Del Toro Camo Suede Captoe Slippers: Too much flash?

del-toro-green-camo-camo-suede-captoe-slippers-product-1-12340543-793445196_large_flexIs it just me or these Del Toro Camo Suede Captoe slippers are rather strange-looking to say the least? I am not posing the question from a place of sarcasm or hatred because I am pretty obsessed with camouflage print and Del Toro happens to make some very fantastic camouflage slippers, not to mention other whimsical prints. In fact, I do own a pair of Del Toro camouflage slippers myself, and let me tell you that they are just ridiculously comfortable to walk in. These camo suede slippers would be perfectly fine by me if the red patent leather captoe were NOT present. For me personally, given the bright shade of camo print, the flashy red really ruins it for me. But if it does not bother you one bit, then go ahead and get yourself these Camo Suede Captoe Slippers on Saks Fifth Avenue for $245, down from the original $350. del toro camo suede captoe slippers saks fifth avenue, confused dasher, a review of del toro camp slippers for men

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