Will you hold it against me?

You all bear witness to the vow I have publicly made a couple of times here on the blog that there is no more retail therapy for me until at least spring 2014. The reasons for my abstinence are as follows:

1. Organizing my own closet made me nauseated

2. I have to do more of this to enrich my soul

Essentially, what I have been doing and will be doing until God-know-when is shopping my own closet. I have been doing pretty good so far…

Until several days ago when I brought home what you are looking at.

In all honesty, I was guilt-stricken in the beginning because I felt like I had put on the purity ring only to break the vow and fornicate the first chance I got. Fortunately, conscience lost its manipulative power with each passing day, and I have arrived at a much better place now. It has finally dawned on me that I really, really NEED a new pair of workout shoe because my trusty Nike, which I bought on the sales rack in early 2012 for a mere $25 and have been abusing the hell out of for the past two years inside and outside the gym, has sort of given up on me. But to commemorate what we shared for the past two years, I will still use it for some mild walking and errand running.

Now, let’s talk about the second pair of Nike I have ever owned in my entire life. Unlike the populace, I grew up not being a big fan of Nike because back in the day, Nike’s shoes didn’t come close to what I would personally deem aesthetically pleasant. My aversion towards Nike’s shoes, however, mostly had to do with the fact that I was the least athletic kid on the block back then. When running, hiking, playing basketball or weight training were not in the cards, what was I supposed to do with such clunky objects? Considering where I am right now in my life,  such a shocker right? From a functional standpoint, it was not really until two years ago when I turned into one of those full-fledged gym lunatics that I was truly awaken to the wonders of Nike. If the story ended here , how dull would it be? Nike makes extremely functional shoes, that discovery is as old as the hills. What is new and relevant to what we frequently dissect here is the ever-increasing ubiquity of Nike’s shoes in the last couple of years as substantiated by the amount of coverage they have garnered on every street-style blog under the sun. On the feet of editors, designers, models, bloggers and street-style rockstars, we have seen it all.I am sure much has been said about this phenomenon of how Nike has managed to convert those fashion-obsessed souls. Today, I just want to offer my (purely subjective) two cents (no association with Nike whatsoever) based on my newest acquisition, which is part of the highly acclaimed, innovative Flyknit family that boasts unparalleled support and stability. (For your information, here is what Nike says about Flyknit technology: Nike Flyknit technology was inspired by feedback from runners craving a shoe with the snug (and virtually unnoticed) fit of a sock. Nike embarked on a four-year mission with teams of programmers, engineers and designers to create the technology needed to make the knit upper with static properties for structure and durability. Then the precise placement of support, flexibility and breathability-all in one layer-was refined. The result is a featherweight, form-fitting and virtually.) True to what is touted in the description, my pair (as well as all other Flyknit shoes, I believe) is as light as feather. I could live in it all day long if my job didn’t require me to wear dress shoes. The upper knit renders the shoe airy, which for me is literally life-saving as I tend to sweat profusely when I run. And the yellow and orange mix is certainly the cherry on top. Besides ever-evolving technology, Nike seems to be pushing the color palette even harder. Something I am NOT complaining about. best sneakers and shoes for everyday workout, confused dasher, nike flyknit unisex racer running shoeThe 64 million dollar question I want you to answer me now is: Did I renege on my vow or I simply did what I had to do? If the former, do you judge me? 

If you and I share similar taste, you can buy it here for $150.

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  • kayben

    may i know the model of these shoes ?

    • confuseddasher

      They’re Nike Flyknit Racers. Still available on Nike website, but not in this color, as I bought them in 2013. Hope it helps!