Under the Lanvin Spell

If you’re like me, you really like to look at things that are utterly out of your financial reach. Doing so feels terribly torturous; yet it simultaneously gives you a high that can hardly be explained to the common folks. And if you look at expensive stuff frequently (in this case, shoes), you have already noticed that Spring/Summer 2014 collections are trickling in.

However, we need to have a talk about the Lanvin suede tennis sneakers before we start talking about those seasonal shoes.

I should have said something about the Lanvin suede sneakers a long time ago. If runaway images on Style.com are of any indication, the earliest version came on the scene in 2006-2007. (But you’d have to excuse me because in 2007, yours truly was still using dial-up internet, which simply didn’t go hand in hand with Lanvin.) Alber Elbaz once said that in men’s fashion, he wanted to create “something chic, but not aggressive”. As far as I’m concerned, these suede low-top tennis sneakers communicate that extremely well. With a timeless and elegant shape, the sneakers are reproduced season after season in new colors (sometimes new materials as well) and thus have cultivated a fervent cult following among celebrities and the hashtag menswear community.

This spring, Lanvin has released the most striking and lust-worthy version to date. What win me over and separate this particular pair from the pack are the yellow rubber sole, which adds such an eye-catching detail to the taupe nubuck leather and dyed black calf-hair cap toe, which lends the shoes an ultra-luxe feel. Dressing becomes a no brainer because with the shoes on your feet, you will be plucked from the crowd in a minute no matter what you choose to wear.

Lanvin Grey Leather And Calf_hair Tennis Sneakers
are available on SSENSE for $620.
Actually, you know what? I’ll shut up immediately and hand the mic to the daddy we all secretly wish to haveWithout any doubt, he’s one devoted Lanvinite and owns at least two pairs in beige and brown. Daddy has given the green light, what else you waiting for? If you’re too obsessed with the pair Daddy is wearing in the photos, there’s hope. An almost identical grey beige pair (LANVIN Suede and Patent Leather Trainersis available on Farfetch for $461. 

Images via Google and SSENSE

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  • Furriner

    I’m a fan of Lanvin sneakers, myself. They’re kind of perfectly shaped. I’ve eyed a few but have yet to get a pair.

    • confuseddasher

      Furriner: Yes, they’re perfectly shaped. Beautiful without any flash. I think I’m gonna start saving for a pair because like I mentioned, they will be around for a long time to come.

  • Paula Brink

    That is a good looking man’s sneaker. All those photos of Beckham were pretty easy on the eyes too. Victoria is one lucky girl.