It’s only Tuesday, and we all need some funny pick-me-up shits

If there is one lesson knee injury has taught me, it is I literally can NOT live without my laptop, which gives me access to YouTube. Yeah, you heard me correctly. The laptop truly is essential to my survival, not clothes, designer shoes and whatnot. As I was advised against walking too much let alone working out, I have been pretty much a couch potato for the past two weeks. Now that I’m completely done with Breaking Bad (again, THE BEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME. YOU NEED TO WATCH ASAP) and online shopping is out of the question, I have been snooping around YouTube a lot. I unearthed a few solid (old and new) gems yesterday. During the holiday season, I always feel responsible for spreading as much laughter as humanely possible, so below are some Saturday Night Live shits that I guarantee will make you laugh your ass off. To repeat what Sharon Stone said, I hope you will get a lot of pleasures out of it. I know I did…LOL. 

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