Jimmy Choo Sneakers: Who you looking for?

confused dasher, men shoes review, Camo Pony High-Top Sneakers, Spencer Studded High-Top Sneakers, Walcott High-Top Sneakers, Jimmy Choo Brush Off Leather High-Top SneakersIn the realm of women’s shoes, Jimmy Choo has successfully secured a holy grail status. What Jimmy Choo to women is like Kate Moss to modeling: iconic in every sense of the word. Thus, more than two years ago when the brand announced their foray into the men’s shoes territory, it was tough for me to contain my excitement. I constantly need drugs to feed my addiction, alright? Plus, I was very curious about the Choo guy. According to Voguepedia, “the Choo girl has come to be known as social, slender, stilettoed, and of course, young.” Would the Choo guy be social, lean, fit, well-heeled, and young? Fast forward to 2013, the question remains unanswered especially judging by those sneakers. While I have no doubt whatsoever about their comfort factor and quality, I’m completely baffled by the designs. Who is their target audience? Dapper guys? I’m not one myself, but I can answer on behalf of them. And the answer is hell to the no. Highly fashion-conscious guys? Not very likely because the sneakers don’t look fashionable at all. Logo maniacs? Sorry but unless you kind of shove the name tag inside the shoes in our face, no one will know you’re sporting Jimmy Choo. We don’t have all the time in the world to play this guessing game, so I’m just going to lay it bare right here. These sneakers look as if they were designed specifically for kids in the 90s who tried really hard to gain attention and followers. Hopefully, they have turned over a leaf and worked their asses off to amass great fortunes because those Choos sell in the neighborhood of $1,000 each with taxes added on. Now it’s your turn: what do you think about JC sneakers? Likes or yikes? Tell me!

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