Newly Minted

A little over two months ago, I went on a much-deserved rant about the barbaric behaviors of the airport tax people in my country. What happened was I had to shell out an obscene amount of Customs duty, the total of which could have easily bought me two more pairs, for the two pairs of pants I ordered from Closed in Germany. Returning the goods wasn’t an option because the postage would cost more than the order total value. I was beyond mad and bitter about the whole situation, as you can imagine.

Money woes aside, I was relieved that they arrived intact and fitted wonderfully in terms of waist and length. However, I admittedly had a lot of qualms about the mint pair. While the fabric is soft and stretchy and thus amazingly comfy to wear, its color and slightly-too-skinny-for-my-taste fit gave rise to two thorny problems. #1: Would my legs be okay with it? I work my legs hard day in day out, and while they have been substantially more toned than they used to be, they are nowhere near ones that are made for skinny jeans. #2: How would it fit in with the rest of my wardrobe? I know I should have asked myself this question even before I added the item to the shopping cart, but it simply looked so damn good on the website and came with such a hefty discount to boot that I lost all my senses. I could bury it deep within the depths of my own closet like I usually do to things that I have misgivings about wearing, but given how much I had to pay for it, that would be an atrocious fashion crime. So, I pulled it out today for a little fun fashion experiment. Below is what went down.

#1: “When in doubt, start with black and white” is exactly what I’m doing. Pastel colors like mint are quite pleasing to the eyes, but aren’t the easiest to mix. I decide to play it safe here with two winter staples, black and white and add an extra twist with a v-neck sweater in a color that seems to be the darker hue of oatmeal. A pair of Paul Smith brogues in a similar hue finishes the look. The black overcoat does me the unexpected favor of covering my bulky thighs; however, since it’s only a temporary fix, I fix my physical shortcoming right then and there by squatting like nobody’s business as illustrated in the photo above. I know you have been wondering all along what the fuck I’m doing in the gif. LOL. I’m wearing Uniqlo Dobby Long Sleeve Dress Shirt, Club Monaco Merino V-neck Sweater, Custom-made Overcoat, Closed Soft Mint Jasper Denim & Paul Smith Brown Suede Miller Wingtip Brogues.uniqlo white oxford long sleeve shirt,  club monaco v-neck merino wool sweater, men wearing pastel colors, Closed Soft Mint Denim Jasper, the color that goes well with mint green, confused dasher, mint green jeans for men, how men wear mint colored pants, Paul Smith Dip-Dyed Suede Miller Wingtip Brogues#2: We all shouldn’t have any problem with wearing bright color during the dark days of winter, but I do have to concede that solid mint or any other pastel color for that matter is a tad more spring-appropriate. Since it actually feels like spring during the day in where I live, I opt for a look that wouldn’t make me sweat my ass off, which comprises of Gap Essential Crewneck T-Shirt, Closed Soft Mint Jasper Denim, Muji Ryohin Beige Linen Blazer and Paul Smith AW12 Otter Black Leather Chelsea Boots (with Orange Sole). I got this light beige linen blazer at Muji store in Le Marais, Paris. Teaming two pastel colors is a risky but rewarding business if done right, so here I enlist the aid of black to avoid the washed-out effect of pastel on pastel and subsequently accent their light nature. Closed Soft Mint Denim Jasper, the color that goes well with mint green, confused dasher, mint green jeans for men, how men wear mint colored pants, men wearing pastel colors, Paul Smith AW12 Otter Black Leather Chelsea Boots (with Orange Sole), Muji linen blazer for menWhat do you think about the ways I wear my mint green pants? If you don’t own a pair yet, I challenge you to go grab one. If you already have one, I challenge you to pull it out and wear it in a completely new way. OK, one more question before I let you go: did you like this post? I sure did, so if your answer is yes, feel free to share it on your Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below. I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Plus, if there is any item you’d like to be “solved”, let me know. We’re in this together, k?

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