Look du Jour #1: Maxing out on comfort

smart-casual outfit inspiration

One of the best things about Europe is that everywhere can work as a nice backdrop for photos. Everywhere, really. Case in point: This was my first day in Rome. As much as I wanted to dress up, the long-haul flight really sucked all the energy and sartorial creativity out of me. Plus, with a whole day of intense walking ahead, all I wanted was a look that wouldn’t typecast me as the ultimate tourist– oversize t-shirts, baggy shorts, fanny packs, and running shoes, you name it. Function should never come at the expense of fashion. That was when my summer foolproof formula came into play, which consisted of a pair of fitted spring trousers rolled up above the ankle, a good fitted t-shirt and a pair of summer boots. It’s casual, comfortable, effortless and still stylish enough. Right next to our B&B is this beautiful century-old building with wooden doors and beige mossy walls that I realized, only after one picture, perfectly matched what I was wearing. Two or three pictures down, and I was already rolling deep in depression about how many hoops I got to jump through just to get a few outfit photos in the third-world. A heartfelt shout-out to all third world fashion bloggers. I hear ya. I feel ya. I really, really do.

On me: Zara knitted T-shirt, United Colors of Benetton Trousers, Ralph Lauren Leather Belt and Hugo Boss Suede Boots.

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