confused dasher Family portrait #1: Me and my first born, Mr. Bun (born November ’13)

Hello/Bonjour/Ciao/Hola/Óla/Hallå/Guten Tag/Hallo/Konnichiwa/Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo/Ni Hao/Sawadi/…

Nope, this is not a language-learning site. Nor it’s about dogs, though isn’t Mr. Bun the handsomest little thing you have ever laid your eyes on? 🙂 As of March 2014, this humble blog has seen readers from 100 countries around the world since its launch in 2013.

To me, that’s absolutely mind-blowing.

So, whichever part of the world you’re from, I want you to sit back, relax and imagine for 2 seconds me attempting to say “hello” to you in your language and possibly twisting my tongue in the process. I might not be able to say it right, but I want you to know that I truly appreciate your time and readership.

the confused dasher, about meFamily portrait #2: Father, son and daughter Milan (born March ’14) 🙂

Now, let me tell you what this is all about.

My name is Khoa. I’m a Vietnamese born and bred. At the very impressionable age of 17, I left my fatherland on a generous scholarship for the US, where I spent the next five years studying in the backwater Ohio and slaving away at a 9-to-5 (more like 9-to-7 or 8) office job in New York City. New York is the most endearing and liberating place, but my job there wasn’t.

Long story short, I decided to bid adieu to New York and went home in 2012.

While the cultural shock I experienced in the States was often amusing and quirky, the reverse one has been, to put it mildly, terrible. It quickly dawned on me that having a fervent interest in fashion but living in a country where knock-off items are more available than Vogue and GQ is a curse. I’m mortified on a daily basis at the sheer number of fake products, real but logo-y items carried to flaunt wealth, and local designers shamelessly copying world-famous designers.

Repressing yourself is unhealthy, so this site serves as an outlet for my frustration as well as a place where I can talk about my fatal attraction to expensive footwear I can’t afford and the world of fashion to which I’m an outsider. None of my family and friends share the same interests, but I thought there must be at least a dozen on this planet of 6 billions who do. And judging by the messages I have received, I stand corrected.

That basically explains the dasher part.

Plus, as a millennial, I frequently find myself making a fair share of mistakes and questioning things in life. I want to document those scattered thoughts and sporadic episodes of restlessness here so that if I escape my 20s unscathed, I can re-read and have a good laugh. (Perhaps you’re dealing with similar stuff and we can swap lessons?)

And that’s the why for confused.

Outside of fashion, my passions lie in exploring new places and cultures, health & fitness, and personal developments. As I keep living (remember Matthew McConaughey’s advice?), they will come up in our conversations every now and then.

Bottom line is if you’re looking for unfiltered thoughts about expensive shoes and fashion, you have come to the right place. If you’re also in the process of figuring out your place in this world, I invite you to stay a bit longer.

Hope you enjoy!

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