Things are gonna be OK!

beyonce at the superbowl As you might know, of late I have been out of my element both physically and mentally. There is this stupid, out-of-nowhere pimple on one side of my lips that has been bothering me for the past few days and making eating and talking pretty painful. However, that little pimple woe isn’t the main thrust of the problem. The bigger problems lie in my frustration and restlessness about my life. A couple of days ago, I mentioned that particular job interview. Well, I didn’t get it. The reason for that is they believe my overqualified background isn’t a good fit. They are afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the menial and mundane part of the job and would just quit mid-way through. In the interview, I emphasized over and over again that I was acutely aware of that issue and I believe my personal enthusiasm for the job would keep me going. It was the most truthful thing I’ve ever said in any interview. It’s just incredibly strange how when I tell lies, people buy and when I tell truths, people refuse to believe. This small roadblock really put a dent on my mood. I feel like I’m moving further and further from my goals. I haven’t been able to do anything at the age of 24. But then, I had three epiphanies:

1. The other night I stumbled upon a never-before-released raw footage of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 when I was just browsing the internet before going to bed. Watching the YouTube video in the middle of the night left me completely heart-broken and paralyzed. In mere minutes, the tsunami wiped away everything on its way and killed tens of thousands of people. Then, one thing led to another, and I started watching other videos about the horrific tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, earthquakes, tornadoes, cyclones and other destructive natural disasters. In one of the videos about the 2004 Boxing tsunami that wrecked indescribable havoc on so many countries, this particular person said at the beginning of the tape he was recording: “hello, it’s just another day in paradise…” 15 minutes later, the waves hit and engulfed the whole resort. That part only shocked me down to the core and immediately completely changed how I felt. Life is too precious, and the fact that we still get to enjoy our time on this planet is more than enough to celebrate. So many bright and kind and loving people simply didn’t get the same opportunity. I highly suggest y’all go watch those videos on YouTube. Though they will most likely make you teary-eyed and even scare you away, I believe they will help you gain new perspectives at the same time. Whatever difficulties or hardships you’re going through right now, just march on and remind yourself that you still have your precious life at the moment and thus plethora of chances to work towards your bright future.

2. Other than fashion blogs (obviously), I have been reading a lot of blogs about personal development. In case you’re curious, here is the list of blogs I’m currently poring over: The Art of Non-Conformity, Nerd Fitness, Location 180, Legal Normads, Wandering Earl, Social Triggers etc. (If you want more suggestions, let me know in the comment section. I will give you my full bookmark list.) The founders of these blogs are now successful and passionate entrepreneurs, working on their own businesses and helping thousands of people along the way. They are not at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates successful magnitude or creating thousands of jobs for people, but the extent to which they touch and inspire and make a lot of lives better is astounding nonetheless. The thing is before they got to where they currently are, at one point or another (usually in their early 20s) they were dissatisfied, frustrated, lost and restless. In other words, they were feeling just like the rest of us are feeling. However, what helped them get out of their ruts and distinguished them from the vast majority of the population were that they dared to look inside of themselves, acknowledge that problems existed and muster up all their courage to change. The process was just as long and uncomfortable for them as it is for any of us, but they pulled through by following their hearts and not giving up. Reading those blogs has inspired me quite a lot and reminded me that all the uncomfortable moments I’m experiencing won’t last forever and as long as I keep at it, things will work out the way they’re supposed to. I hope you feel the same.

3. The third epiphany was because of you, Beyonce. Yes, I’m talking to you, Beyonce. The more I learn about you, the more I realize why you are still at the top of your game even after so many years in that ever-changing and cut-throat industry. More than just showing your skin, shaking your booties and entertaining people on stage, you inspire people, touch lives and strive to make the world a better place. The lyric of I Was Here speaks volumes about the person that you’re:


I want to say I lived each day, until I die
And know that I meant something in, somebody’s life
The hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave
That I made a difference, and this world will see

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done, everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know…”

Those words have been ingrained in my mind and became some of the mantras that I want to live my life by. For that, I salute you, Beyonce!

My dear readers, those were my three “ah ha” moments that have made me feel a whole lot better. Whichever part of the world you’re in right now and whatever difficulties you’re being faced with, just tough it out. I know with certainty that you’re fully capable of overcoming them and will come out the other side stronger and better. If you have any moment when you realize in the grand scheme of things no problem is unsolvable like I did, please share it with me. I’d love to hear your story.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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