“I’m deeply troubled, but at least I’m deep…”

louvre abstract art clothes1. I have developed a very strong distaste for the whole concept of fashion and consumerism of late. I hope this is a transient phase that every fashion-possessed soul has to go through once in a while because if the problem still persists, it’s like the death of me. I’m up to no good in all other aspects of life. I don’t have a big, enviable chockfull of high-end pieces closet but I’m already terribly mortified at the sight of 50-plus shirts, 30-plus pants, 20-plus sweaters, 10-plus coats, 20-plus scarves, 20-plus shoes yidda yidda yadda. Imagine the closets of David or Victoria Beckham! I feel every inch the hoarder that I’m, and unsettled thinking how much I have spent on my wardrobe over the years. I once heard or read somewhere that we actually utilize only 20 to 30% of our wardrobe. I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s definitely my case. My cost-per-wear ratio is too low due to the fact that it’s like an oven here in the third world most of the times, so being naked is a more feasible option than piling on layers and layers. I’m not kidding you but there are certain shirts or pants I haven’t even got around wearing once since I purchased them. Maybe I should sell some of them and use the proceeds to go to…Europe, which is more soul-nurturing.

2. That being said, I have been looking obsessively at COS. If you have no clue what COS is, you need to google asap. But please, don’t blame me if you get addicted to the elegant minimalism that is Scandinavian fashion. When I visited their store in Paris, I was so smitten with not just everything on the rack but also its beautiful, clean interior design. None of my sizes is available, so I’m just window (or screen?) shopping…

3. I have realized more and more how lucky I’m to have the parents that I have. They aren’t powerful tycoons or billionaires or anything along the line, but are incredibly supportive of what I want to do and where I want to be. A lot of my cousins and friends’ parents are so authoritative and unsympathetic that I couldn’t in a million years imagine how we would handle each other if I were their child. To them, there is only one way to live life and that’s to make a mountain of money. They pressurize their children into becoming this or that type of person or even worse marrying into this or that type of family. Too exhausting to deal with, honestly. I know mine consciously wish that I’d have a change of heart and follow a more conventional path as in doing business-related work, but at least they keep it to themselves or only talk to me about it in a light-hearted and joking manner. So, it’s all good.

4. I miss everything about New York. I miss Bikram yoga. I haven’t done any yoga for a year and a half.

5. Speaking of physical activities, it seems like I have been running out of steam lately. I have no longer worked out as hard as I used to. My motivation seems to be evaporating day by day. Again, is this a temporary phase that every gym lunatic will go through every now and then?

5. Beyonce is a Goddess. I have been watching each and every live performance of hers on youtube, and she is pure perfection. Her passion and work ethics truly are inspiring.

6. The post’s title is paraphrased from a sentence in the NYTimes’ article about Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen. It’s basically about a fallen Upper East Sider-cum-Hermes Birkin-toting angle who has to uproot to San Francisco and downsize substantially. Now, that’s the story I want to see.

A few scattered thoughts on Tuesday. Until next time!

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