What I will be wearing…next spring!

Neon Orange Leather EH60 Gladiator Sandals, the confused dasherOne of my voluntary “mules”, otherwise known as my cousin, returned to the third world a couple of days ago after spending his summer in the States and brought back all the goodies that I had bagged during the sales season. He currently resides in Singapore, which is one of the top shopping destinations in Asia, but confided in me that the US has completely changed his view of what shopping and sales mean and he doesn’t want to shop in Singapore anymore. LOL. I love hearing stories like that, though it never surprises me. I went to France and Italy, both of which offer fan-freakin-tastic clothes and such but at the end of the day, the retail landscape across the Atlantic remains my No.1 favorite. For all my US readers, don’t take it for granted. You guys have the arts of online shopping and sales down to a science. In France, for example, the sales seasons are mandated by the government so they occur at a fixed time window, which means if you visit France outside that time window, you will pay everything full price. One redeeming quality, though, is you can shop ’til you drop at Vuitton, Chanel, Dior etc and claim your tax refunds at the airport. Those high-end items are actually less expensive in Europe than in the States, generally speaking.

Anyway, those neon orange babies are from Pierre Hardy. I scored them on SSENSE for 70% off. Believe it or not, they’re the whackiest color in my shoes repertoire. As I kept looking and pondering how I’m going to wear them, a fun idea began to hatch in my head. You probably know that I’m obsessed with shoes. I don’t splurge on expensive clothes, but I do spend a fair share of my meager, hard-earned salaries on quality shoes though not as frequently as I used to. I’m not going to ramble on and on about my unwavering conviction that both men and women need to invest in at least several pairs of good shoes because the bottom line is I do have a little substance abuse problem, and it’s expensive footwear. (Does that ring a bell? I’ll love you if you tell me whose that quote belongs to.) THIS might be the root cause in case you’re wondering. I used to do a monthly roundup of the newest and best shoes on the market for you to touch and for me to look since the inception of this blog. However, given my off-the-charts obsession, I have decided to spice it up a bit. What does that mean? It means that instead of monthly or weekly, we will look at shoes almost everyday from now on. Here is the caveat: I know we all are trying to keep consumerism at bay and shake off the inner hoarders in us. For the well-being of our mother nature and our own wallets, we need to stop buying on impulse and gradually grow into responsible consumers. These noble goals will require us to be more strategic in what we purchase especially expensive items like shoes. There is no point in having hundred pairs and not wearing each pair more than once unless you’re a shoes collector. FYI, I own only 20-plus pairs, which isn’t an impressive number by any means but you know what, I have to confess, shamefully, that I under-utilize many of them. I have since come to a bittersweet realization that not all designer shoes are created equal; some are certainly more worthwhile to buy than others. So, we will be honest with each other and take a no-hold-barred approach and hit each and every pair from all angles. Of course, the decision to buy or not to buy is ultimately yours, but in case you need an outsider’s opinion, you can always count on mine because I will tell you exactly what’s on my mind 🙂 It will be very entertaining, so let’s buckle up and get ready for the ride!

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