November was a sonofabitch

I’m well aware that I have been quite remiss in blogging this month. It’s neither because I’m sick of blogging or I love my readers no more nor because I have been busy with my day job. In fact, I had a lot of things in the pipeline for you, but the truth of the matter is this year, November was really shitty. Health-wise.

– Right from the beginning of the month, I had to stay overnight in the hospital because my fucking bitchy gallbladder acted out. I was discharged the following day with two weeks worth of prescription drugs, which were supposed to alleviate the anti-inflammatory symptoms. Either the drugs were crap or my body was crap but they made me lethargic all day long, especially in the evening.

– The second week, I went back to the hospital for a quick check-up with another doctor and was given a different dosage. While the medicine didn’t make my head spin all day long, it gave me the constipation of a lifetime. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that I lived in hell for 4 days straight. Banana, prune juice, papaya, and over-the-counter medicine only help when the problem is due to you not eating enough fibre. In my case, the medicine messed up my digestive system big time. On the fifth day, I ended up in the hospital again after spending the previous 24 hours crying my eyes out in the bathroom because of the pain. Hands down the most grotesque hospital visit of my entire life. I hope no one has to go through what I went through. Seriously.

– Then, just two days before my birthday, two barely 20-year old assholes almost crashed into me on the street. In the attempt to avoid falling off my bike, I twisted my knees. Another short visit to the hospital AGAIN for some x-ray and herbal stuff to heal the inside of my knees. Walking has been limited to the minimum to quicken the healing process. To put it another way, I have been sitting on my ass for the past few days.

– The only bright spot of November has been me bingeing on Breaking Bad, which is the byproduct of me sitting on my couch when I get home. Let me tell you this: Breaking Bad is the dopest TV show of all time. Of all time! I have watched some of the purportedly best shows in the television history, but none can hold the candle next to BB. Plot and acting are so top-notch. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. Full stop. 

There you have it, my life in November in a nutshell. On top of that was the daily 9 to 5 grind. I realized if I had tried a bit harder, I could have whipped up a lot more posts, but what would be the joy of that? I wanted to hold off until I felt truly better because we all could sniff out miles and miles away when content is written in a half-assed manner, right? The good news is I’m getting better each day, so regular programming will resume shortly.

For now, friends or foes: enjoy the last bit of November. And be thankful for the good health you have (because if you’re reading this, chances are you’re in a pretty good shape ;))

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