Maison Martin Margiela Future Leather High-Top Sneakers: The pain of unrequited love

If you have ever experienced unrequited love, you know how painful it really is.

I have been in that shit-hole several times in my life. It takes superhuman willpower to get over, so if you’re going through one right now, I feel you. I can even share with you tips on how to deal with it if you want. Just shoot me an email.

Here’s the thing, though: While I know how to overcome unrequited love with another human being, I suck big time at handling one with shoes, especially Maison Martin Margiela shoes. My ineptitude has been well documented here and here on the blog.

On most days, I manage to put it on the back burner and carry on. But just when I thought to myself maybe it really is gone this time, I saw another pair that made me go back to square one. Case in point: these breath-taking, futuristic gold leather high-top sneakers. The sneakers’ form is not new, but the material used (metallic polyurethane) takes them to an entirely different level of dope-ness.

With them on your feet, the question of what to wear becomes irrelevant. I bet my life that even when you wear the best outfit of all, which is your beautiful naked skin, attention is still going to be on your feet rather than on your you-know-what-it-is. LOL.

Now while you go get this one-of-a-kind pair of MMM Future Leather High-Top Sneakers on Saks Fifth Avenue for $940, I’m going to google a rehab center for MMM shoes to commit myself because I can’t take this long-lasting unrequited love anymore.

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