new artist, but he certainly seems to know his way around red-carpet fashion. His Acne Studios tweed suit is really, really, really good; the color, the cut, and the fit are literally perfect. (Pink is not my personal kind of jam, but if I had to wear something pink some day, this is exactly what I would envision myself in.) And the simple white shirt and black shoes are very complementary, since the suit is already a big statement in and of itself. Overall, a spectacular look!

Charlie, while I haven’t warmed up to your music yet, I quite like your fashion-forward way of dressing.

(But let’s get real, your on-stage make-up session is weird and superfluous.)

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Eddie Redmayne in Gucci at The Danish Girl Premier

First of all, I enjoy the fierce model face Eddie is giving here. Eddie is not Sean O’Pry or Tyson Ballou kind of handsome, but there is something quite striking and memorable about his facial features, don’t you think?

Second, this plaid Gucci suit itself is GLORIOUS and Eddie looks spectacular in it. His hairstyle is fantastic as well.

I have said it before and will say it again today: I’m extremely interested in learning about the thought process or going behind the scenes of how Eddie and/or his glam squad prepares for his red carpet appearances. Like, of all the thousands of sartorial options at his disposal, how does he make his final pick? Who is/are responsible for his sartorial success? So many questions!

Anyway, I initially thought Eddie should have worn a different pair of shoes, as it seems a bit subdued. But when I scrolled up and looked at the color and texture of his tie, I couldn’t think of anything else other than what he’s already wearing.

So, it’s all good, Eddie. You get a big fat A+ for this!!!

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Could Have Done Better: Eddie Redmayne at 2015 Toronto International Film Festival

Eddie-Redmayne-2015-Style-Toronto-International-Film-FestivalGuys, this might be the first time in history that I’m only feeling about 75% enthusiastic about Eddie’s outfit. I don’t remember having disliked anything he’s ever worn!

Eddie wore this Ralph Lauren Purple Label cream-colored double-breasted suit to Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, and I’m not entirely sure if the suit’s color itself is right for him. As he’s naturally pale and freckled, I feel like this suit, coupled with the lighting, washed him out too much.

However, true to Eddie’s form, the fit is flawless and the tie and the shoes go swimmingly well with the suit’s color. So, I guess we all can live with it, right?

Just avoid colors that do nothing for your complexion next time, Eddie 😉

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