Armie Hammer Red-Carpet: Love, Hate or Indifference?

armie hammer lone ranger premiere tom ford, gucci, red carpetWhile red-carpet fashion of female celebrities is nothing short of a visual feast, the same can’t always be said for male celebrities. I’d even go so far to describe it as a visual famine. Although we get some good doses of Ryan Gosling, Eddie Redmayne or David Gandy on occasions, it’s just a dry spell most of the times. That’s why I love it when male celebrities take risks and spice it up on red-carpets. Lately, Armie Hammer has been quite good at making us sit up and take notice. You know him from The Social Network, right? Now, let’s give credit to where credit is due. Firstly, if memory serves me right, Armie used to really err on the side of caution but this time around, he’s been fearless when it comes to colors. Secondly, his suits (from left to right: Tom Ford, Ermenegildo Zegna and Gucci) fit great and look amazingly modern. Thirdly, he looks exceptionally handsome and also seems like a genuine guy judging by some of his interviews that I have seen. But…

There is something off about it him in those suits. It’s not that he looks bad in them, it’s just that he and those suits don’t look exactly compatible with each other. Armie is like the ultimate American poster boy, so naturally I associate him with terms like “classic” and “preppy”. And he looked incredible when opting for a classic and preppy style, by the way. Fashion-forward is the last thing that springs to my mind. Those Gucci, Tom Ford and Zegna numbers are a tad fashion-forward for him, which has got me wondering whether his stylist is pushing him too hard. What do you think?

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