Oops!…Phillip Lim Did It Again

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Two months have passed since I went all confessional about my recurring obsession with the iconic Phillip Lim ’31 Hour’ bag. I’m here today to report that not only has the obsession not shown any sign of waning but Phillip Lim has delivered another crushing blow that puts me and certainly many others in a deep coma. Not literally, of course. I’m talking about the updated versions of the ’31 Hour’ bag. The classic version in black and beige is still available on the website; however, he has breathed some new, or should I say camouflage, life into his signature design for fall. The camouflage patterns have been all the rage across the board for the past many seasons. Though no one can tell if they will be in the upcoming future, I remain such a sucker. In fact, I just bought myself a green camouflage backpack by a Japanese brand named Master-Piece (they’re on Mr Porter if you’re curious) that I can’t wait to share with y’all. Now, the classic tote and the just released backpack are dripping in an unconventional therefore refreshing shade of camo, demonstrated above. ’31 Hour’ bag + camo = the death of me. Period. As much as utilitarian-inspired these two beauties are, there is this issue of relevancy especially if you’re part of the corporate world. I’d say then think twice before you take a leap of faith. But if you’re more on the creative end of the spectrum and have the financial wherewithal, then jump immediately. When you do, don’t forget to have some visual evidence because I’d love to see it.

Bags available on Phillip Lim site for $795 and $1,100, respectively.

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