The brohood of the traveling pants?

american apparel work pant, fendi suede loafer, rome, kenneth cole jacketOn me: Kenneth Cole Reversible Jacket, American Apparel Work Pant in Camel, Fendi Suede Slip-On, Hand-Made Silk Scarf (for less than $10 bought in the third world. Yes, cheap is one redeeming quality of the third world.)

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Sales season is when I occasionally wish this stupid snail’s pace internet in the third world would completely die rather than get all high-speed. Sure, once in a blue moon, it does give me several lovely doses of retail therapy that makes life here less insufferable. But most of the times, it only gets me asking: 1) Why am I being stranded in the third world and letting all those amazing sales slip through my fingers with me being very acutely aware of the situation. 2) Why am I being so strapped for cash that I couldn’t afford a pair of Paul Smith or Jil Sanders pants even on sale? 3) Repeat question 1 and 2. Case in point: I’m currently on a mission to cull and replenish my monochromatic wardrobe with bright and bold pants because apparently colors is the new black. Summer sales are in full force left and right, and in the pants department the colors run the gamut from orange, pink, red to green, yellow and white. I mean, every conceivable color. Can I afford a $60 pair of moroccan red pants from J.Crew? Sure, I can. Do J. Crew ship to Vietnam? No, they don’t (which utterly baffles me because they ship to Cambodia. Not that I have anything against Cambodia, but we’re right next to each other. I smell something fishy from our end.) Do Mr Porter ship to Vietnam? Sure, they do. But can I afford a $316-plus-$200 (of ridiculous customs tax charged on foreign goods at the airport) of Maison Martin Margiela pink slim-fit cotton-blend twill chinos? Hell to the no. There you have it, the bane of my existence. However, since the internet is still working, I still drool (or agonize) over things that I can’t lay my hands on. Time is precious, and since I don’t want mine to go down the toilet, here are my picks for the best colored pants with the heaviest discounts and still up for grabs in different sizes. You can thank me later for “enduring all that I had to so that you would not have to” by sending me pictures of your acquisitions. Oh and if you can tell me whose that Oscars acceptance speech belongs to, your purchase will be on me. HAHA. Now, tell me.

From left to right:

– 3.1 Phillip Lim Slim Fit Utility Pant with Knit Panel, down to $195 from $325. We start with beige because it’s timeless and stylish. This pair is the prime example of classic with a twist. Just look at the front patch pockets.

– 3.1 Phillip Lim Saddle Fit Trouser with Side Pocket, down to $165 from $275. Not too shabby, huh?

– Paul Smith Peach-Slim Fit Trousers, $310 (its original prohibitive price tag is $620).

– Paul Smith Slim-Fit Pink Trousers, $370 (originally $740 which sent shivers down my spine).

– PS Paul Smith Lightweight Chinos, $99 (down from $260) at Barneys. Sweet deal, if you ask me.

– Jonathan Saunders Strawberry Red Wool Francis Trousers, yours for $177. You just save $413 on this perfect pair of red pants.

– Dsquared2 Banana Yellow Slim Jeans. Yes, it’s called banana yellow. But you’re not going to get any banana for owning this pair of jeans. It’s not only in the perfect yellow hue but also fits slim to your body, which puts you light years ahead of your peers when it comes to dressing in style. Plus, you’ll be admired for your financial sensibility because you only pay $112 of the original $375. That’s 70% markdown if math isn’t your strong suit.

– Diesel Black Gold Superbia-NP Jeans, the faded effect makes this pair super desirable. At $163, this is for sure your investment item.

– Etro Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Trousers, currently 127.5 British pounds (from £255). They’re available on every version of Mr Porter, except for the US. I guess, US residents just gotta suck it up this time.

– Etro Slim-Fit Washed-Linen Trousers, £110 (from £220). Same as above.

– Sandro Knost Yellow Colored Denim, $123 (originally $245). Available in the French version as well for French customers, but I don’t think they ship world-wide.

– Closed Clifton Slim Slim-Leg Chino, now 99 euros (before 159 euros). Oh Closed, my perennial favorite brand. I love them with all my heart. HERE is the evidence. They ship to many countries, and if you’re outside Europe, the VAT tax will be automatically deducted from the order’s total.

– Closed Clifton Skin Slim-Leg Chino, now at 139 euros from 199. Gorgeous faded color that works every season.

– Reiss Wickham Apricot Clean Cotton Pressed Chino, 44 pounds (or $85 for US residents and everywhere else). Originally retailed for 89 pounds ($170), so it isn’t bad at all.

– Reiss Ivy Mint Cotton/Linen Dyed Trousers, 39 pounds ($72) from 95 pounds ($180). This is THE real steal and the color is quite refreshing to boot, so act fast or you’ll wallow in regret. Trust me, I speak from experience.

 Reiss Dusk Rose Garment Dye Soft Chino, down at 69 pounds ($126) from 95 pounds ($180). Reiss makes some really beautiful, stylish colors. I can’t wait for mine in yellow.

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  • Emily

    That color is great on you! Love camel

    • nakhoa2911

      Thanks Emily. Camel always works on everyone. You have a great blog, amazing pictures and personal style. Keep up the good work.