Converse Striped Wool Sneakers: Très Cool


It’s been quite a long time since I last got fixated on a pair of Converse. It’s not because Converse sneakers are not high-end or fashionable. The reason is as I get older, I find them less and less age-appropriate. How in the world could I make it look as effortlessly cool as a 15-year old? Weird thinking, I know.

This particular pair, which is the beautiful output of a collaboration between Jack Purcell and the Converse team and Hudson Bay Company, is inarguably the coolest Converse I have seen in a long time. The team takes their cue from the Hudson’s Bay widely recognizable and luxurious multi stripe point blanket and give the sneakers a major luxe upgrade by using wool instead of the usual suspects like canvas or nubuck. The eye-catching multi-stripe pattern really is the cherry on top, multiplying the shoes’ coolness to the tenth power. Sneakers like these are a statement themselves, meaning you need to let them shine on their own by simplifying what you wear. A good pair of dark color jeans/chinos and a neutral color t-shirt are all needed.

Whether you’re a Converse lunatic or not, these Converse Striped Wool Sneakers are the perfect addition to your spring/summer shoe closet. The best thing about them? They don’t cost an arm and a leg. Available on Saks Fifth Avenue for $120. Happy buying!

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