Yoko Ono x Opening Ceremony Boots: The misplaced incense

Opening Ceremony Yoko Ono Fashion for Men 1969-2012 Incense Boots

I love Opening Ceremony. I really, really do because their products are fun and quirky and more often than not deliver a very strong jolt of fashion. I used to have a pair of Opening Ceremony woven oxfords back in the days (do you remember the now defunct e-commerce eLuxury? It was literally heaven on Earth for me circa 2007) which got compliments every single time it was out in the public. Unfortunately, it passed away due to excessive wear. However, when I was browsing the site today as part of my daily shoe-gazing routine and saw the shoes that are part of their collaboration with artist Yoko Ono, I just couldn’t let them slide as hard as I tried. At the end of 2012, the retailer decided to tap Yoko Ono to design a fashion line for men. It’s almost the end of 2013 now, and the fact that every item is still available in every size should be enough of a tell-tale sign. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Yoko Ono is a super talented artist, but her vision clearly doesn’t translate well to this collection with these Incense boots being a prime example. (We won’t even bother going into details about the outrageous apparel.) It should be noted that the boots’ silhouette isn’t that terrible, but the patent leather and especially the misplaced metal incense-burner at toe make them downright sacrilegious and repelling. I hail from Asia so this might come off as biased but incense burners belong in temples, not on shoes. Plus, they just put you in trouble when it comes to airport securities. The final verdict: so yikes that it hurts. 

Yoko Ono Fashion for Men Incense Boots available on Opening Ceremony for $750.

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