AMI Multicolored Leather Trainers: Can we be friends for life?

If the number of views this post has received is any indication, quite a lot of you love AMI. If you’re indeed an AMI lover but weren’t quick enough to grab those handsome sneakers, then you’re in for a treat today.

AMI has been garnering presses left and right lately, first on the NYTimes and more recently on Businessweek. I’m not sure whether the name of the label (means “friend” in English) is intended as an emotional trigger or not, but even though I don’t know Alexandre Mattiussi personally and haven’t owned anything AMI yet, I’m feeling incredibly happy that they’re getting recognized. (I have made a vow to myself that next time I’m in Paris, I’ll be the proud owner of something AMI.)

If you look through their collections from the beginning, you’ll see that all the good presses are not paying lip service. Alexandre truly outshines himself season after season without ever losing the down-to-earth-ness in the way he designs clothes for men. Case in point: these exceptionally good-looking multicolored leather sneakers from SS14 collection. Alexandre certainly didn’t take the word multi-colored lightly here because as far as I can tell, there are 9 different colors on them. And in no way do they look absurd or ostentatious. 

Matchesfashion suggests us to pair these head-turning sneakers with blue slim-leg jeans and white long-sleeve henley T-shirt (perhaps to put all the spotlight on the shoes?)


which is a fine and safe approach, but why not making it a whole lot more fun like Alexandre did in the runaway? Believe it or not, I have printed most of the looks from this collection to hang in my room for inspiration. You can grab these AMI Multicoloured leather trainers on Matchesfashion for $266. Go get it boys!Images via and


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  • Furriner

    These are the only pair of AMIs I have…. I got them about two years ago. At the time I found them very colorful… ha ha. They seem so sombre now. I like the shoes I’ve seen him put out. I’m not as excited by clothes I’ve seen, but maybe I just haven’t seen enough. There are certain designers — Tommy Hilfiger comes to mind — they just seem like clothes I wore in elementary school! I have the same problem with AMI. I’m sure it’s just me.

    • confuseddasher

      Oh these boat shoes are good-looking, but they look sombre compared to the 9-color sneakers for sure, haha. AMI wasn’t as widely known two years ago as they’re now, so you’re one early bird 😉 There’s an old-school, grandaddy vibe about AMI clothes (said the designer or one of the articles I read) so that might explain why you feel that way.