Look du Jour #12: I Found Love

how to wear white pants, menswear, how to wear teal color men, cos le marais, confused dasher, look du jourOn me: COS Cotton Knit Top, COS White Chinos, Paul Smith Taupe Dip Dyed Suede Miller Brogues and Warby Parker Glasses.

Material love that is. If you expected something juicy from the title, I’m very sorry to have let you down. Among the many fan-freakin-tastic gems I managed to unearth during my trip to Paris, one that really stands out is the COS store on 4 Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais. I had heard positive things about COS long before I went, but they never had a brick-and-mortar as well as online presence in the States and Asia. Which sucked big time. However, they opened their very first store in HongKong last summer (lucky you, Hongkong dashionistos!) and will be opening their first US store in SoHo New York next spring (lucky you, New Yorkers!). Not only are their clothes amazingly elegant and stylish, but their stores are well-designed and exude a luxurious aura. (COS is a high-street brand, just a friendly reminder.) I bought the whole outfit, and then walked straight back to my apartment to change. I love COS. Full stop.

P/S: This is the last post in the Look du Jour series. A completely different series will be coming your way next week. Some cray cray shits are in the pipeline, so remember to tune in 😉

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