What David Gandy Wore During 2016 London Collections: Men

I am lagging behind in everything at the moment. I haven’t told you guys yet, but if we’re friends on Instagram, you may already know that I enrolled in a hiphop/urban dance choreography class at the beginning of this month. I have always been mesmerized with the performances of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyonce, to name just a few; and wanted to learn that high-energy kind of choreography. However, I cooked up various excuses over the years for not doing it until this year when I realized that I’m not getting any younger and there is something wrong with me if I can’t squeeze in 3 hours out of 168 each week to attend the class. Fast forward to now after 7 sessions, I am still barely able to dance and one of the worst students in class. Embarrassed and defeated? A little bit in the beginning, but I have got to learn a few new things about how music works, how to isolate different body parts, and given my memory muscle a good workout so I’m still very happy.

Anyway, onto fashion! The annual menswear fashion month started with London, and even though I haven’t got around to looking through all the collections, I made sure that I got my David Gandy out and about fix. I have always been vocal about my love for his personal style; to me, he is the quintessential part of London Collections Men Fashion Week. Let’s ogle at him, shall we?

David loves monochrome dressing. And so do I. There is nothing revolutionary about this outfit, but I still love it unreservedly. Because it tastefully displays his muscular physique. By the way, the man next to him is Joe Ottaway, whose sense of style is really neat, too. I recently started following his Instagram, too, and haven’t been disappointed.

Very sauve, but I don’t relate to this outfit very much. I’m not a blazer-tie-vest-jeans kind of person. I have to note, though, that this is such a squad. Good-looking people usually hang out together. It’s an established fact!

I think this is the first time I have seen David in jeans that tight. And I haven’t decided how to feel about it. There is no doubt that his legs are legendary, but they are not made for tight jeans, I think? I will get back to you once I decide on my feelings. For now, my final verdict is this monochromatic combo is good. I’d wear shoes in a different color, though.

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