All we want for Christmas is…shoes (Part 3)

I get it. We all are being happily trapped in the sales season, and every passing day retailers will shove as many deals in our faces as possible. But a pair of Juun J drop-dead gorgeous burgundy leather boots down to a mere $294 from the original whooping $980? Can somebody explain to me what the fuck is going on? The unbelievably hefty discount itself totally caught me off guard, but then I started questioning why because these boots certainly do NOT look like the seasonal type that has to be cleared out at the end of the season. On the contrary, they possess all the ingredients of a timeless investment piece that will remain relevant be it next year or ten years after. Burgundy is not black or brown, but when it comes to leather brogue boots it is not just equally classic but also a refreshing alternative to your beat up black and brown pairs.

I am sorry if I inform you of this sweet deal too late because the only two sizes left are 42 and 43. If that is your shoe size, then run as fast as possible to SSENSE and check out Juun.j Burgundy Leather Lace_up Brogue Boots since insane deals like this do not last long. They are without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, finds of this season. 

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