David Beckham at Louis Vuitton SS17 Menswear Show

I have never been a proponent of the black-on-black look on men, because most of the times it gives off a strong clerical vibe. But you guys already know that I consider David and Victoria my fashion parents. Which means I cannot find fault with anything they wear.

This head-to-toe black outfit David wore to watch the Louis Vuitton Menswear show in Paris last week is no exception. I accept everything about it without question!

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Wednesday Pictorial Nutrition: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2015

Gosh, you guys! I haven’t been on here since forever, and I want you to know that I feel guilty every passing day because I consider this blog my baby and no responsible parent neglects his baby. But for the last two months I have been feeling extremely lazy and unmotivated and restless and stuck. I go exercise perhaps once each month. I go through the motions in my day job. I decline hangout invitations because I don’t feel like going. I hate these debilitating and disheartening feelings so much. I’m trying step-by-step, day-by-day to get rid of them, and thanks goodness for today’s strong kick-in-the-ass!

Normally, I don’t pay much attention to People’s Sexiest Man Alive list because it has nothing to do with my life and I find the title way too hyperbolic and most importantly I tend to disagree with its pick. Like, I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Adam Levine is a former Sexiest Man Alive. He sure has a lot going for him, but he sure wasn’t (and isn’t) sexiest man alive even when the award itself is just meant to be frivolous.

Not this year, though. When I read the announcement, I was just like, “Oh good, the people at People have come to their senses. They have finally given credit where credit is due”. Neither David nor I need this kind of confirmation, but when something accurate and long overdue finally happens it feels nice nevertheless.

Congrats to the dream husband of every woman, the dream partner of every gay, the dream father of every child, the dream son of every parent, the dream friend of everyone, and the dream business partner of every brand!

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Hot Stuff Alert: David Beckham in Madrid


Currently, it is 100 degrees in the third world. The humidity level is hovering around 200%. The struggle is real here!

But somehow this package of perfection is making things more bearable.

I hope the hotness of DB has the same cathartic effect on you guys 😉

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Your Wednesday Treat: David Beckham Half-Naked

David Beckham shows off his buff body and bushy beard in Miami.

Now, this is a REAL treat. Our week has just got seriously better, correct?

Three things I do not understand, though:

1. The beard. My theory is he just recently signed on to be the face of a company that produces beard growth products.

2. The white towel or t-shirt or whatever it is on his head. I feel like these days he is intentionally making himself look less hot than he actually is.

3. His wash-board abs. Jesus Christ, he is pushing 40 already. I am half his age, and despite a hell lot of dieting and exercising, my abs are still flabby. Life is CRUEL.

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Your Monday Treat: David Beckham & Eddie Redmayne Out and About

eddie-redmayne-transgender-role-unique-06This is one freaking SPECTACULAR coat. If I owned this coat, I would never want winter to end.

You guys. At this rate, I might be going insane soon.

Since coming back from Myanmar about two weekends ago, I have been writing pretty much every day. And it has been super hard!

Words do not come to me naturally. I do not know if they ever will, as I am not a native speaker. It also does not help that the kind of writing I am doing now is not the light-hearted, fluffy kind. I am writing about my travels. Which, I have realized, destroys my brain cells FAST.

However, since I will be traveling throughout April, this blog would be a ghost town if I did not finish all the writing before I leave. And when I come back, there will be a mountain load of things about Africa, Europe, and the US. Which means I would never ever finish sharing with you guys my trip to the incredible Myanmar, the top three travel experiences of my life so far. And there are also Lanyu- the most gorgeous island I have been to, Lisbon- the city that I do not particularly love but profoundly affected me, Paris in the winter…all of which happened ages ago. I feel awful that they are still in the need-to-talk-about pile.

Bottom line is I am stressed.

And you know how I cope with the stress? Looking at what Eddie Redmayne and David Beckham wear.

Let’s see what David recently wore:

There is no denying that Harper is better dressed than her daddy here. But David’s outfit is not bad, either. Can we call it stylishly sloppy? That teal sweater is SUMPTUOUS. 

Everything fits so well, but it is too black to my liking. My biggest problem, though, is the beard. This arctic beard does his handsomeness no favor. And imagine how weird it would be for Victoria when they make out. 

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Your Weekend Treat: David Beckham Goodness

David-Beckham-Black-Clothes-001-800x630Adrien Brody, please sit down and take note. This is basically how to wear black-on-black. 

David-Beckham-Black-Clothes-003-800x1001Sheepishly cute!!!

A for the outfit and A+ for aging so gracefully, David. We sincerely thank you for giving us the ultimate weekend visual treat!

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What David Has Been Working On Since His Retirement


We will never know how much H&M has to shell out to have David, but what we know for sure is hiring him is one of the best business decisions the brand has ever made. News just broke that David has worked with the brand on a curated menswear line, which consists of essential menswear pieces and will be out at some point in March.

Here is the dilemma for all of us, though: David is selling these so damn well; it’s like a dream. However, I stopped buying H&M stuff a long, long time ago because I can’t get over the fact that its clothes get all crazy after just one or two wear and wash. And I firmly believe I’m not the only one who experiences that.

So, willing as we’re to wear pretty much anything David wears, ARE we heading to H&M to try these on or AREN’T we?

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Denim It Like Beckham

Shop this look for less: Undercover Red Fine Knit SweaterKrisvanassche Blue Washed Denim ShirtDiemme Mahogany Leather Roccia Vet BootsLevis Vintage Clothing Blue Destroyed Denim 1954 501z JeansTed Baker Textured flat cap Charcoal

I am starting to feel that besides being a former soccer player, menswear icon, brand ambassador, husband and father, David Beckham is also a mind-reader. Because if he were not:

– How could he know that his appearance in something casual and simple yet sooooooo good is exactly what we need after Lenny Kravitz punched us in our eyes with his yet another hideous outfit?

– How could he know that we all are loving darker, richer shades of red right now?

Don’t stop, Beck; you are doing a stellar job. Our minds are all yours to read!!!

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Sales Alert #1: Lanvin Iconic Low-top Sneakers

Lanvin iconic low top sneakersThis post is dedicated to all the Lanvin sneakers lovers out there (myself included). I have confessed my undying love for the Lanvin iconic low-top sneakers since the beginning of time, so no need to repeat what has already been said.

I just wanted to let you all know that the moment we have been waiting an eternity for is finally here: those timeless Lanvins are ON SALE. This time, I am so going to pull the trigger. And you should do the same because as corny as it sounds, those sneakers are an investment. Hop over to the sales section on SSENSE to get the swoon-worthy Lanvin Burgundy Suede Classic Tennis Sneakers in the photo above or on Farfetch to get the white version (LANVIN low top sneakers). I just purchased a pair of Opening Ceremony leopard print boots on Farfetch. It was a lovely experience; I will tell you guys soon.

By the way, here are a few ideas on how to style these kicks from the daddy/the husband/the son/the friend we all wish to have. Seriously, I can never ever have enough of David and Victoria.

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

YOU GUYS. I seriously do not know what December is having in store for all of us. It is only the second day in, but we have already been blessed with TWO doses of holy effing hotness that is David and Victoria. If each appearance is just getting hotter and heavier like this despite the two being very fully clad, I am most definitely going to faint. After all, my body can only take so much. So, if I am not posting tomorrow, you know the reason.

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