Gucci Rubber Horsebit Loafers: Rain? Don’t care

Born more than 60 years ago yet remaining relevant until this very day, the Gucci horsebit loafer has attained an iconic status in its own right. If we put all loafers in the market that are free of tacky, emblazoned logos on the same rack, I bet my life the horsebit will be the most recognizable. It truly is one of the few high-end designer shoes that you don’t have to think twice about wearing in your corporate office or your best friend’s wedding or even a party in the Meatpacking district. The legendary slip-on is reproduced every season in new materials and colors and thus never stops being in style. However, many of us are lured away by its price often in the neighborhood of at least $500 per pair. So, I’m incredibly excited to break the news to you that Gucci is officially luring all of us back with a new version made of rubber that only costs half of what it usually does. The shoe comes in two stunning colors of blue with white sole and beige with red sole, both of which I’m being unhealthily obsessed with. The waterproof capability is certainly icing on the cake because we will stay stylish even when it’s rainy and wet and gloomy. So, tell me really: with all that good stuff at just $265, what else do you need? Run (not walk) to SAKS FIFTH AVENUE to PRE-order Rubber Horsebit Loafers now. 

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