I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford

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Big Red Alert: The ultimate man of charisma and enigma, Tom Ford, has finally let every cat out of the bag. I’m talking about the Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Collection, which was released in full a couple of days ago. I’m not exaggerating in the least that every single look has been sent to the print room in my ‘hood, so I can slap them all over my walls as points of reference whenever I need to step my style up a notch and make a full-blown fashion statement. As lavishly opulent as it is, the collection offers infinitely wearable pieces such as expertly tailored blazers, razor-sharp suits, ultra-luxe jackets, crisp white trousers and shorts. The collection also showcases his enviable knack for masculinizing busy floral prints and seemingly impossible colors for men. HERE is the concrete proof that real men wears Tom Ford Spring ’14 Collection.

Before you roll your eyes in disapproval and wonder where the hell the blue, royal-looking floral jacket in the large image comes from, let me quickly explain

No, it doesn’t belong to this SS14 collection. No, it isn’t vintage Tom Ford or any high-end designer for that matter. In fact, it was just dug out the other day when I was performing my periodic filial duties of cleaning parents’ house. Yes, it belongs to my Mom and was tailored by some no name dressmaker circa 2002. My apologies to Tom Ford and the folks over there if I have come off as being irreverent when I put you guys’ designs and a no-name dressmaker’s design in the same…blog post. But everything in the collection has made such a haunting impression on me that I have a déjà vu of Tom Ford SS14 whenever I go. To put it more accurately as in the words of Jay Z, I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford. 

I’m just kidding.

The fact is when I stumbled upon this traditional jacket in the dry-cleaning section of my Mom’s wardrobe (which occurred after I viewed SS14 collection), I was immediately taken aback and started contemplating long and hard about where the homegrown fashion industry has gone and what it could have done. I had this fleeting thought when looking at the jacket that while we lack in ground-breaking creativity or talents of local designers, we sometimes can (key words: sometimes and can) make up in details and craftsmanship. That is if we ever decide to hone our craftsmanship. For sure, the materials and the cut of this particular jacket and most other traditional jackets are imperfect, but I do have some faith in local tailors’ ability to churn out meticulous handiwork and ornate embroideries, which could become our great selling point. The sad reality is they rarely make jackets like this one these days on the grounds that it’s time-consuming and most people have been too caught up with the likes of H&M, Zara and other fast-fashion chains that they have almost abandoned our sartorial heritage. We’re really, really losing it.

Anyway, the meager income I’m making right now doesn’t (and won’t for a very long time. I just hope that it’s not “never”) afford me anything Tom Ford, so I’m seriously entertaining the idea of having a similar jacket tailored. If that ever happened, I know with absolute certainty that I would be ridiculed and even ostracized by the whole society here. But I’m thinking: Whatever it takes to have a Tom Ford-inspired moment…

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