Video of the Week #8: Pearls of wisdom from Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs

Dashionistos (= dashing + fashionisto. Does it make any sense? Even if it doesn’t, I’m just going call y’all that from now on :-)), how is your weekend going? I don’t know whether mine should be categorized as good or bad, but I spent the entire yesterday (Saturday) in my room grappling with the technical side of this humble blog namely servers and hosting. My site has been down a number of times lately, and I couldn’t deal with the previous host anymore. What would otherwise only take a morning at most in the first world thanks to your fast-ass internet ended up taking-I’m not exaggerating-24 hours here, which drove me nuts. It’s done, though. Hopefully, the site will load faster for y’all from now on. You see how much I love you? I was willing to go through pains for your pleasure. (OK, that sounds really S&M, but you get what I was trying to say, right? ;-))

Anyway, while waiting for all the files to download and upload, I browsed through YouTube and came across these videos on 92nd Street Y channel, which I’m now addicted to. A slew of interesting interviews of established people from different industries. And let me tell you, I devoured the fashion-related interviews like they were French cuisine. Have you ever watched someone who is incredibly talented and eloquent yet so humorous that you felt totally awestruck? That was exactly how I felt yesterday. The videos are just under 10 minutes, so no need to go grab some snack and tea. Just watch and be inspired and keep working towards your dreams. Oh and have plenty of sex along the way. Sex is good, Marc has sealed his approval. You’re welcome.

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