Video of the Week #2: A conversation with Derek Lam and Jenna Lyons

Damn, there are a lot of moments when I wish I could turn back time and start my life all over again so that I’d apply to fashion school and study something fashion-related instead of attending a small liberal arts college and majoring in Economics. Today is one of those days. I found this 3-years old video of Parson’s alumni discussion and literally feel responsible to share it with y’all. Who came down to talk and share their experience? Derek Lam and Jenna Lyons (I’m currently obsessed with Jenna. She’s so inspiring), two very lovely fashion titans. This video is approximately an hour and 10 minutes, so before you sit down, go get a cup of tea and some snack. I promise it’ll be an hour extremely well-spent.

Here are some takeaways, which are quite relevant whether you do fashion or not:

– Whatever field you choose to pursue, be passionate about it and do your homework. Do a lot, a lot of it. Do more than the next guy does.

– Work hard. Work harder. Work way way way harder.

– Be genuinely nice to everyone. You just never know what is going to happen or whom you’re gonna meet down the road.

– If you want to do fashion, New York is the place to be, at least in North America. This I already know, but I’ve never really climbed out of the empire state of mind since I came back. So…

Happy watching!

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