Hello, I’m Pharrell. And I can wear whatever the fuck I want!

Last night was the first time I watched the Oscars live from the beginning to the end.

Ever since I was young (and by that, I mean had internet access. LOL. That’s the damn truth, not the beginning of an acceptance speech), I have kept a close watch on the Oscars. First to see the visual feast that is red-carpet fashion. And then to see dreams come true. Always in that particular order. I know I’m a flawed human being for putting fashion above cinema, the true art form. Sorry!

Anyways, Oscars red-carpet fashion has always been and will always be more about haute couture dresses than black tuxedos. As dashing and handsome as actors look, men fashion at the Oscars is literally the most boring thing. EVER. Same old same old year after year.

But boring is certainly not the apt description for last night all courtesy of Pharrell who paired his tailored-to-perfection Lanvin tuxedo with knee-high shorts and thus showed more legs than most female counterparts did. (Jared Leto in Saint Laurent was pretty amazing, too. And in case you missed it, stop doing what you’re doing and go watch his acceptance speech on YouTube immediately.)

I don’t care if the internet is fighting tooth and nail whether that is the ultimate fashion faux pas or not because I FREAKING LOVE IT.

Now, there is nothing revolutionary about wearing a tailored blazer with shorts. I mean, we have seen it over and over again on our perennially favorite Nick Wooster.

But shorts with tuxedo blazers on the Oscars red-carpet where you are expected to be fully clad in classic, most well-fitted tuxedos? That is pioneering and fashionable and cool and comfortable. Just major, plain and simple.

Now, 2 lessons from this look:

#1: Don’t ever try this unless your balls are as big as those of Pharrell. Figuratively, that goes without saying. LOL. 

#2: If your balls really are big and you decide to go for it, two things: A. make sure your legs are good-looking, meaning that they’re proportional to your body. Chicken legs, cellulite-riddled legs, elephant legs…get the f@#k out, B. make sure your blazer and your shorts fit snugly. And the length of the shorts must be slightly above-the-knee. 

That’s all.

P/S: In case you’re wondering, the sick red-sequined sneakers he wore when performing are Adidas custom-made. In other words, they are not available for the common folks like us.

Image Source: InStyle.com

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