Marilyn Monroe said give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world…

The Confused Dasher would like to slighgly tweak that pearl of wisdom: “Give the common folks the bold sneakers we can conquer the world”. LOL.

There have been a lot of “firsts” in my life lately. First time having a puppy, first time backpacking on my own, first time visiting Spain & Portugal…

Oh and first time having a three-way three pairs of sneakers 🙂

I don’t know how it happened but it just happened. I have never owned that many pairs of sneakers in my entire life. I feel like I’m gradually turning into a sneakerhead. (I know you’re laughing because if 3 is already a sneakerhead, then a new word needs to be coined for one who has 30. But whatever.)

Not that I’m complaining because: #1. when it comes to any type of shoes, more is never a bad idea, and #2. even Chanel showed sneakers at its haute couture show in January, which is the ultimate verdict that sneakers are pretty much in at the moment. 

But have you ever felt that the direction you want to take in life is somewhat reflected in the type of shoes you buy?

OK, it sounds like a very lol-worthy question, but I’m quite serious. I mean, I was a couch potato for the better part of my life. I shit you not, the sight of sneakers filled me with trepidation because sneakers meant something heart rate-increasing was going to happen. I really had no clue about anything back then. Now that I have realized the need to live an active, healthy lifestyle, the affinity for comfortable and good-looking sneakers is hitting an all-time high.

So I’d like to share with you my most recent acquisitions. Sorry if my obsession with orange and yellow is putting you off. I swear on Chanel that it’s a very unconscious thing. Nike Free 4.0 V3 Running Shoes in Laser Orange (bought in Barcelona for 50 euros because my feet were swollen like balloons as a result of walking non-stop for 2 days in my favorite suede oxford)

Adidas with 3S Stripes (bought in Paris for 60 euros because the line at Centre Georges Pompidou was too long to handle. I wandered the streets trying to soak in as much Parisian vibe as possible before I had to leave the following day. Midway through the afternoon, I accidentally “soaked in” this pair at FootLocker store in the 4th arrondissement. I believe everything in life happens for a reason. The High and Mighty didn’t let me get into Pompidou because his plan was to make these kicks come into my life.)

menswear trend statement shoes, best sneakers and shoes for everyday workout, confused dasher, nike flyknit unisex racer running shoeLast but not least, these are not new, but fairly recent so still merit another mention. Nike Flyknit Trainer bought in Texas out of pure necessity. because my $25 trusty Nike’s gave up. Since then, I have been running exclusively in these. And let me tell you, they feel as good as being barefoot.

Those are currently my favorites. I might have to add 3 more if push comes to shove in the future.

Now, your turn. How many pairs of sneakers do you have? And what is your favorite pair? Tell me, tell me, tell me below!!!

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  • Furriner

    I’m a big fan of Palladiums. You can get them very cheap and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I have at least 12 pairs, including two pairs of boots. Do Palladiums count as sneakers?

    I also like Pumas. Again, they are comfortable, and I like their sense of design. I have 6 pairs of Pumas. My favorite pair are Hussein Chalayan Glide II Mid. Very comfortable and nice design and materials.

    I recently had a dilemma, though. I have a pair of Adidas, which I like very much. I bought a pair of Converse, though, which I felt kind of redundant.

    My favorite sneakers, though, are these yellow PVC Vivienne Westwoods.

    These Pradas are also nice. They were made in Vietnam, as a lot of sneakers seem to be.

    • confuseddasher

      Wow, 22 pairs of sneakers? You’re seriously one sneakerhead, furriner 😀 Your sneaker collection alone is already more than my entire shoe collection, LOL.

      Nowadays, a lot of sneakers are made in Vietnam, which is fine because the quality is good but Prada made in Vietnam? I have never heard of that. Wouldn’t that make people hesitate to buy them?

      Those yellow PVC Vivienne Westwoods are very nice, indeed and look quite airy 🙂 And I have the exact same dilemma. The pair of Adidas above and another pair of Converse which is pretty special but I rarely wear. Sometimes, I really want to sell all the shoes I wear less than twice per year, but I just couldn’t bring myself to list them online 🙁

      I don’t know much about Palladiums, though. Are they strictly catered to the US market?

      • Furriner

        I got my first pair of Palladiums back in the ’90s. For a while they were impossible to find in the US (it’s a French company). Last year I just bought a lot, since they were on sale (between $16 – $30 or so). I find them the best shoes to walk in, and I’ve been wanting to walk more. I am not so nuts about their recent styles, so I don’t think I will be getting any more in the near future.

        When I bought the Pradas, I think the Barneys site said they were made in Italy, which, you’d think! When I got them, though, it was stamped, on the tongue, “Made in Vietnam”. I agree…. you get Pradas you want them made in Italy! They’re still nice shoes, though.

        In the winter here, I mostly wear Crocs because they keep my feet warm and dry… I bought two pairs of Palladium boots, but in the morning, groggy and getting ready to go to work, I usually wore the Crocs. Boots were just too much work to get on! LOL. Most of my shoes I wear when it’s warmer. I have a long commute to work, so won’t wear some of them if it’s raining… so I figure they’ll last a long time.

        • confuseddasher

          Oh I have definitely seen those Palladium. Are those boots what you bought because they look quite nice and sturdy?

          I think most people’s designer shoes will last a long time not simply because they are of super duper high quality but more b/c people don’t wear them too often, lol.

          • Furriner

            Yeah I bought those and another pair which are different. The ones in the picture are nice…. wool flannel on the outside and lined with leather… The other pair are below. Unfortunately they are not quite so blue.

            I look at designer shoes and see pictures of the soles and heels and get all nervous about having to repair them. lol. I think it is probably best not to wear some of them on the street and just carry them to an event or something. My problem is not a whole lot of formal events to attend!

          • confuseddasher

            Furriner: That’s my problem too, lol. By the way, I would love to see your McQueens in action. Between you and me, gotta tell you that I still love them so much that I have to revisit the post and look at them every now and then. Crazy!

          • Furriner

            OK… once the weather dies down here. We’re expecting more than a half a foot of snow tonight! I think after that it’s supposed to warm up. I also have to figure out what to wear them with! I love looking at them, too!