Look du Jour #3: When good jeans happen

_DSC0684On me: J Crew Shirt, Maison Kitsuné Jeans, Diesel Black Gold Belt, and The Generic Man Wingman Wingtips.  

Here is another look in my “When in Rome” series. The jeans are from Maison Kitsuné, whose store in Paris I should have dropped by, in hindsight. This pair is associated with a story that I’ll probably remember for a long time. Between my sophomore and junior year in college, I temporarily relocated to San Francisco during the summer to work on an internship. San Francisco was a marvelously beautiful city, but I didn’t know a single soul there. The job also wasn’t exactly the most interesting or over-consuming. Naturally, I got bored and…lonely. Mind you, this period was way before I achieved awakening. I had zero idea that there are other soul-enriching activities besides (over)indulging in window shopping. My best and closest friend at that point was definitely Bloomingdales, which was only a couple of blocks away from where I worked. LOL. Back then, I didn’t know much about MK’s reputation, but the jeans’ color is surprisingly refreshing while the fabric is softer and more comfy than any pair I owned. And it came with 70% discount to boot. When San Francisco was over, I moved back, moved in, moved out, graduated, relocated and somewhere in the process it got buried six-feet-under a pile of clothes and never saw the light of day again until I started rummaging in my closet and packing for Europe. It’s like finally reconnecting with your long-lost friend whom you actually never really talked to. It served me extremely well during the trip and most importantly, taught me how to distinguish good jeans from bad jeans. Good jeans happen when you don’t even realize that you’re wearing jeans. Clap your hands if you agree.

_DSC0683j crew shirt, maison kitsune jeans, the generic man wingman wingtips

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