Look du Jour #11: Who Wore It Best: Beckham, Gandy, Timberlake or Moi?

suit separates mix and match, david beckham dinner date with victoria in london, david gandy at elle awards london, justin timberlake cannes 2013 with jessica biel, confused dasher, place des vosgesOn me: Club Monaco Blazer, Uniqlo Button-Down Shirt, AllSaints Trousers, Fendi Loafers, $10 no name handmade silk scarf bought in the third world. On DB, DG, and JT: I can’t tell (lol). 

Today I’m going to get very sacrilegious. If you happen to be David Beckham or David Gandy or Justin Timberlake die-hard fanboy, leave the site right now or you are going to be fuming with anger and hatred about how in the world a clueless third world kid dare to put himself in the same category with said hunks. But if you’re still reading, then don’t blame me for how you will feel 😛

Judging by the photos above, who do you think wore it best? David Beckham out on a dinner date with Victoria in London a bajillion years ago or David Gandy on 2010 Elle Style Awards red carpet or Justin Timberlake out and about with his wifey in Cannes this past May or your faithful moi exploring Place Des Vosges in Paris this past June? The Confused Dasher, hands-down. place des vosges, le marais, how to wear suit jackets separate from suit trousers, men mix and match guide, the confused dasher

All jokes aside, this getup is my fool-proof formula whenever I feel like dressing in a more grown-up kind of way but don’t want to put on a full suit. In fact, I wore the same rig two years ago on my graduation day. (Not going to show you graduation photos, though because it was one of the lowest points of my life– I was so fat with the capital F that a walk from my seat to the podium felt more like a walk of shame than a walk of triumph.) The strength of the look lies in its utter simplicity and balanced strong and low contrast. Everyone owns at least one white button-down shirt and a pair of black trousers, right? Right. Almost everyone owns a light-colored blazer, right? Right. Simply put them all on, and you’ll look like million dollars baby.

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  • I love the way you write and I am an avid reader of your blog! And your style is nothing short of a Celebrity’s ! 🙂 Keep them coming !

    • theconfuseddasher

      Thanks for the kind words, Jaseema. I appreciate it 🙂