Mellow Yellow

Sometimes, I look back on my time in the States and cringe so badly at the dozen bad choices that I made. Why the hell did I pour creamy French dressing all over my salad and still believe what I was about to put in my mouth was the healthiest, not to mention that I even dared to throw the guy next to me who was devouring a big slice of pizza a dirty look? Why did I have absolutely no exercising whatsoever ? I shit you not, I couldn’t do a single pushup back then. Why didn’t I have the balls to express myself more freely despite the fact that I was living in New York, the most accepting place in the whole wide world? The list goes on and on. It’s quite baffling how only after I moved back to my non-accepting fatherland have I started to turn my belief system upside down and truly feel the need to exert my individuality. I’m not sure how that growing-up process goes for everyone, but for me it usually causes a big mess before any positive change comes about. It’s especially true when it comes to my fashion.

For a long time, I was extremely terrified of colors. I adhered to black, grey, navy and all other monochromatic colors for fear of standing out in the crowd and thus being ridiculed. However, I have slowly come to a realization thanks to the wonderfully suffocating environment here that fitting in comes at the expense of everything that makes me or you unique. So, I began to tiptoe out of my sartorial comfort zone and brought home a pair of colored pants that I had never ever worn in my entire life or never thought I would actually wear one day. One thing led to another, and before I knew it my wardrobe now has some of the most daring colors in the menswear trajectory such as mint, pink, teal and yellow, to name just a few. Despite the rosy picture that those colors paint, the reality is I get even more looks and head shakes than I already do on a daily basis whenever I step outside. The old me would be horribly self-conscious, but the new me…not so much.

On to my first ever pair of yellow chinos: I bought it from REISS back in the middle of summer for an unbelievable 40-something dollars. Let’s face it: this is NOT the color that you get to see especially on guys everyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s unwearable. On the contrary, it’s highly wearable if you choose to exercise your creativity muscle a bit. Rest assured, I’m speaking from my own personal experience, documented below.

#1: Let’s get off on the right foot by pairing the chinos with the three items that I’m 100%, absolutely, positively certain you have in your wardrobe: a white oxford shirt, a black overcoat and black shoes. Before putting everything on, I was skeptical whether the color combo would scream I’m- a- bee (in the lateral sense of the phrase, not Black Eyed Peas’ I’m a bee, OK?) from afar, but it’s turned out to be better than what I imagined and become the default way for me since. (Uniqlo White Oxford Shirt, Custom-made Coat, Dior Homme Suede Loafer and Ray-Ban Wayfarer.)Colorful pants for men, Reiss Yellow Chinos, How to wear yellow pants men, confused dasher, COS knitwear, black yellow white color combination, the colors that go best with yellow#2: If you thought I already exhausted all the options after showing you 7 different ways to wear your denim shirt, you definitely thought it wrong because below I’m presenting you the 8th. This is the casual and take-no-effort kind of look for brunches with friends or a walk in the park with your lover. (Wearing my perennial favorite Abercrombie denim shirt, COS contrast sweatshirt, Dior Homme Suede, oh and Warby Parker Glasses.)Colorful pants for men, Reiss Yellow Chinos, How to wear yellow pants men, confused dasher, COS knitwear, how to wear denim shirt, the colors that go best with yellow, COS #3: I understand that what I do completely defeats the purpose of double-breasted blazers, but I prefer to leave mine 100% unbuttoned. Which lends the outfit a less stiff and more effortless vibe, I think. We all know that midnight blue and yellow go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And with an arm candy in the form of Ted Baker holder, I felt inexplicably editor-y going to fashion weeks. HAHA. (REISS Double-Breasted Blazer, All Saints Alpine Crew Pullover, Ted Baker Color Envelope Tablet Case, The Generic Man Wingman Wingtips, and Warby Parker glasses.)Colorful pants for men, Reiss Yellow Chinos, How to wear yellow pants men, confused dasher, COS knitwear, how to wear denim shirt, the colors that go best with yellow, REISS double-breast blazer, Ted Baker Color Envelope Tablet#5: This is my tribute look to all fashionistas who are defying the norms every day. Of all the ensembles that I have ever put together since the day I came out of you-know-what-it-is, this is hands-down the brightest and boldest. I don’t wear this everyday because I have an office job, but every now and then I do love stirring things up. (COS Teal Knitwear, Lacoste Seersucker Striped Slip-on and obviously Warby Parker glasses.)

Colorful pants for men, Reiss Yellow Chinos, How to wear yellow pants men, confused dasher, COS knitwear for men, color block men.There you have it: The Confused Dasher’s guide on how to wear the fuck out of your yellow chinos. If you don’t own a pair yet, I challenge you to go grab one and start wearing it. If you already have one, I challenge you to pull it out and think of a new way to wear it. OK, one more question before I let you go: did you like this post? I sure did, so if your answer is yes, feel free to share it on your Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below. I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Plus, if there is any item you’d like to be “solved”, let me know. We’re in this together, k? 

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