Mark McNairy Burgundy Leather Blue Soled Wingtip Brogues: The year-round brogues

confused dasher, best wingtip brogues for men in 2013, MARK MCNAIRY BURGUNDY LEATHER BLUE-SOLED WINGTIP BROGUESWhile I tend to err on the side of minimalism when it comes to what I usually wear, my approach to what I put on my feet is hardly the same. I did go through a phrase when I didn’t have the gut to buy shoes that lie outside the black, navy and grey wheelhouse. Blame it on the inferior complexity or fear of being bullied. These days, though, I only bring home shoes that meet the two criteria: long-lasting and head-turning. Luckily, shoe designers know that folks like me and you exist and so put a lot of efforts into making the old feel contemporary and interesting. Wingtip brogues have been around for centuries, and thus can feel a bit stale unless done right. Thanks to the magic hands of Mark McNairy (your man Nick Wooster’s favorite shoe designer, by the way), brogues are looking as appealing and youthful as ever. I’m swooning extremely hard (and so should you!) over these low-top brogues in a very eye-catching burgundy, blue and tan combination. Who could have thought that these three colors are so coordinated? And in case it’s not catching your eyes, the two-tone lace-up closure adds some whimsical details to the shoes while the rubber sole ensures that they are comfortable to walk in. Here’s my promise to you, Mark Mcnairy Burgundy Leather Blue_soled Wingtip Brogues: If you were to be mine, I’d do you all year-along. Available on SSENSE for $495. 32423M049003_5_1

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