It’s Sale O’clock


unnamedFor most people, summer means vacation. For me, however, summer only means sales.

Contrary to what you might think, I’m not crazily obsessed with sales that I’m willing to forgo vacations. I do take vacations, but it rarely happens during summertime. Reason #1 is summer vacation is not my family tradition. And I fervently believe that a bad trait you inherit from your family is next to impossible to shake off. Reason #2 is I don’t like to associate vacations with only summer. For some strange yet totally pertinent reason, that reads corporate jobs in my head. And you all know my ultimate goal is to take a permanent vacation from such type of jobs. And reason #3 is personally, I’m not big on going on vacations during summers because it’s just hot almost everywhere. I hail from a tropical country, so the last thing I need when I go somewhere else is more of the sweltering heat.

OK, that’s a long-winded way to say that I love scooping up summer sales 🙂 My inbox has been flooded with tantalizing sale offers for the last two weeks. But every time I receive one, I tear up inside. So many freaking sweet deals from every e-retailer yet so little Benjamin on hands. That’s the story of my life!

Before we officially dive in the bottomless hole that is summer sales, here is the marked-down price of drool-worthy shoes (on SSENSE) we have previously covered. The discount percent might not be as steep as you have hoped it’d be. But if there’s any pair you have been lusting so hard after, I’d say go right for it. Why? Because if you wait until it’s 50%-70% off, I promise it’s NOT going to be yours.

1. Burberry Prorsum Red Suede Shoes, now $340 down from $485.


2. Carven Green Canvas And Suede Low Top Sneakers, originally $410 now $287.

3. Ami Purple Suede And Multi Textile Low Top Sneakers, now $206 down from $295. 

4. Maison Martin Margiela Copper Glossy Vinyl High_top Sneakers, now $658 from a whooping $940.

5. Maison Martin Margiela Black Classic Satin Boots, $530 from $1060. (That’s 50% off if math is not your forte :P)

6. Sacai Black Brogue Detail Chukka Boots, 50% off too now at $250.

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  • Furriner

    You and me both. Last year I got Pradas for $150… so far no deals that good. The stuff in Barneys’ sale are either too high or not in my size. I’m eyeing a pair of Alexander McQueens which are stubbornly lingering at $500. I order two pairs of shoes off Barneys Warehouse, since they added an extra 40% off. I got a pair from the Saks sale (below), a pair from Neimans, and I’ve finally ordered something from Ssense! If some prices come down or my size comes back I’ll be getting more.

    • confuseddasher

      Always love hearing about your shoe stories. Furriner, you’re one shoe hunter 😀 Which McQueen shoes are you eyeing? I love the extra percent off like everyone else, but the thing is by the time they add that extra, my size is usually long gone. I have never tried Barneys Warehouse ’cause they don’t ship internationally. Saks & SSENSE are thus my life-savers. You should try SSENSE, their selection is more diverse. I got a crazy pair of neon orange Pierre Hardy sandals 50% off last season.

      Who made your boots? They look quite nice, loving the soles.

      • Furriner

        The shoes I got at Saks are actually Adidas partnered with Opening Ceremony. Saks still has them but maybe only in red. I liked them so much I ordered another Adidas x Opening Ceremony pair from Ssense /Users/Furriner/Desktop/opening-ceremony-x-adidas-originals-baseball-stan-smith-02.jpg The shoes I ordered from Barneys Warehouse are maybe kinda boring John Varvatos boots and boat shoes (next two photos). The Alexander McQueens I’m eyeing are Vacuum-Studded Bluchers. Not as spectacular as my last pair, I agree.

        • confuseddasher

          Furriner: gotta tell you you’re making me green with envy 🙁 How many pairs are you going to get this season??? And the 64 million dollar question is how many pairs do you own now? 😀

          Anyway, I actually love the John Varvatos boots. They are classic, beautiful and go well with almost everything. The McQueen pair is not as head-turning as the loafers for sure, but nice nevertheless. I’d go nuts if they were woven. And speaking of McQueens, did you test drive your woven stained glass pair? You still owe me a photo 😛

          I didn’t know that Adidas collaborated with OC. They have collaborated with so many big name designers that I actually lost track of who and who a long time ago. But last time I heard, they were working with Kayne. Insanity!

          • Furriner

            Hmmmm How many do I have??? Not as many as you’d think. I’ll have to count. How many will I buy? Depends on the discounts. I like that the studs are under the leather on the McQueens. I’m so sick of studded shoes.

            I was looking at Ssense this morning. There are a couple I wouldn’t mind having. There is this one pair of Jimmy Choos which are like $250. I was kind of disappointed with the Jimmy Choos I bought, though, and am hesitant about buying more. They were not as nice as you’d expect for a $1000 pair of shoes (I didn’t pay that much, naturally!). Whereas the woven McQueens were worth every penny (though I didn’t pay that for them, either).

          • confuseddasher

            Furriner: you take the words straight outta my mouth. Jimmy Choos for men has been such a flop. I actually wrote about it on the blog in the past if you’re interested. I’m not 100% sure about the quality, but the shoes don’t even look nice. The prices are ridiculously exorbitant.
            Nobody has ever paid for my shoes 🙁

          • Furriner

            I just read your article about Choo sneakers. I agree that thrones you post are not all that good-looking. The Choos I bought were not sneakers, though, but Persian shearling venetians. I was really excited about getting them, but, contrary to my expectations, they were not very comfortable. I thought the persian wool would be soft, but the shoes are really hard… almost like cardboard. I think they actually look the part, but ultimately don’t deliver what I expect in a shoe.

          • confuseddasher

            Ouch, that sucks Furriner. Those Persian Choos actually look quite alright so I can’t believe they’re uncomfortable to walk in. It’s such a strange thing because my female friends often praise Choos as their most comfortable.