The Confused Dasher has been a busy bee

Apologies to all dashionistos for having been a bit MIA this week. The good news is I started my new job last week. This week, I literally ran around like a chicken missing his head to put all the finishing touches to the event we were organizing. It was done and over with and successful, so I can finally breathe now and regular posting schedule officially resumes. Back in August, I talked about my decision to leave my well-paying (by third world’s standards) job to look for something related to fashion. I knew it’d be tough given the virtually non-existent fashion scene in this stagnant city, but it turned out to be much tougher than I had imagined. I went to interview for the lowest-paying fashion-related jobs, but nobody took me seriously because they weren’t able to wrap their heads around the fact that I was willing to throw my western education and experience out of the door and settle for what they offered. Sad, isn’t it? My savings started to evaporate and as I needed to put food into my mouth, I decided to look for a job that I’d feel alright doing for now. Fortunately, I found one. While it’s neither ideal nor remotely related to what I’d like to do in the future, it’s much better than all the things I did previously. And most importantly, I was able to keep my promise of not going back to finance and research. Do you know what they call this type of job in the real world? A BJ it’s.

Oh one more thing, I really, really need your help here. I’ll have two weeks vacation at the end of January and beginning of February next year. Initially, I planned to go to Burma because I thought I’d have just one week off. Two weeks in Burma would be a tad too much for me, so I then set my eyes on Japan which requires Vietnamese citizens to apply for a visa. But apparently, Japan isn’t familiar with the notion of traveling on your own because they demand us to obtain some kind of invitation from family, relatives or friends who reside in the country. (I don’t blame them though because our stupid people have a history of coming and never leaving.) I don’t know anyone in Japan, so Japan looks out of question for the time being. Where should I go now? I want to go back to the US, or France, or Sweden but the costs are too high. Which place in Europe is more wallet-friendly? How about Spain and Portugal? Tell me tell me tell me. Thank you and love you. 

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