The Recent Sartorial Hits and Misses of Nick Jonas

I have been writing about travels a little too much I need a break. I miss rambling about fashion– the reason I started this blog in the first place. So, let’s resume our fashion chat today and check in with Nick. I feel like he is the only male celebrity who is genuinely interested in fashion right now.

So, Nick has been making the rounds lately to promote his new album and upcoming tour. Before we talk about fashion, I just want to note that I have warmed up to him a lot more than I did before. However, Nick, you are still talking a lot about sex. From the no apparent reason boner, bedroom fetishes, to having firm ass…do we really need to know that much about your sex life? We know you have had a lot of sex and you are a man now. Isn’t that enough?

Anyway, I don’t know if he switched stylists or not, but his sense of style lately has been ON FIRE. Like, most of the times I see his photos, I’m like, I want at least one of the things on his body to be on my body immediately. That sounds a little wrong, doesn’t it? 😀

Let’s see what he has been up to:

He wore this outfit at the beginning of June. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT UNRESERVEDLY. PERIOD. It is casual and comfortable yet super stylish. The yellow and black combination is pretty much perfect. The leather jacket is my dream. And the shoes (by Ann Demeulemeester) are my lovers. I have 5 pairs of yellow shoes!

I adore this suit as well. It is by Haider Ackermann, whose collections and personal sense of style I really enjoy. I need to do a post about Haider Ackermann’s style, you guys! The fit is obviously perfect here. The t-shirt underneath is refreshing. High fashion yet still manly. Full mark, Nick!

Nick, your leather jacket game is extremely strong. And hardly anything screams I have a shitload of money more than an enviable collection of leather jackets. That being said, I’m not particularly crazy about this Balmain for some reason. Maybe because of the color? Maybe because the color combo is not right that it takes away the beauty of the jacket? I need to think more!

Hmm…I’m skeptical about this. But I have figured out Nick’s style formula: only wear two colors. I’m sure the formula works under a lot of circumstances because not everyone can pull off several colors, but probably not under this one. It’s just a bit too much, don’t you think? And the cut of the pants make him look short.

I can’t find any photo showing this whole outfit he wore to the Jimmy Fallon show a couple of days ago, so we have to make do with the video instead. I’m not a fan of this outfit, either. I still hate these jeans, even though they are all the rage now. The brown leather jacket (by Balmain) is not my cup of tea, either. Call me crazy, but I personally think brown leather jackets is a tough sell; brown is not the color to make leather jackets. But I don’t think anyone cares for his outfit here, because what he is selling is sex, not clothes. 

Photos via The Fashionisto

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