Video of the Week #9: Rick Owens SS14 Show

If you haven’t seen Rick Owens SS14 Womenswear show last month in Paris, you must stop doing what you’re doing right now and click the play button in the YouTube video above. It’s a womenswear show so it might come off as irrelevant to everything we have been discussing so far, but the truth of the matter is it can’t get any more relevant than that.

(Alright, I’m waiting right here while you’re watching. Don’t cheat.)

Now, you tell me: how many shows in the history of fashion do you know that can really hold a candle next to the one you just watched? One? Or two? Or zero? It’s only a rhetorical question because the answer is simply zero. Kudos to Rick Owens for making a fashion show for the first time ever and ever not about beautiful clothes. The show was a full-blown statement about keeping it real and celebrating diversity and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, it was utterly fun watching people dance. We’re in dire need of this kind of good stuff.

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