To all aspiring male models: do you have what it takes?

model the fuck out of CKI was shuffling through 2345 pictures from all the menswear shows in Milan and Paris this season when I came across these two photos, and y’all especially aspiring clothes-hangers-cum-jetsetters just have to look.

These are two classic cases of what we call “modeling the fuck out of it” in the fashion world. The deadly stares, the sculpted cheekbones (two of the craziest I have laid my eyes on), the pouty lips and the commanding walks are all…pure money.

Hey buddies, I’m in desperate need of some modeling sessions. And it’s purely for me to be to take better pictures. I promise I’m not out to steal your jobs (not that I possibly can, but it’s still better make it loud and clear right off the bat, right?) School me please!

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