What David Gandy Wore During 2016 London Collections: Men

I am lagging behind in everything at the moment. I haven’t told you guys yet, but if we’re friends on Instagram, you may already know that I enrolled in a hiphop/urban dance choreography class at the beginning of this month. I have always been mesmerized with the performances of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyonce, to name just a few; and wanted to learn that high-energy kind of choreography. However, I cooked up various excuses over the years for not doing it until this year when I realized that I’m not getting any younger and there is something wrong with me if I can’t squeeze in 3 hours out of 168 each week to attend the class. Fast forward to now after 7 sessions, I am still barely able to dance and one of the worst students in class. Embarrassed and defeated? A little bit in the beginning, but I have got to learn a few new things about how music works, how to isolate different body parts, and given my memory muscle a good workout so I’m still very happy.

Anyway, onto fashion! The annual menswear fashion month started with London, and even though I haven’t got around to looking through all the collections, I made sure that I got my David Gandy out and about fix. I have always been vocal about my love for his personal style; to me, he is the quintessential part of London Collections Men Fashion Week. Let’s ogle at him, shall we?

David loves monochrome dressing. And so do I. There is nothing revolutionary about this outfit, but I still love it unreservedly. Because it tastefully displays his muscular physique. By the way, the man next to him is Joe Ottaway, whose sense of style is really neat, too. I recently started following his Instagram, too, and haven’t been disappointed.

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Your Wednesday Treat: David Gandy at 2015 GQ Men of the Year Awards

GQ-Men-of-the-Year-Awards-2015-Style-Picture-David-GandyWell, there’s absolutely nothing revolutionary about what David is wearing here. Even if there were, it still would not surpass his divine handsomeness. That facial expression is totally like, “I know I’m really, really ridiculously good-looking”. 

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Hot Stuff: David Gandy Out and About at London Collections Men

1434145940102_fashion-week-london-part1-02I am curious what David thinks when he looks at himself in the mirror every morning. Good-looking, sexy celebrities often say something along the lines of oh I have never considered myself this and that blah blah blah. IT IS SO TRITE!!! You innately know whether you are good-looking or not. So I want to get inside David’s head and see what he thinks. 

To be quite honest with you guys, London Collections: Men has never really been my cup of tea. I know for a fact that I will never be able to get as wild or eccentric as London designers want me to be. Yet I keep a close watch on it every season because of David Gandy. I feel like now that he has transitioned to more of a businessman, LCM is the only time when we are guaranteed a satisfying dose of him.

So, before we move onto some other shows, let’s ogle this perfect gift from God.

30-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-11Well, I am not particularly feeling this shirt and waistcoat combination, but I do not care. Because look at those facial features!!!

LCM-Street-Style-15-GQ-15Jun15_robertspangle_b_426x639But this outfit is IMPECCABLE. That suede varsity-inspired jacket needs to enter my wardrobe immediately!

28-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-02It is such a striking jacket, you guys need to see it up close. (Update: OMG! I just learned it is by Club Monaco. I have been wearing Club Monaco basically my whole life; how come have I never seen jackets this magnificent? Somebody from Club Monaco needs to explain this to me.)

tommy-hilfiger-london-collections-men-dinner-party-061515-01Even though I will not wear this outfit in at least another 20 years, I appreciate it. It screams I am a classy Englishman. Special attention needs to be given to the shoes.

gallery-1434472885-gettyimages-477209820I have two notes. #1, People Magazine, listen to me: This is the contender for the Sexiest Man Alive title this year. #2, I am seething with envy at David’s collection of sunglasses.

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Your Monday Treat: David Gandy Out and About at Cannes

As far as formal wear goes, this is just absolutely exceptional. It makes his piercing blue eyes pop even more.

David Gandy has a special place in my heart.

He is one of my style heroes. I wrote about him since this blog was in its infancy.

When I finished the article confessing how obsessed I am with his style, his assistant shared it on his official Facebook page and Twitter, sending a lot of traffic to my little blog. And to date, that article is still one of my most favorite and popular.

Which means you guys are just as crazy about him as I am, so I promise, on this Memorial Day, that we will talk a lot more about him from now on.

And as far as airport dressing goes, this is simply GLORIOUS. I love the navy and brown combination; I guarantee it always works like a charm. On everyone. On every occasion. So jump on this bandwagon if you have not.

Well, I do not exactly hate this. I actually can live very happily with each part of this outfit, but only when it is on its own. Together…there is something off, don’t you think? Like, I feel kinda, sorta melancholy looking at it. Because too many neutral colors going on here? I dunno know, guys, but we still have to give it to David for 200% slaying the fit and proportion. He knows his bod well, and that is the lesson for all of us.

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40 Most Glorious Coats Off The Runaway

confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015We have talked about the spectacular coats on the runaway. Now, let’s direct our attention to GLORIOUS coats on the streets, as shown on GQ and Style.

A word of warning before you proceed: Fasten your seat belt. You are about to get on one hell of a coats envy ride. At some point, you will be questioning if you are ever capable of putting together anything half as good.confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 201514-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-02 14-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-01 13-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-13 13-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-12 13-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-09 13-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-051421079181116_andy_jordan_gq_fashion_week_london_day_011421080817122_gq_fashion_week_london_day_02_031421162085114_LCM_streetstyle_04_14confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015, most fashionable coats on the streets of london milan paris florence 2015, eugene tong details street styles1421082764288_gq_fashion_week_london_day_03_021421080817127_gq_fashion_week_london_day_02_06

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Style Inspiration #6: David Gandy

confused dasher, fall winter 2015 menswear fashion weeks best street style photos, david gandy street styles, nick wooster street style pitto uomo florence 2015It’s an open secret that I have a soft spot for the British sense of style. To put it more accurately, that’s British celebrities’ style because I have never been to England so saying I love what I haven’t properly seen would be a bit of a stretch. However, British menswear icons such as David Beckham and Eddie Redmayne connote the ideas of attitude, fashion and unique individual style without overkill so well. And that, in my humble opinion, is an art in and of itself. In today’s installment of style inspiration, let’s track down the style of inarguably the most successful male model Britain has ever trotted out: David Gandy.

David has been modeling for the bigger part of his life, but only truly secured his status as a bona fide international male supermodel after the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance campaign. Let’s just take a moment and acknowledge that it’s one of the best fragrance ad campaigns of all times, shall we? With that face and that body, many would argue that he could put on garbage bags and still look better than the vast majority of the population. There’s a solid gem of truth in that argument, I’d happily concede. There’s more to the story than that, though because at 6-foot-2 with broad shoulders and a-slightly-bigger-than-models’ standard-waist if he didn’t play his sartorial cards right, he’d easily turn into one of those oversized ball players we see on red-carpets.

His personal style epitomizes masculinity, refinement and timelessness. Having easy access to top designers certainly helps, but what’s been the key to his success? Uncompromising dedication to tailoring. So, other than paying periodic visit to your tailors, there are several other ways you can channel your own inner David Gandy.

Lesson #1- Mix and match: I have a feeling that putting two separates together must be a quintessential British thing because on the other side of the Atlantic, we don’t get to see it happen frequently enough. When it comes to effortless mixing and matching, David has it down to a science. Next time you decide to go formal, spice it up a bit by wearing your blazer or tailored jacket over a pair of pants that isn’t part of the original package. It’s refreshing and stylish.

mismatch david gandy 16-21-60.2


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