Saint Laurent Signature Jodhpur Cropped Ankle Boots: Beige for Fall


Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent menswear runaway debut last year caused widespread polarization of fashion critics’ opinions. Many hated it citing that it went against everything that Yves Saint Laurent stands for while others loved that he was breathing a new vitality into the brand which had been kind of stale up to that point. Then there was me (along with many others, I guess) who was just plain confused about which stance to take. I didn’t think the pieces were ugly or unwearable, but I didn’t think they were striking or revolutionary either. That confusion mostly had to do with the fact that I didn’t know a whole lot about his path and vision and didn’t follow the Yves Saint Laurent brand closely throughout the years. (Don’t judge me; when he was in his heyday at Dior, I was still a small clueless kid trapped in the third world without Internet. Oh and was barely able to string together a sentence in English.) My only conclusion then was: nope, I’d rather spend my meager income somewhere else. I was just not into becoming the Saint Laurent kind of guy.

Here’s the thing: I actually did go back and look at the photos from time to time for…fun (I know, God Bless Me, right?). And after looking at photos of certain celebrities and normal-sized men, not the anorexic models on the runaway, on several fashion forums rocking the new collections, I have found myself falling pretty hard for things Saint Laurent especially shoes. And if you ask me, this pair of Jodhpur ankle-high boots is currently the ultimate must-have. The shoes feature almond toe, wrap-around strap closure at ankle with adjustable pin-buckle and stacked heel. The striking color and the appropriate ankle-high length render them easy to pair with jeans (preferably dark or indigo), slim-fit chinos, coundroy and yes even leather pants. Except for a corporate environment where these boots might come off as a bit too fashion-y, I can’t think of another setting or occasion where they fail to impress. But you know what, screw corporate settings. That’s so 1995.

Saint Laurent Beige Cropped Jodhpur Ankle Boots, $825 on SSENSE. If beige is not to your liking, you can try Jodhpur in Black. Same price, available on Saint Laurent’s online store. But no seriously, go for beige. Way better. 

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