Tod’s Laccetto: Goodbye seasonal affective disorder

Colorful Tod's Laccetto, Laccetto Lassant Pebbled Leather Drivers Orange, Yellow Laccetto Suede Gommini Drivers Tod's,Summer is officially over. Spring, the best time of the year, isn’t rolling around any time soon. Between now and spring are fleeting fall and a brutal winter which I bet my life on is going to make many of us pretty screwed up mood-wise. It’s a well-documented disorder with symptoms such as crankiness and lethargy, constant craving for carbs (this is a deal-breaker for me) and also according to Wikipedia, “a decreased sex drive”. I’m sure we all have experienced the above first-hand at some point or another. The frigidity along with the whole short days/long nights issue is mostly to blame; however, I fervently believe that part of it is self-inflicted by the way we dress during winter. You know the drill: piling on black and black and black and maybe a sprinkle of grey or navy. Those colors are fashionable yet very depressing. Fortunately, the Laccetto line from Tod’s comes to our rescue. This fall/winter, Tod’s has given the traditional suede slip-on a playful (and much-needed) update. The Laccetto driver now comes in some of the boldest colors in the men’s shoes world such as yellow, cherry, orange and sage green. So if you still insist on covering your body with black or any super dark color for that matter (and that’s only because dark colors are your favorites. Don’t ever do it because everyone around you does it. It’s the cheapest ticket to the land of boring), all you need to do to keep winter blues at bay is to sport a pair of Tod’s Laccetto and have an occasional gander at your feet. They’ll lift you up emotionally, I promise. Available on Saks Fifth Avenue for $445 or $495.

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  • Paula Brink

    Those are great. I am a bit of a Todaholic, owning several pairs of loafers, a pair of heels, a great pair of brown suede ankle boots and a couple of pairs of driving moccasins.

    • confuseddasher

      Wow, you’re one hell of a Todaholic 🙂 I used to find Tod’s a bit stiff and geared more towards business people, but their designs lately have really changed my mind. More contemporary but still elegant and amazing quality. Their driving moccasins are so preppy chic, aren’t they? 😀