Video of the Week #7: It Is Not What You Think

I came across this video the other day when I was browsing on YouTube and thought it would be worth sharing with y’all. I believe one of the perpetual myths about the fashion and modeling that a lot of aspiring fashion insiders subscribe to is it is all about glitz and glamor. Maybe it’s the inherent cynicism in me working here or maybe because I’m so far away from the radius of that world, but my objective (or biased or skewed whichever way you want to put it) view of the world of models especially male models is that it is way less glamorous than what the masses see. Having access to this or that party in town or getting clothes as gifts from top designers is nice and all, but at the end of the day it doesn’t pay the bills. Here in this video, Taylor Fuchs took us along for a regular day of shows and castings in the overcast Milano. It doesn’t look as desirable and rosy as it’s always made out to be, right? Obviously, when you join the ranks of Tyson Ballou, Sean O’pry or David Gandy, I’m sure everything from pay to perks is significantly better. But until then, probably expect some sleeping on the floors!

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