IT’S OFFICIAL: The Confused Dasher is now a proud father

Let me introduce you to my new little bundle of joy named Bun.

He is the reason why I have been absent from blogging for more than two weeks. Despite all the hard and dirty work, the sight of him jumping up and down uncontrollably when I get home everyday and then lying down waiting for me to scratch his furry back makes it all extremely worthwhile.Ā 

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  • Paula Brink

    Congratulations on your fur baby! He is really adorable and will bring you lots of joy.

    • confuseddasher

      Thanks Paula. Welcome to the blog šŸ™‚

      He’s really cute. But he has been sick for the past few days, and since this is my first time having a puppy, I’m quite worried šŸ™

      • Paula Brink

        Oh dear, in what way is he not feeling well? Have you taken him to the vet?
        I have a fur baby too, a pug called Brutus. He is an old man of 12 now, but I know how upsetting it is when they don’t feel well.
        I hope Mr.Bun will feel well soon!

        • confuseddasher

          Oh so you understand my feelings perfectly šŸ™ First, congrats to you and Brutus. 12 years old, that’s an enviable achievement. I wish him (or her?) many, many more years.

          Now onto Mr. Bun. A week ago, he slipped out of my hands and hurt one of his legs. I took him to the vet immediately, and it seemed like he just sprained or fractured his bone. Not broken. He’s still able to walk. The vet has been giving him anti-inflammatory and calcium shots for for 6 days. She also suggested that I put a tiny, tiny bit of salt in his water because dogs will like that and drink more, which is good.

          But I have observed him to be much more lethargic ever since. And he’s displayed what I think to be excessive thirst. Constantly need to drink and pee constantly. I did some research today and learned about sodium ion poisoning. He def has some of the symptoms such as excessive thirst, urination, lethargy etc. But then there are many other illnesses that cause similar symptoms, so I have no idea if it’s due to the shots or the salt or the legs or if there’s something else.

          I took him to the vet again today and she said he’s still eating well, drinking and peeing, sleeping, and not pooping blood etc so just wait for two more days and see what’ll happen.

          Does Brutus happen to have gone through something like that?

          • Paula Brink

            No, he has had his own issues though. Pugs have all sorts of problems with their eyes and their breathing (due to their pushed in noses). So he has had an operation to stop his eyelashes poking his eyes and causing problems ( a doggie eye lift!!), plus last year he got a tumour behind one eye and had to have the eye removed so now he’s our one-eyed pirate! We call him the million dollar dog.
            It sounds like you are doing everything you can for Mr.Bun and that the vet is on top of it. Perhaps the anti inflammatory meds are making him feel a bit sick and sleepy? I would keep an eye on him and follow the vet’s advice.
            Good luck and get well soon Mr. Bun!!

          • confuseddasher

            Thanks Paula!
            Brutus is quite a trooper. Hat off to you and him šŸ™‚