REISS Chapman Oatmeal Lace Chukka Boots: The classic

I know I love me some high-end designer shoes. I know you love them too. That’s the reason we’re here–to indulge in our unhealthy obsession.

However, I have been thinking quite a lot about how I can be of better help to you, my shoe-obsessed readers. The truth of the matter is I and some of you (I assume) don’t have the financial wherewithal to splurge on expensive footwear unless we decide to eat air and drink water for a couple of months. So, how about we chit-chat from time to time about “real” shoes, otherwise known as shoes we can actually afford? When shoe-lovers land on the site for the first time, I don’t want them to have the false impression that we’re just a bunch of Carrie Bradshaw reincarnated. LOL.

So repeat after me: We’re a bunch of real human beings who love shoes at every price range as long as they’re good-looking and functional.

This pair of REISS chukka boots is that perfect example of good-looking, functional and more affordable shoes that we’d love to have on our shoe rack. Now, if you don’t know REISS, you need to brush up on your middle-market fashion knowledge immediately.

Chukka boots have gained mass popularity for the last couple of years (thanks to the hipsters?). Though I do have one or two pairs, I have to admit I’m still not a huge fan for the reason that they don’t look, for lack of a better word, elegant. (I bought mine for their beautiful colors, not because they’re chukka.) In my mind, chukka boots have that undesirable effect of making my feet appear square and chunky.

The perfect form of these REISS boots solves that problem by hugging your feet nicely.confused dasher, reiss chapman oatmeal lace chukka boots, the best leather chukka boots for men, how to wear chukka bootsIts oatmeal color is clean, masculine and easy to wear. You can style with bright color chinos like the model: Or you can wear with dark color jeans. On top of my head, just don’t wear yellow or red or pink pants. They will engulf the shoes.

So, if you’re in the market for a pair of chukka boots, you can stop looking now. This very fine pair of Reiss Chapman LACE CHUKKA BOOTS will happily be yours for $300. I already envision how many compliments you’re going to get, so you’re welcome. 

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